Sims 4 Small House Ideas That Will Blow Your Mind

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When it comes to choosing residences, Sims are often unsure about what to choose and what is the ideal home for their needs. Do they like large, medium-sized, or small houses? In this post, I’ll show you some sims 4 small house ideas.

Sims 4 small house ideas

Sims 4 small house Ideas you should try!

When you’re starting out in The Sims 4, you need a starter house. But when it comes to a small house idea, there are plenty of options to choose from. I would like to share some of these ideas with you and hopefully give you some inspiration.

A small starter home could be an ideal first house for new players and young sims alike. If you’re looking for something that’s not too expensive or too big, then this is your best chance of getting into the housing market without breaking the bank. You can also take these homes and expand them as your family grows.

Plus, not everyone in the Sims world like living in large houses. In fact, some of them choose to live a simple life in such a little space. Particularly if they have jobs, or they are college students with little time to clean.

So, in this article, I’ve assembled a collection of little houses for Sims. They would be ideal for your characters and allow them to live happily ever after.

Japanese style summer home

sims4smallhouse cc 5

The perfect summer getaway for your sims couples. This beautiful, traditional style house is perfect for your sims family, or a fabulous vacation spot for your retired sims. Alongside a traditional style bed, this house provides a small porch and an elevated pond with Koi fish.

Great for the aesthetics-loving, this tiny home is a perfect place for curling up with a book or writing your next bestselling novel. With an emphasis on beauty and simplicity, this Japanese style home will make your sims family feel pampered every time they step inside. So, here’s your download link.

If you liked this house, here’s a collection of Japanese houses CC for the Sims 4. Enjoy!

mid-century family small home

sims4smallhouse cc 1

From numerous mods and custom content, this house stands out! It is a perfect starter home for a young family or someone starting their life in the world of the Sims. With this beautiful and elegant one story house, you will find everything you need to make it just perfect. Furthermore, the rooms are spacious with plenty of room for a growing family. And the backyard is just perfect with a gorgeous pool and pool house that can be transformed into anything you want.

So, if you’ve been dreaming of owning a small home but not wanting to compromise on space and quality, then this is the house to get. You’ll be able to use it as a starter home or simply give your Sims the perfect, cozy place to live their lives. Check it out here.

Small House

sims4smallhouse cc 8

This is a lovely little house for your Sims. Elegantly designed, this compact home lives big. With two bedrooms and a bathroom, it offers everything you need to design an extraordinary life on a grand scale. You’ll be able to enhance your gameplay and express your creativity with a beautiful new living space that reflects your unique style.

In order to appear in game, you’ll need to have some of game packs from the Sims 4, including Get to Work, Cats & Dogs, Seasons and more. The house itself is two storeys and on top of that it has an outdoor space with a green rooftop. You can head over to this page to install.

UMAGA Micro home

sims4smallhouse cc 6

You know it, we know it; your Sims deserve a beautiful home in Windenburg just like their neighbors. Well, now you can give them one! Introducing UMAGA, a starter home for your sim characters. It’s a small, modest yet comfortable micro home with a bedroom and bathroom. Just the perfect place for your Sims to kickstart their life in Windenburg.

The space is great for you to spruce up and update as you wish, with lots of room for your furniture. Sit back and relax on your plush white sofa while the sun sets outside, or spend a cozy evening reading next to the windows To install this one, visit this page.

Cool Camper a Caravan House by Sarcastic Servo

sims4smallhouse cc 10

Now you can get outdoors with this clever design of a camper van. It’s everything you need in an RV and more, but with a much more affordable price. To top it off, this is the perfect cabin for outdoor enthusiasts and never-ending adventurers who like to blaze their own trail. So, if your character fits the mold, don’t spend your time in search of a place to stay, because we have just the one for you.

It also has a flamingo to round out the aesthetic. Sarcastic Servo has gathered their favorite items to create this beautiful starter home. With a huge lot, low cost, and basic needs fulfilled, the only thing missing is your sim. To install this one, click here.

Modern Small Eco Home

sims4smallhouse cc 2

You’re living in a world where time is short and resources are limited. You need to be as efficient as possible. That means making the most of your square footage and making the most of your money. A small home that’s easy to build, environmentally friendly and affordable will make the world a better place for you and your loved ones. It’s now easy to get modern small eco homes for your family in the Sims 4 with this build.

This home comes with a stylish and modern design, with an exterior close to nature. It has an outdoor living space, lovely gardens, and warm interior spaces you’ll love to explore. Head over to this page for easy download.

