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Learn Everything There is to Know About Windenburg in The Sims 4!

Windenburg is the world that The Sims 4 developers introduced in Get Together. As an expansion pack, Get Together came out back in 2015. And in fact, it was the second expansion pack for the game. At the time, Windenburg was a big success due to its unique look and feel, despite the controversy around the DLC that it isn’t “enough” to be an expansion pack.

Windenburg is a European-inspired city, with narrow cobbled streets, town squares, ruined castles, and buildings straight from a legend. It is situated between a range of mountains and the sea, with a nice river flowing in the middle. Sims can live in multiple places here, including the Island, which comes as a bonus. There are interesting new families, neighborhoods, community lots, and other fun things that you can do. 

So, let’s see what should be your priority in Windenburg when playing The Sims 4!

Windenburg in The Sims 4: An Overveiw

The world of Windenburg hosts 4 new habitable neighborhoods in The Sims 4. Each of them has a unique style, but it still fits that European architecture and theme. And in each neighborhood you’ll find new stuff to do, interesting houses to co check out, and fun places to visit!

Olde Platz

Olde Plaz is the face of this architectural style and the reason for the creation of Windenburg itself. You’ll recognize its houses and streets from pictures of old towns in Germany, with facades heavily decorated with timber wood.

But despite its traditional look, Olde Platz hosts modern community lots like a nightclub and a bar. These are places where your Sims can enjoy a night out, drink, sing, and have fun! There is also a library and a cafe that you can use every day!

Here are all the lots in Olde Platz:

  • Proprietor’s Square – uninhabited lot on two floors and a good view over Olde Platz.
  • Havisham House – a very small home on the outskirts of Olde Platz.
  • Factory One – the large house with an interesting interior where the Partihaus family lives.
  • Waterlock Redoubt – a classic home that belongs to the Behr family.
  • Quad Manor – the library of the neighborhood.
  • The Narwhal Arms – the traditional-looking nightclub with urban spirit.
  • South Square Coffee – the famous local cafe where you can sit both inside and outside.
  • Old Quarter Inn – a bar on two floors and many fun activities like foosball.

In Olde Platz, you can find the entrance to the Ancient Ruins (next to Proprietor’s Square). This can be an incredible journey for your Sims, especially if you’ve never seen such things before!

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Lykke Centre

Lykke Centre is the modern and industrial part of Windenburg. It is filled with large buildings and recreational sites that take you on a completely new adventure. Lykke Centre is an urban neighborhood meant to be a refreshment to the aged looks of Olde Platz. There are a couple of interesting lots that you must check out!

All the lots in Lykke Centre:

  • Bathe de Rill – a pool with a bar where your Sims can practice mixology.
  • Hare Square – a traditional park with benches, birds, and trees.
  • Hare and Hedgehog – an urban and glamorous cafe.
  • Harbor Quarter Gym – a large gym on two floors.
  • Discotheque Pan Europa – a massive nightclub with a DJ booth and crazy parties every night.

Sadly, there is no habitable home in this part of Windenburg. Your Sims can only visit these lots and be part of their clubs. However, Lykke Centre is still one of the most interesting places to be in the whole game, thanks to its many social activities.

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Windslar is the suburbs of Windenburg in The Sims 4. It is considered the smallest neighborhood in this expansion pack, but it’s still has a lot to offer. Its houses, for example, are as big as palaces, with large open yards that look towards the woods. It is the perfect place for a secluded lifestyle, so definitely check it out

The lots in Windslar:

  • Coorinberg Cottage – a big traditional home where the Munich family lives.
  • Cottage Am See – a little castle-like house with a bright and intricate facade.
  • Rustic Residence – an uninhabited home on one floor and a large yard. 
  • The Shrieking Llama – a suburban bar where you can socialize.
  • Dresden House – a glamorous residential to the Fyres family. 
  • The Summer Home – an empty 40×30 lot where you can build your house from the ground up.

We recommend Windslar for the sheer space you have for exploration. The open countryside will be yours to roam freely. You can plan picnics and parties, as well as hide yourself in the comforts of your home. You can also visit lakes and have an awesome time fishing!

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The Crumbling Isle

The Crumbling is by far the most interesting part of Windenburg for situating your family. The island is just off the coast from the main city, and it overlooks it clearly. There are two lots where you can start your gameplay. The houses here are modern, with an urbanistic architecture. 

Here are all the lots in The Crumbling Isle:

  • The Lighthouse – a complex building and a home to the Bjergsen family.
  • Mid-NoWhere – a small empty lot with 20×20 size where you can build your home.
  • Pier Palace – an uninhabited home on two floors, with a rooftop terrace and a large yard.
  • Dock Den – an interesting house where the Bro household lives.
  • Von-Windenburg Estate– a massive palace in a European style where the Villareal family lives.

But that’s not all in The Crumbling Isle. You can also travel to The Bluffs, which is a secret and a special spot in Windenburg. Here you can have fun exploring around or host parties for all your friends. The entrance to The Bluffs can be found in a shrub next to Von-Windenburg Estate.

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Conclusion on Windenburg in The Sims 4

As you can see, there are many fun places to see and things to do in Windenburg in The Sims 4! The whole point of Get Together as an expansion pack is to group up with your friends and do social activities. Whether that’s sports in a club, chatting in the cafes, or partying in the nightclubs – it doesn’t matter! Windenburg is an awesome world in The Sims 4 and every simmer should give it a shot!

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