49+ Ultimate Skin Overlay Mods & CC for the Sims 4 in 2023


Truth is, you cannot create a good looking Sim without an awesome skin overlay! So, whether or not you’re searching for some skin mods and cc, you’re exactly in the right place! No matter what kind of skins you usually go for – skin overlays, skin details, or body skins – and no matter if you prefer Maxis Match mods or realistic alpha style mods, you’ll find them all here. So buckle up? Get scrolling and find just the perfect skin (or skins) for your Sims!

sims 4 skin overlay
The Best Skin CC for the Sims 4!

Hottest Skin Overlay Mods And CC For The Sims 4

When we create a new sim, we want them to look perfect, don’t we? Their eyes, clothes, and everything in between. Their skin is such a huge deal though, it can make or break the deal. Luckily, there are tons of amazing skin overlays on the internet and we’ve hand-picked the best of it to you in this list!

There are some great Barbie skins out there, and ones that are quite realistic. You can expect to see both alpha and maxis match styles too. So, let’s get to it now!

1. All Skins Updated by northern siberia Winds

skin overlay
Skin Overlay Collection by Northern Siberia Winds

Here we have the ultimate skin collection by the one and only Northern Siberia Winds. This recent update has added many new colors and overlay swatches – exciting, no?

Just make sure you delete any previous versions before you install the collection! Oh, and by the way, this collection might just be enough for your entire family. It incorporates skins for your male and female Sims of all ages (toddlers to elders). Here’s your download link.

2. Toddler & Child N17 by ThisIsThem

Truth is, we don’t always get our baby and child Sims that much attention when it comes to CC, but this skin overlay just begs for it. Here’s your download link.

3. Toddler & Child Skin N19 & Sim by thisIsThem

Here’s an even cuter skin overlay CC for your toddler and children in the Sims 4. It brings forth 15 swatches. Check them out and download from this link.

4. 2 Female Skin Overlays by ThisIsThem

Jenna Skin

Both of these ultra realstic skins have 30 swatches in store for us.

Luce Skin

Grab Jenna skin from this link, and Luce skin from here.

5. Josephine Skin by poyopoyo

skin cc

Josephine’s skin is one to have for sure! Highly realistic and smooth with some cute freckles. It’s also compatible with sliders. Expect two different eyelid types and a whole bunch of overlay swatches! Here’s your download link.

6. Bella: skin overlay reduex by KingBabe

skin mod

Here’s an incredible skin by Kingbabe! This one too is alpha in texture. Go ahead and dabble with it. Here’s your download link.

7. Cartoon Style Genetics Set by northern siberia winds

sims 4 skin

If you’ve ever held a Barbie Doll in your hands, then you know how it feels to have this mod in your Sims 4 collection. It’s honestly very unique – and I particularly love the cartoonish style of it. So whether you’re a long-time fan of Barbie or just looking for something different, this skin is definitely worth checking out!

For the record, the CC creator has also included a set of eyes and eyebrows in this collection and we recommend getting both. The more, the better, right? Here’s your download link.

8. Helmer and morrey Skins by sims3melancholic

sims 4 skin

This set of genetics by Sims4melancholic is perfect if you’re on the hunt for a new look for your male Sims. Not only do you get a bunch of skin overlays but also some eyebrows, nose masks, lipsticks, and an incredible body highlight in 50 colors. Here’s your download link.

9. marcus skin vitiligo by sims3melancholic

Vitiligo Skin by Sims3melancholic

Here’s yet another masterpiece by Sims3melancholic. This vitiligo skin brings forth 4 versions in 25 colors. It’s part of a set that also includes eyebrows, contacts, body highlight, and body shine. So, if you want something a lil’ different than usual, I’d more than recommend grabbing this one. Here’s your download link.

10. Euphoria 1.0 by Kaastar Gaming

Here’s your download link.

11. SUNFLOWER Skin & Overlay by pralineSims

Let’s start off by saying this sunflower skin is so refreshing! But that’s exactly what we expect of PralineSims, no? Not only does it work for female and male sims but it also comes a color palette of 50 swatches. Plus, a shiny body oil overlay is included as a bonus gift from the creator. Here’s your download link.

12. Female Skin N13 by obscurus

The set includes skin overlays and eyelids for your female Sims.

Here’s your download link.

13. Antoine Skin set by Poyopoyo

It was really hard picking only some of Poyopoyo’s creations… they’re all truthfully worth downloading. This skin however stands out for the cute moles and eyebags it comes with. It’s an alpha overlay as you can see and it’s available in 30 swatches. In case you were wondering, it works on both males and females alike. Here’s your download link.

14. Henry Skin & Sim + Male Body Preset by ThisIsThem

Here’s your download link.

