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Sims 4 Cheerleader CC Mods for any occasion

Did you know that cheerleading started out as an all-male activity? Or the fact that it started as early as the 19th century? But nowadays it’s mostly done by women who cheer for their team in high school or uni. Cheerleader outfits are also popular as Halloween costumes. So you can use them any way you want! Before coming to the list, let me mention our post on the best school uniforms for The Sims 4. Now, let’s see our list of Sims 4 Cheerleader CC Mods we love.

The Ultimate List of Sims 4 Cheerleader CC Mods

Cheerleader Animation/Pose


Okay, so let’s start off with something you’ll definitely need for your cheerleader Sim: cheerleading poses! This animation includes a basic cheer, and an iconic jump split you can see cheerleaders do at every single event. Start off a cheerleading career by going to this link and downloading the animations.

Wonder Woman Cheerleader Top


Ever wondered (pun intended) if cheerleaders are real? They can do tricks and moves most of us can only dream of. So it is only logical from Robertaplobo to have come up with a Wonder Woman top to match those superpowers. Get it in four colors from our link here.

Wonder Woman Cheerleader Skirt


If you’re looking for the perfect finish for your look once you already have the top, go and get Robertaplobo’s Wonder Woman skirt to go with it from this page. If you combine it with any other top, you will still know it has the name of Wonder Woman to give your Sim confidence.

Rebel Cheerleader Costume Set


The ULTIMATE cheerleading outfit with a twist for those who love the traditional cheerleader look but want to be more on the wild side. Cre8sims’s creation features a classic cheerleading uniform in four colors, complemented by a fishnet lining in the top for a bit of a goth appearance. Click here to download the set.

Cherry cheerleader dress


Cherry cherry lady: If you feel that cheerleading is not just something men enjoy to watch, but also a way for women to express themselves and show what they are capable of, you’re gonna love Jomsims’s creation. Endless fun colors and one empowering message written on it: Go and grab it today at this link.

Sports cheerleader


Now this is what most people think of when they hear the word ‘cheerleading.’ This set incorporates the color pink, a sporty yet sexy top, and a classic cheerleader-style bottom. Need we say more? Oh yes, how you get it: just click on this link and start cheering!

Juliet Starling Cheerleader Skirt


Now this is in the cheerleader section, but it can double as a Halloween costume, too: This is the skirt of Juliet Starling’s outfit from the video game called Lollipop Chainsaw. You can get it with or without blood spatter – all you need to do is click here.

Juliet Starling Cheerleader Top


If the skirt was not enough, you can also find Juliet Starling’s top as well, also available with or without the blood to add some variety to it. Perfect for hunting zombies or simply going to a costume party. Available here.

Monster High cheerleader Set


Monster High is not like any other school: creatures of all kinds go here from werewolvesvampires, ghosts, and other kinds of monsters. They have some weird subjects taught at this school – but this doesn’t mean that they can’t have a cool cheerleading uniform! Colores urbanos also created it for The Sims 4. Go and start building your cheering monsters by going to this link to get the uniform.



Another very classic look when it comes to cheerleading outfits. This uniform consists of a traditional-looking top with the iconic stripy lining, and a skirt, which kind of looks traditional, but the ruffled bottom makes it really special. You can get it in three colors at our link here.

Cheerleader Outfit BD128


Very traditional colors on a very traditional cheerleading set. It works perfectly for any occasion. Your Sim can wear it at an actual match to cheer for her team, or, as Busra-tr dreamed it up, at a halloween costume for that “dead cheerleader” look. In any case, make sure you use our direct link to download the set.

Cute Cheerleader Costume


The name says it all, right? This is what we imagine would happen if Elle Woods from Legally Blonde had decided to become a cheerleader instead of a lawyer. Look at the two cute colors, the silver accessories, and the heart on the back… We sure did fall in love with it! If you did too, the only thing left to do is visit our link to download the outfit.

Monster High cheerleader shoes


So we’ve already said that there wasn’t anything ordinary about Monster High… And their cheerleading shoes are no exception. Colores urbanos created these iconic high heeled shoes to go with the Monster High cheerleading uniform. Looks good with any color of monster-skin! Just click here to download the right now.

Rebel Cheerleader Costume


The next section is for those who love the Rebel cheerleading set from earlier on the list, but want the items separately. This one is for the skirt and the top – go ahead, ladies, start rocking the cheerleader look by downloading them from here!

Rebel Cheerleader Costume Gloves


There is no stopping at tops, dresses, and skirts when it comes to cheerleading clothes. You can also choose some cool accessories to complete your look. And one of them goes with the Rebel cheerleader outfit from earlier this list. To make the (in no way traditional) outfit even more outstanding, go and grab a pair of these net gloves from our link.

Rebel Cheerleader Costume Stockings


Who said that cheerleaders only needed tops and skirts? To finish that perfect sporty but rebellious look, why not choose some fishnet stockings to go with it? They’re sexy, wild, and go well with any cheerleader outfit as well as traditional clothes. Go ahead and download Cre8sims’s creation from hereFollow this link to find even more stockings for your sims!

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