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Sims 4 hair recolors are a fun activity to indulge in. Players can change their Sims’ hairstyles and colors to create the perfect look for their character. There are so many sims 4 hair recolors that you will love. In this post, we have compiled a list of new color variations that can transform your game with ease into a new look that is uniquely you!

sims 4 hair recolors

Hair Recolors Custom Content for the Sims 4

Sims 4 gives you freedom in creating different hair colors and styles for your favorite characters. You can choose from many different colors to help develop a personality or character trait that suits you best. When you know that your Sim is going to be in a professional setting, there are also plenty of professional hairstyles available for your character.

For a while now, there have been many people complaining about the lack of good quality hair recolors in the game. Luckily, many people have been making their own hair recolors in hope to change this. And now there is a huge boom of sims 4 hair recolors. And many of them are amazing and beautiful!

In this article, you will find plenty of hair recolor ideas so that you can make your Sims look like a whole new person when they go out on their next date, head out to work or even just chill at home. All of the ccs in this section provide a wide variety of hair styles and colors. You should check out and download the different styles of hair that come with these recolors to be able to use them. Enjoy


Many people have tried a wide range of hair recolor options. Some have been quite successful, while other just fail to capture the imagination and originality. This sophisticated recolor of NILYN Ciara Hair is one to live for. It comes in a set of 6 bright swatches. Make sure to grab the mesh first. Head over to this page to download.


This mod has been downloaded by thousands of users, and it has been highly rated for its uniqueness. With over 76 hairstyles to choose from, this mod can greatly improve your playing experience. It is essentially a recolor of Elli’s Hair which is converted for kids and toddlers. What are you waiting for? Grab it from this page.


Let’s face it, some of the prettiest hairstyles for The Sims 4 are created by Leahlilith. But what if you’re feeling a little adventurous and want to dye your sim’s hair? With this pack, the hair can be dyed yellow or blueish green to make it more of a rarity. But that’s not it, you also get 14 other swatches to pick from. Make sure to grab the mesh first. Click here to download this one.

Wings 0202 Recolor

As the way people color their hair has evolved so has the way they want it to look in-game. The new palette gives players a lot more options to create a variety of hairstyles for both male and female sims.

This hair recolor comes with natural highlights, blonds and browns, reds, and all shades of browns to create the perfect hair color for your Sim. The 28 swatches of colors are also perfect for all skin tones. Visit this page to install.

Sundance recolors Marsosims edition

The Sims 4 is known for its infinite possibilities, which has led to the use of hair recolors such as this one. There are some hair styles that you may think would be cool to have but just can’t seem to find the color. This set includes 36 swatches to choose from. Now, you don’t need to worry about our Sims’ haircuts anymore. Feel free to grab it from this link.


Since there are a ton of hair recolors in this pack, it can be difficult to pick a favorite. We are looking at 59 different styles of nightcrawler hair – dark, blonde, red, and purple – and more colors that look gorgeous and stunning. Some of these are ombres, some are natural and others are unnatural. Go ahead and check them out yourself. Here’s your download-link.

Marina Hair in the Noodles Sorbet Remix Palette

The color palette used in this pack and how you can use it in your gameplay is just another one of these things that make these hairs so great. They come in a variety of colors that will help you create multiple looks while not having too many outfits like other packs do. You get 76 colors but you need the original mesh firs. If we were you, we’d stop what we’re doing to install it.

Sims 4 hair recolors Petite Lune Recolor

We can’t but love braided hairstyles because they look neat and incredible. If you have ever had the chance to play with your Sims 4 and create your own unique character, creating this unique hairstyle might have been on your list of hair goals. But what if I told you that you could now make this hairstyle look even better?

I think everyone who plays the Sims 4 has had the thought at some point, “I wish I could recolor this Sim’s hair.” Well, it seems that idea has been taking shape over the years. For easy download, follow this link.


It was a good day for Reevaly when they recolored LEAHLILLITH’s popular EVIE hairstyle for the Sims 4. This new color palette comes in 21 swatches for female sims only, it is more vibrant and definitely more overwhelming than the original colors. The pack comes includes swatches of natural shades like light ash browns, medium blondes, deep rich chestnut browns and more. Grab it here.

For glossy eyes custom content for the Sims 4, visit this page.

Sims 4 hair recolors Willow + Willa Hairs

The Sim’s hair is vital part of the character’s appearance. It is inevitable for them to change their hairstyle from time to time and make sure they look young, modern, and hip.

This is a recolor of the long, wavy and fluffy hairstyle. It’s available on all styles for all ages (toddlers through elders). The collection includes 76 colors, making this hairstyle perfect for any occasion. Click here to download.

Check out a collection of the coolest piercings for the Sims 4 here.

Custom content creators of the Sims 4 have been bringing forth hair recolors that we surely love. From short, modern bob cuts to long, volume-filled waves, and everything in between. We hope this list of Sims 4 hair recolors was fun to you. Make sure to visit the original post for a collection of custom hairstyles for the Sims 4. And as always, feel free to stop by our posts on related topics below. Enjoy!

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