15. HONEYDEW Skin + Overlay by pralineSims

You’re going to want this skin overlay if you search for the most detailed skin tones to play around with. Here’s your download link.

16. lore; an occult skintone pack by lamatisse

Sims 4 Skins: An occult Skintone!

Are you going for a bit of fantasy gameplay? No, problem! This skin overlay is a fantastic addition, no matter if you’re creating an alien, a vampire or whatever else. The smooth skin and soft skin tones are like no other.

You could use these on your occult and non-occult sims alike. You can find it in the Misc category. Here’s your download link.

Plenty of swatches never disappoint!

17. Sigrun Skin Overlay by SAYA

This one I’ve come across only recently but it more than deserves a spot on this list for its smoothness. This full-body overlay is designed for female frames only. The cool thing is, you get options with it too, including eyebags, dimples, freckles, and bust sizes. Here’s your download link.

18. Enemy skin overlay by miiko

Miiko is a well-known CC creator in the Sims community! If you’ve never tried any of their creations, you’re undoubtedly missing out on a lot. This hand-painted skin of their is available in different opacity levels. On top of the skin overlay, you get a body preset to the match the vibe! Here’s your download link.

19. 2 Skin Overlays by twisted cat

Creamy, so creamy!

One of our all-time favorites: The so creamy skin overlay by Twisted Cat! A crispy face overlay that comes with four eyelid options to pick from. It’s categorized as Skin Detail. Here’s your download link.

Lemonade Skin Overlay!

To download the lemonade skin overlay by Twisted Cat, click here.

20. DEFINED Body Muscle Skin Overlays

Let’s just be real for a second, if you want some defined muscles for your Sims, you’ve got to resort to mods and cc! This skin is a great shortcut for giving your Sims that chiseled look. It can be found under Face Details in CAS. Here’s your download link.

21. Rosewater skinblend by lamatisse

Rose Water Skinblend by Lamatisse!

This skinblend is one of our top CC packs in 2023! Check the full collection here, by the way. There’s honestly nothing not to like about it. I’ve been using it non-stop personally. You could choose to download the default or non-default version. Either way, this one is a must-have. Here’s your download link.

I mean, it looks great on toddlers, adults and elders alike? What more could you ask for?

22. Mari Skin overlay by softpine

Maxis match all the way! It comes in 4 different versions as shown in the thumbnail above. Here’s your download link.

23. Alfhild Skin Overlay by saya

Not very often do we get a perfect maxis match skin overlay. This one lays forth three 3 eyelind options for us: double lid, monolid and EA’s eyelids. Only your female sims can use it and it can be found in the Skin Details category. You can download this one by clicking here.

24. Sicily Skin by sibyllinesims

Such a cute caramel skin tone that is, no? This face overlay is available for all ages and works on all genders. We get 24 different swatches from this set, some of which have dimples and eyebags. Check it out yourself here.

25. Sweet Dreams collection by northern siberia winds

How cute is this? Very cute, yes! Your toddler will be glowing with this skin mod, that’s inevitable. It works on all skin tones. Head over to this page for an easy download.

26. Elias skin by thisIsThem

It can be hard to find a good male skin overlay -but be sure that this one will definitely do the trick as it comes in a variety of 20 swatches. Your male sims from teen upwards can use it. To install, follow this link.

27. Skin sk11 by ennetkasm

You can never go wrong with a base-game compatible skin overlay. Available to you in 2 swatches, this one can be found under skin details. For more info, click here.

28. loaf skinblend by luunic

A stunning non-default skin overlay by Lunnic. It works on sims from teen to elder and is preferred more on dark skin tones. Have it in game by following this post.

29. male skin edardo by TERFEARRENCE

A 2021 skin overlay by the amazing custom content creator TERFEARRENCE. This skin comes in 20 colors, all of which are white toned. Head over to their page to install it.

30. Lily Skinblend by llumisims

As for this one Lily skinblend, it comes as default replacement and non-default face overlay. Characters of all ages and genders can try it out. Stop by their page to download this one.

31. Overlay version of Female Skin N03 by merci

As blue as the ocean, as smooth as the sand! We’re loving this skin overlay. It is found in Skin Details. As for freckles or moles, you should worry not; this one works in coherence with other skin details .To install, click here.

32. adora face overlay by peachyfaerie

This face overlay introduces a soft natural look into our game. It’s available in two swatches: one with a double eyelid and another with a monolid. Your sims from all ages and genders can try it out. Here’s your download link.

33. Skin N7 Overlay by merci

As for this overlay skin, it is compatible with female sims only and it comes in 4 different intensity levels. You don’t need to worry about using makeup, freckles or moles because it blends well with it all. Click here to download.