Modern house MODERNICA – Small Lot

sims4smallhouse cc 3

If your sims are looking for a small modern house that’s furnished, look no further than this one. With many windows to let in plenty of light and a rooftop where they can spend quality family time together, this house is perfect in every way!

Your sims can enjoy stunning views off the top floor, stylish appliances in the kitchen, and the unique furnishings in this house. Have a closer look at this house here.

Small Ancient Greek House

sims4smallhouse cc 4

Ah, the small Ancient Greek House! This scaled down version of a full blown Ancient Greek House is perfect for anyone that needs an affordable home to move into. The house has two floors and a bedroom, but there was no plumbing or power so you won’t be able to use the toilet or fridge. It’s modest but you know what they say: sometimes less is more. You don’t have to be ancient to admire these ancient structures. Check it out here.

We have compiled a bigger collection of Greek custom content for Sims 4. Read here!

The Shipping Views Redo

sims4smallhouse cc 7

Do you want a house that’s lush, vibrant and beautiful? The Shipping Views Redo is a gorgeous custom house for your Sims. It comes complete with two bedrooms, an outdoor bathroom with tub and toilet, and an outdoor shower. There’s so much to love about the Shipping Views Redo: it looks amazing in the vibrant greens of springtime, the warm reds of summertime, or the sparkling blue of fall.

Take your Sims to a whole new level with this beautiful custom house, perfect for relaxing and living the green life. To install this one, click here.

Ultra Modern Forest House

sims4smallhouse cc 9

They say it’s what’s on the inside that counts, but that doesn’t mean the outside can’t be swell, too. For any Simmer out there with a knack for design, the Ultra Modern Forest House is the perfect way to add that extra touch of class (and glass) to your game!

Let’s just come to grips with the fact that designing a house for your Sims is always a fun experience, but creating the perfect architecture and decor can be especially tricky. This unique lot features an impressive front façade, a sensational interior, and a gorgeous view of the forest. The modern exterior includes an upper level for your inhabitants, a garden, and plenty of indoor-outdoor living space. Here’s your download link.

Cozy Tiny Starter House

sims4smallhouse cc 13

Little homes are great for starting out. This house has a modern vibe, with a lot of natural lighting coming from the front windows and a beautiful outdoor space. There is a beautiful grill outside where you can enjoy your Sim’s barbeque by the fire pit under the trees, complete with flowers and plants.

This awesome small house includes a living room and kitchen with a beautiful view of Windenburg. Just make you that you enable Move Objects to get the house the way you want it, and then sit back and watch your Sims enjoy their new, stylish abode! Here’s your download link.

Glass, Steel and Stone – Sims 4 small house ideas

sims4smallhouse cc 12

Welcome to your new home in Granite Falls! This charming, hand-crafted home has been lovingly assembled with a variety of decor, amenities and surprises and is perfect for your Sims to enjoy. From the warm redwood walls to the tranquil forest location, this home is sure to please.

It’s just a hop, skip and a jump away from town. Your Sims will love their tropical getaway with a bedroom and bathroom, both of which can be decorated in any style. And don’t forget the upgraded kitchen with granite countertops, stainless steel appliances and modern lighting. Install from this page.

House 36 – Newcrest Small – The Sims 4

sims4smallhouse cc 11 1

Okay, houses like these make you forget about mansions. Your sim deserves a house that’s worthy of them. This beautiful, two-story house with a white beige interior is the perfect place to start a family.

Your Sims’ home should reflect their personality and be a reflection of their lifestyle. It is located in Newcrest. This two-story house includes a big living room on the first floor and an upstairs with ample bedrooms for a family. You can also decorate it any way you want. Head over to this link to download.

Tiny home NO CC – Sims 4 small house ideas

Sims 4 small house Ideas

It’s a little house with a triangular roof in the middle of a grove of trees, surrounded by a wide courtyard. It was totally made of wood and decorated with lovely white frames. Furthermore, this small house has a stunning modern kitchen with black shelves, a refrigerator, and a stove. There is a bathroom on the ground floor with a shower cabin and a closet with shelves, and an upper room ideal for one person.

As for the ground floor, there is a room suitable for watching TV with a chair for two, you can share with your friends to watch your favorite tv shows and there is a small library with some books under the TV.

There are some indoor plants to add great vibes to the house. There are as well as some unique paintings and a particular drawing stand to display your paintings if your sim chooses to spend some time drawing. To download it just click here.

Tinyhouse Starter home

Sims 4 small house Ideas

This small house is located in the middle of some amazing trees. The house comes with a surface of glass panels from the front and back, while the rest of the house has been designed of wood and cement. Inside the house, there is a small room with a suitable bed for two people, in addition to a small cabinet topped with some shelves so your sims can organize books or magazines of their choice.

