Sims 4 Sliders & Slider Mods You Need to Try in 2021

Sims 4 Slider Mods: A Must-have List to Step Up Your Gameplay

Creating your Sim in Sims 4 is never perfect. There are many obstacles that stand between you and your ideal Sim. But these limitations can all be solved by using the Sims 4 sliders and slider mods!

These tools will give you the freedom to edit your Sims in ways you thought impossible. You can use it to make your Sims more realistic and more human-like.

In this post, we’ve collected the best Sims 4 Slider Mods you can download to take your game to the next level. Start browsing now!

More body mods are listed here!

Our Favorite Sims 4 Slider Mods

Height Slider


Have you ever wanted to make your Sims look taller without messing with the animations? Well, here is a tool that will help you achieve that! This height slider allows you to increase or decrease the height of every individual Sim. It is created by Godjul1 and it has over two million downloads at ModTheSims. It’s also packed with additional features which you can check here!

Enhanced Butt Slider


Is your Sim always doing squats but the results just won’t show? Not anymore, thanks to Cmarnyc’s enhanced butt slider. The mod has a number of different butt shapes, both for females and males. Start adjusting your Sim’s butt’s height and shape today! Check out the entire detailed info and download the slider from this link!

Enhanced Leg Sims 4 Sliders


With quarter of a million downloads at ModTheSims, this enhanced leg mod by Cmarnyc provides different, more realistic thigh shapes to your Sims. You can use it to make your Sim’s legs look thiner, thicker, or more muscular. It has a bunch of different options and you can use it to edit the thighs, the knees, and the calves. Visit this page to learn more about it!

Breast Separation Sims 4 Slider


All Sims’ boobs look exactly the same, right? Well, thanks to Cmarnyc’s slider, now you can make your Sim’s breasts more realistic. You can bring them closer or set them more apart. You can create natural breasts that correspond to your Sim’s age more or make them as big as their heads. The choice is yours! You can download the breast slider by visiting this post!

Shoulder Height Slider (All Genders)


Do you want to adjust your Sim’s neck length without making them taller or shorter? Well, this slider by Hellfrozeover is the best solution to do so! It’s available for all kinds of bodies and builds, all genders and ages. The slider allows you to change shoulder height for a more natural, realistic look. For best results, learn how to use it by checking this guide!

Female Waist and Hip Height Slider


The waist slider is a sophisticated tool that helps you keep your Sim’s waistline in check. It’s fanstastic because you can find the perfect balance between the waist and the hip. Your Sim will look healthy and realistic, which is always our goal! This slider is also created by Hellfrozeover and it’squite easy to use in the game. You can download it from this link!

Female Chest Depth and Width Slider


While the breast slider helps you with the shape of your Sims’ boobs, the chest slider helps you with the placement. You can adjust the depth and width of the chest of your Sim, thus creating more defined back and chest muscles. It’s created by Hellfrozeover and it’s very popular on ModTheSims. You can check our entire guide on it throuh this link!

Pointed Ears as CAS Sliders


If you’re the type of simmer that likes playing with fantasy Sims, then this mod is definitely for you! The pointed ears slider is an awesome tool that you can use to change the angle of your Sim’s elf ers. With your mouse you can drag the ears up and down to set them up exactly as you want. It’s really easy to get the hang of it, so make sure you check the slider!

Glasses Slider


From now on, you’ll never have to worry about whether the glasses your Sim is wearing match their face. This slider is created by Evol_evolved and allows you to modify glasses based on size or face shape. You can also move or rotate them – so start rocking your perfect glasses or sunglasses today! Visit our in-depth guide to find the download link!

Sims 4 Face Slider

Face Slider

Faces are the most important part of creating your ideal Sims. But the base game tool can’t always give us a unique look. That’s why we heavily recommend you to use this face slider! It lets you change the width and the depth of your Sim’s eyes, which significantly changes their entire face too. We have more information on how you can use this slider in the game, so make sure you check this post!

Bulge Slider Mod

Bulge Slider

The bulge slider is one of the most important Sims 4 sliders. It allows you to increase or decrease the size of your Sim’s butt. It’s especially useful if you aren’t using the butt slider we mentioned above. This one is created by hi_land, and you download it from his Patreon page. For more info, you can check our detailed guide!

Lip Slider Mod

Lips Slider

Lip sliders excite the most simmers out of all other sliders for Sims 4. The reason is that lips are crucial part of your Sim’s facial expression. And you need to nail them before you even start playing! Well, this lip slider by teanmoon is the best tool that you have avaialble for the job! You can make your lips big, tiny, thin, thick, and everything in between.

We heavily recommend you to try it out and download it directly from this page!

Hip Slider Mod

Hips Slider

The hip slider is a tool a lot similar to the butt slider and the waist slider. It combines many of the same actions and gives you nearly the same possibilites. However, the hip slider can be used to define the size of your Sim’s hips, both males and females. It’s really amazing the level of customization you can reach wih it, especially if you combine it with the other sliders. You can download it by visiting this post!

And those are all the best sliders and slider mods for Sims 4!