The Sims 4 Lip Slider: Our Favourite Mods

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Kiss me, kiss me, kiss me – a feeling most people have experienced at least once. Lips are at the core of how we speak, how we love and how we look too, and it would be a shame if such an unique feature was relegated to being generic or bland. The default character creation screen has a rather limited range of lip parameters to tweak, which can make a lot of Sims look a little too similar. To make sure our Sims get to experience the variety from thin smiles to big cherry lips, we’ve compiled a Sims 4 lip slider list for you!

The Sims 4 Lip Slider List

You thought it would be easy, right? They’re just lips after all. Not quite! Depending on the level of detail and complexity you’re after, and on which parameters you feel more comfortable working with, there are three excellent lip mods to choose from.

Teanmoon Mouth Scale Sliders

Players who like to keep things simple will have a good time using Teanmoon’s simple yet effective slider. This mod takes most of the work out of the equation and focuses on the lip size – the standard The Sims 4 size is set as 0%, with the largest and smallest ones landing at +100% and -100%.

If you pick this mod, use EA’s default width and scale sliders to define the shape you’d like and fine-tine the size. This mod can be used for all ages between teen and elder, regardless of the Sims’ gender. You can install it by following this link.

REDHEADSIMS Upper and Lower Lips Sliders

Size is fun and all, but if you want to define the shape and resting position of the upper and lower lips separately, you’ll want REDHEADSIMS’ Upper and Lower Lips Sliders. Using this mod is simple – zoom in on your Sims’ face then hover the mouse over the lip you want to alter. Pulling up or down will affect how much the lips stick out and how it rests naturally.

This mod comes in two versions which must be downloaded separately, one for kids and another for adults. You can find both of them here!

The author of this mod also has a nice preset collection, if you’d rather pick them ready.

Obscurus Lip Slider Set

Last but certainly not least is the Obscurus Lip Slider set. This set is aimed at players who know which Sims 4 lip slider they want, and have a precise idea of the look they’re going for with each character. This pack contains a total of five new lip sliders that give you total control of your SIms’ lips. Length, tip angle, height, thickness, opacity, you name it – if it affects lips, this pack has a way to change it.

Obscurus’ very detailed masterpiece can be downloaded here. Go wild!

Beyond Sims 4 Lip Slider Mods

Once you’re done sculpting your Sims’ faces into masterpieces with the sliders above, make sure to check other cool and useful slider mods available!

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