The living room contains two chairs in front of the kitchen, which contains a marble table with chairs where your sims can enjoy their food. At the top of the house, there is a roof where sims can meet their friends, have a cup of tea, and enjoy the outdoors. To download it, click here.

Modern Small House

Sims 4 small house Ideas

A modest white house with an exquisite design and glass doors that let in sunlight. It allows you to appreciate the view of the greenery around the house. The house is surrounded by a lovely collection of green trees and plants, and the patio around the house is covered in unique green grass.

There is a section of the home dedicated to gorgeous women’s shoes and purses ideal for the female character. A room with a bed suitable for couples is also available. Inside it is a closet for clothes and a living room with striking white sofas.

There is also a four-person dining table, a bathroom with a shower cabin, shelves for personal care supplies, and a sink. There is a table with seats outside the house where you may sit and enjoy the magnificent outdoor vibe, as well as a small swimming pool suited for adults. To try the swimming pool, all you have to do is to click here.

Tiny Modern Family Home

Tiny Modern Family Home

From the exterior, this small house does not appear to be a horrible choice. Inside, we can see a tiny entrance, a bookcase in the living room, and possibly a bedroom at the back end.

The steps on the outside make this apartment appear larger because they connect to a surface hall area, which is something that most conventional SIMS homes lack. We believe that the strong windows and glass front door will let in enough of light, ensuring that SIMS’s comfort and environmental concerns are met. To download it click here.

Sims 4 Creekside – Sims 4 small house Ideas

Sims 4 Creekside
The house has one bedroom for two people and one bathroom. This residence will settle your characters and save them time and effort as they won’t spend much time cleaning. There is also a modern garden around the house; if your character loves planting, this house will be a perfect decision, download it from here.



Here is a little modern house with an appealing design and transparent glass walls that allow your sims to enjoy viewing the garden that’s full of flowers and trees. The front porch is breathtaking. In the house, there is only one room. Basically, it’s more of a workspace than a residence. To download, click here.

Smallowl Alone-Sims 4 small house Ideas

Smallowl Alone

Here is a wonderful house on our list, designed by Kane, where the developer was keen to make it an example of the perfect life of the Sims, especially for those who want to live on their own or for new couples who do not want to have kids. We love the use of ceiling windows which makes it unique and different from many of the base game house designs. To get this lovely home for free, Click here.

Tanitas Sims: Little house – No CC

Tanitas Sims

From the outside, where the surface triangle originates, this classical house is stunning. It is made of cement and has white walls with brown chromatic stone surfaces. It features transparent windows on the front wall that allows you to enjoy the sunlight throughout the day, as well as a bedroom and living room. Click here, to download it.

Luxurious Tiny House- Sims 4 small house Ideas

Luxurious Tiny House

Even in tiny ou houses, some sims still want to live in such a Luxurious Tiny House. As you can see from the photo how outstanding this is. The house from the outside is beautiful and designed With coconut trees and cactus plants everywhere, Isn’t that lovely?

The house is consisting of a modern kitchen with a dining table. The exterior house yard is a half-covered area with a hardwood floor and various outside seats to enjoy the fresh air, as well as a pool for adults and an outdoor table. Click here to download it.



Last but not least, save the finest for last! The last small house on our list for Sims 4 small house Ideas is actually three tiny houses in one. They’re all Eco Lifestyles, and they’re available in a variety of colors and designs. The backyard of this house is stunning. It’s certain that your characters will fall in love with it and enjoy living here as well. Click here to download it for free.

Final Thoughts

So, that is our today’s list; I hope you enjoyed the homes I recommended. They’re all wonderful and worthy of your notice. Take a look at them and tell us which one you like most. Until next time, stay connected to our related content.

Here are a few house ideas that you definitely consider when building your own house in the Sims 4

  • A great way to spice up your sims 4 house is by adding some small decoration items. There are a variety of decorations that are available for The Sims 4. And you can use to make your house more interesting. I suggest adding a nice potted plant in your porch or entryway and choosing colors that will match your home’s interior design theme.
  • Another good idea is to add some different colors to the outside of the house like light blue, purple, grey and so on. This may seem simple but it can actually make all the difference in how people perceive your home, making it seem more modern and less run-down looking.
  • A porch swing makes a great place to sit and relax on a sunny day.
  • Minimalist design with clean lines and uncluttered spaces is also an option.
  • Big windows with plenty of natural light provide an inspiring way to start the day or end it after dark.
  • Corner doors make it easier to include storage space in already tight spaces.
  • Try a front balcony for additional outdoor living space or even just for looking down on other Sims from above!

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