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If you wonder where your friends or sim players get their stylish Sim 4 farmhouse from. Rest assured! They either build the farmhouse from scratch or they download Sims 4 farmhouse online. Moreover, in this blog, we have gathered amazing farmhouses that you can download and enjoy for free!

sims 4 farmhouse

A Sims 4 Farmhouse unlike Any other

Sim players love building within the game and proudly boast about the uniqueness of their farmhouses among their friends. Developers are always racing to create butter mods for Sim 4 games. They are eager to build new buildings that users can download for the game.

Most of the activities we do in real life give us a sense of relief. Some people like to draw, others like to plant, but others use their favorite activities for their sims. For instance, if they love growing plants, they make sure their sims are into growing plants and so on. So, here are some of the recommended Sims 4 Farmhouse buildings for sims 4 game, that you can download and install to your game.

Bowman Farm- sims 4 farmhouse

Sims 4 Farmhouse

The first house we got on our list is Bowman Farm. You can tell how cozy it is from looking at the photo. If your sim character loves farming or collecting fruits, no doubt that they will love this house. This cc pack is located in Windenburg and occupies a sixty-four by sixty-four lot size. It is worth noting that this house comes without furniture, and if you wish to have bedrooms, click here. The house has a large garden as well, filled with a variety of flowers and there is a table to sit there and have a cup of tea. Click here to download.


Sims 4 Farmhouse

This base game house looks like a dream! The HERITAGE FARM is perfect for a large family of the best sims as it comes with this large garden, which includes a river, different types of animals, a barn, and rustic ruins. Your Sim character will love living here, practicing different types of activities. To download it, click here.

FARMHOUSE-sims 4 farmhouse animal shed

FARMHOUSE-sims 4 farmhouse

Any farmhouse should be surrounded by trees, flowers, and grace. This is another farmhouse that includes a place for growing plants and a house to live inside with comfortable furniture, plenty of appliances, new objects and a charming interior design. Download it from here.

Amore Cottage

 Amore Cottage 

There are times when you want to leave everything that irritates you behind and live a simple life. Sometimes you just want to escape to a place where only flowers and geese surround you. This farmhouse is unlike any other house you have seen before since it has sunflowers, lavenders, roses, and other garden plants. You can get this cottage living house from here.



Some people love sunflowers, others enjoy lavender. This type of Sims4 Farmhouse is for people who love farming, as you can see in the image there are flowers everywhere. Not only you will find flowers and trees, but also there are great things to be discovered starting with a pool, two bedrooms, and living and dining area as well. Get your sim character ready to explore this Amazing farmhouse decor. You can download it from this tumblr page here.

lightly Autumn decoded farm

lightly Autumn decoded farm
In this small and minimalist house, your sim can do whatever they wish to enjoy autumn. If you change your sim character’s house’s decor for autumn, you may either purchase a new decor design for their current house or move to a new one. The garden is full of pumpkins and the house looks spectacular from the outside. This house is the embodiment of simple living at its finest. What are you waiting for? Download it from here.



Isn’t it amazing how developers use their imagination to create modern houses for our Sims families to enjoy living in? It features eight bedrooms, six bathrooms, and a pool. This house is sure to make your Sims character fall in love. You can download it now for free; just click on the download link from here.

maxis match Animal Farmhouse

Animal Farmhouse

On this farm, you will find a house, three barns, and a planting area where you can harvest crops and chickens that lay eggs. It is fenced to keep Sims and his family safe from strangers. In your house will also be a fully equipped living room, kitchen with counters, shelves, and stools, dining room, two nursery offices, master bedrooms, and a bathroom. The barn will include a workshop and studio, as well as the third barn, which will include a bakery and kitchen. To let your sim enjoy all these things, you can download it from here.

Cozy Garden Retreat-sims 4 farmhouse new meshes

Cozy Garden Retreat-sims 4 farmhouse

The design of the house was created so that it combines modern life with vintage living. It is divided into two halves, the first made of wood, and the second of antique bricks. The interior features rustic furniture and blue, green, and beige painted walls. The home is perfect for small families as it has a bedroom and bathroom for each couple. The outside garden is very attractive as it is filled with flowers and trees, and there are elegantly built walls and fences surrounding the house. Download it from here.

Burgundy Craftsman House

Burgundy Craftsman House

This cc-free house is designed in the American style, where small steps surround the house completely; from the outside, it looks like a farm with flowers and trees. Sims can grow more crops in this house. There is also space for guests in this home if they wish to stay for a day or two. This home is also ideal for large Sims families as it includes a master bedroom, two bathrooms, a kitchen, a living room, and a study room. Download it now from here.

When it comes to building houses and choosing where to live, it can be so difficult to decide especially if there are so many options out there. This post was meant to introduce you to some farmhouse styles that you might enjoy in the game with your characters. Do not hesitate to leave a comment below and let us know what you think of them.

Until next time, don’t forget to check out other content on our site, stay happy and enjoy playing!

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