The Sims 4 Windenburg: Lots, Families, and Key Features

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Did you know that Windenburg is the largest Sims 4 world? Jump in to get acquainted with this charming place, and learn about its architecture, lots, and all things that make it unique!

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Windenburg – A World Where History Meets Urban Life!

The second expansion pack for our favorite game, Sims 4: Get Together, introduced us to the lovely world of Windenburg. It is heavily inspired by old German architecture and timber-framed houses and is built in a stunning valley below icy mountains. Its history is rich, and there are a few old ruins around the world to attest to that. A peace-loving farmer and a party lover can both happily co-exist here, as Windenburg doesn’t only have lovely countryside, but also a lot of cool places for partying. Everything in this world is a blend of history and urban life – and we love every bit of it! Let’s take a mini tour and get acquainted with the lots and uniqueness of every neighborhood, shall we?

Windenburg Families And Neighborhoods

Windenburg 1

Windenburg features four unique neighborhoods: Windslar, Olde Platz, The Crumbling Isle, and the Lykke Centre. There are 3 special lots like mini neighborhoods, and 27 lots in total, 14 of which are residential. There are many Fachwerkhaus-style homes, but also some contemporary builds, both communal and residential. If you travel or move here, you can meet 8 new pre-made families and two ghosts:

  • Behr family (Yuki and Candy)
  • Bjergsen family (Bjorn, Clara, Elsa and Sofia)
  • Bro household (Sergio Romeo and Joaquin Le Chien)
  • Free Spirits household (Ulrike Faust and Maaike Haas)
  • Fyres family (Dominic, Moira, Morgan, and Siobhan)
  • Munch family (Gunther, Mila, Lucas and Wolfgang)
  • Partihaus household (Marcus Flex, Jade Rosa, Paolo Rocca, and Eva Capricciosa)
  • Villareal family (Luna, Huga, Max, and Jacques)
  • Bernard and Mimsy, non-playable ghosts who live in Von Haunt Estate

Now, onto the neighborhoods and special lots!


Windenburg 2

Windslar is a peaceful neighborhood on the outskirts of Windenburg, ideal for Sims who’d love to raise a family and connect with nature. Here you’ll find beautiful lakes, streams, fishing spots, and a lot of greenery. There are a few benches, grills, and picnic spots for spending time in nature where Sims can unwind from a busy life. Far from the Cooringberg Cottage, you will find a lovely secluded area with ruin, a WooHoo bush, and a campfire, perfect for dates!

Dresden House$137,11064×64ResidentialA 2-floor mansion with a spacious open area. The biggest, and the most expensive build in Windslar, and a home to Fyres family.
Coorinberg Cottage$101,08540×30ResidentialA spacious 3-bed home and home to the Munch family.
Cottage Am See$45,99020×20ResidentialA two-floor build, and home to Free Spirits household.
Rustic Residence$16,68530×20ResidentialAn empty starter home!
The Summer Home$3,00040×30ResidentialThe only empty lot in the neighborhood!
The Shrieking Llama$57,32820×20BarA cute local bar for Sims, great for grabbing drinks and socializing!

Olde Platz

Windenburg 3

Welcome to the historic center of Windenburg! Compared to Windslar, this part of the world is far more crowded and urban, with 4 residential and 4 community lots. Here you can take a stroll down cobblestone streets, play chess in a chessboard-themed park, and fish at a few fishing spots. You can also find a special wall with a gateway, that connects Windslar with the Ancient Ruins lot.

Factory One$122,88130×20ResidentialA home of the Partihaus household.
Waterlock Redoubt$59,26630×20ResidentialA party space with a bar and a DJ booth.
Havisham House$17,08620×20ResidentialA small, two-floor uninhabited home!
Proprietor’s Square$13,66930×20ResidentialAn affordable, two-floor uninhabited starter home!
Quad Manor$115,63930×20LibraryA great place to study and expand knowledge!
Old Quarter Inn$62,90120×20BarA small bar with a dartboard and foosball table.
The Narwhal Arms$62,67530×20NightclubAn old-fashioned cafe where Sims can grab a warm beverage and socialize.
South Square Coffee$59,88630×20CafeAn old-fashioned cafe where Sims can grab a worm beverage and socialize.

The Crumbling Isle

Windenburg 5

The Crumbling Isle is a dreamy neighborhood with steep cliffs, fabulous scenery, and expensive homes. It features 5 residential lots, plenty of fishing spots, a lovely dock, a bonfire on the beach, and a secret entrance to The Bluffs. They say it’s rich in collectibles, so do look around!

Von-Windenburg Estate$273,45464×64ResidentialA two-floor mansion with 6 bedrooms. The most expensive house in Windenburg, and a home to the Villareal family.
The Lighthouse$166,18240×30ResidentialA modern two-store build with a pool, and a home to the Bjergsen family.
Pier Palace$137,46130×20ResidentialA contemporary uninhabited home.
Dock Den$92,56730×20ResidentialA small modern house, and a home to Bro household.
Mid-NoWhere$1,50020×20ResidentialAn empty lot!

Lykke Center

Windenburg 4

The Lykke Center is the urban part of Windenburg. It features modern, minimalistic buildings, and all 5 of them are community lots. There are a few contemporary sculptures, some modern fountains, and a lot of concrete. Although not the most beautiful neighborhood in the town, it’s great for connecting with townies, enjoying time at the public pool or clubbing.

Harbor Quarter Gym$154,42830×30GymA well-equipped gym with a pool and a locker area.
Bathe de Rill$150,45740×30PoolA pool with a bar.
Discotheque Pan Europa$135,64830×20NightclubA great place to party, practice DJ-ing, or perfect mixology skills.
Hare and Hedgehog$75,81030×20CafeA modern cafe.
Hare Square$49,41130×20ParkA small park area with chess abled,
planter boxes, and a playground for kids.

Special Lots

Windenburg 6

In addition to residential and community lots listed above, Windenburg has three special lots you can’t find anywhere else in the game. Unlike secret lots, these can be spotted on a map, and be visited like any other lots. These are Von Haunt Estate, Ancient Ruins, and The Bluffs.

Von Haunt Estate
$226,624Chalet Gardens
A historic mansion located in the uppermost part of Windslar, with beautiful gardens, a maze, and an open space for socializing. Here your Sims can throw parties, have a barbecue, and spend quality time with your loved ones. There is a wedding arch, a gazebo, and a public gardening space where you can get some herbs and garden. You may encounter ghosts, the original estate owners.
Ancient Ruins
$3,350Ancient RuinsThe Bluffs is located on an isolated island, right next to the Crumbilng Isle. It features a natural pool, graffiti on stone, and a campfire, which makes it great for secret meetings – or throwing parties! You can access it directly from a map view, or through the secret passage at the Crumbling Isle. If you are lucky, you can spot Emily, the sea monster that lives in these waters.
The Bluffs
$35,567Island BluffThe Bluffs is located on an isolated island, right next to the Crumbilng Isle. It features a natural pool, graffiti on stone, and a campfire, which makes it great for secret meetings – or throwing parties! You can access it directly from map view, or through the secret passage at the Crumbling Isle. If you are lucky, you can spot Emily, the sea monster that lives in these waters.

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Windenburg is undoubtedly one of the coolest places to live in Sims 4. There is something for all types of Sims, from scenic countryside homes and historical builds to modern homes and community lots. It’s a perfect blend of old and new, and because it has a lot of public spaces and stunning landscapes. Happy simming!

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