34. Francesca Skin by sims3melancholic

If you have been following Sims3melancholic for some time, you know how gorgeous their custom content is. This skin comes in 35 colors, and it’s slider compatible. Download.

35. Satin Finish by hayden sims

A straightforward maxis-matchy masterpiece of a face overlay. It comes in medium, bright and darks tones, each in three levels of transparency. To install this one, visit this page.

36. Female Skin Overlay by kaatstar gaming

Kaastar Gaming have been exerting a bunch of effort on creating skin overlays for the Sims 4. This is one of their notable works. Visit this link to download this cc.

37. Salomé Skin by thisIsThem

If you’re opting for an extra natural look, this Salome skin is for you. It definitely sways away from the game’s cartoonish skin style. There are 20 swatches in this collection that works on females from teen to elder. Check it out here.

38. Spotless skinblend by fantazia

This is another creation of Fantayzia in Maxis Match style, which combines different popular creations. You can find the download link here!

39. Smooth Ethereal Skin Overlay by bill sims

skin overlay

We start it right off with one of the most popular skin mods on The Sims Resource! The overlay is highly realistic and resembles a beautiful real life skin tone of a fashion model! Don’t think too long about getting this one and download it from this site.

We created this Sim with the Ethereal Skin Overlay!

40. One-for-all Fit Skin Overlay by praline sims

skin overlay

To get an one-for-all kind of skin overlay is easy! You need to get this genius mod by Pralinesims which could fit every Sim in every outfit and with every makeup! Already trendy at The Sims Resource, with nearly 200,000 downloads, you can also get it from there.

We tried it in-game! Looks amazing!

41. Gorgeous Lumi Skin Overlay by pralinesims

skin overlay

For both male and female Sims we have this gorgeous overlay. Neat design and many color tones to choose from – what more can we ask for? It’s also a creation of fame by Pralinesims and you can download it from here.

Installed & tested! Beautiful, isn’t it?

42. Markus Skin Overlay by ms Blue

skin overlay

If you want to make your male Sims as real as they can be, try this mod! It’s exclusive on all of the body, but the face is where the overlay shows its true quality. Infinite thanks to Ms Blue who created the it and made it possible for a download at this page.

Here’s how it looks in-game!

43. Mirabelle Skin Overlay by ms blue

skin overlay

From head to toes, this skin will transform your girls characters into delicate flowers. With or without a makeup, you really can’t go wrong here! The CC is another creation by Ms Blue which you can download from this site.

Different swatches! Thanks to Ms Blue.

44. Unisex Alpha Skin Overlay by praline sims

skin overlay

One more invaluable addition to The Sims 4 Pralinesims we have here. On a male or a female Sim and no matter which age they are, this skin overlay can enrich all of their looks and it’s something we can’t play without! If you want to give it a try too, follow this link.

Installed & tested!

45. Healthy Skin Overlay by praline sims

skin overlay

Sometimes our Sims don’t look like real people, right? And a big part of the reason why is because their skin looks too cartoonish! Well, here is the solution! Pralinesims has created one more realistic and healthy mod for both sexes, so you need to hurry up and download it from here.


46. Hydra Skin Overlay by praline sims

skin overlay

With more than 700,000 downloads, you understand why this mod is here! And you can decide by simply looking at the picture whether you should download it or not, but know that we put this skin overlay on almost all of our Sims. And if you do want to get it for yourself, use this direct link.

Love how the faces turned out with this skin overlay!

47. Powder Skin Overlay by praline sims

skin overlay

Powder up and look fabulous! We can’t stress enough how well this overlay looks inside the game, but trust us – it’s better than you expect! All of the base 18 colors work great with it and no matter on which type of Sim you put it, it will still look damn good! For a quick download, click here.

Fan-favorite! Installed & tested.

48. Veox Skin Overlay by praline sims

skin overlay

And we’re ending this list with a skin overlay by Pralinesims! It comes in 6 variants but it works with every base EA color, so customizing and matching won’t be your problem. It’s also adapted for males and females, so they can all look their best! To find more info about the creator or the mod, visit The Sims Resource, and if you want a quick download, follow this link.

Again, the face details of this skin too are incredible!

49. mia skin overlay by Milarasims

Its 560,000 downloads at The Sims Resource are not for nothing – they speak of just how well this skin overlays suits every Sim out there! Give your thanks to Milarasims and download the mod from here.

One of our top favorites!

50. SKIN Overlay Ultimate Collection by praline sims

Pralinesims have complied a collection of their best skin overlays for the Sims 4. These are exclusive to your female sims. However, the face overlay works on both male and female characters. Check them out by visiting this page.

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