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The Sims 4 Granite Falls is a dream destination world first introduced in the Outdoor Retreat game pack. A scenic environment and vacation homes surrounded by evergreen trees make it an ideal spot for enjoying nature and camping. Being a part of the national park, this world creates opportunities for a wide range of activities. You can go fishing, enjoy gatherings around the campfire or explore the wilderness. Would you like to spend more time in nature, surrounded by beautiful scenery?

Continue reading to read more about how your Sims can take a vacation here – and get the most of it.

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How do You get to the sims 4 granite falls?

Granite Falls is a vacation spot, which means you won’t be able to move there permanently. However, you can spend up to 7 days doing amazing outdoor activities, which is not that bad. Just like other destination worlds, the quickest way to get to Granite Falls is to book a vacation. To do that, reach for your smartphone, click on the car icon, choose a ”Travel Tab” and then ”Take a Vacation”. You’ll see a list of Vacation destinations you can choose from, Sims 4 Granite Falls being one of them. The world includes two neighborhoods. One, the Campground with camping spots, cabins, and vacation homes. And two, the Granit Falls Forest, which is a national park.

From there, you’ll be able to pick a specific vacation home that matches your budget and preferences. You can travel on your own, or take everyone from your household with you! You can even call friends to join you on your trip.

Find out how to take a vacation in the magnificent woods of Granite Falls here!

what are the perks of granite falls?

Before you pack your stuff for the Granite Falls adventure always consider the activities you’d like to try and remember to pack your tent. Your Sims will have access to anything packed in their inventory or buy what they need from the small Sims 4 Granite Falls Ranger Station. You can find the station not too far from the central statue and the Lakeside Retreat lot in the Campground neighborhood.

For the outdoorsy types, the Sims 4 Granite Falls gives a variety of activities to try. You can chat and roast marshmallows around the campfire, and use horseshoe pits to refresh yourself after a long hike. The world is well equipped with coolers, and they can be found not only in vacation homes and lots but also in the national park. There are multiple grill spots and benches where Sims can gather, picnic, and prepare meals.

The wooded area is large, and you’ll have plenty of trails for hiking and jogging. In case you need help getting around, you can always ask a ranger for help. Park rangers can be spotted in both neighborhoods and give you all the details you need about adventures in Granite Falls.

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Campground in the sims 4 granite falls

The Campground is a neighborhood that features four vacation homes and one spot for campers. It is the arrival spot for Sims tourists coming to Granite Falls and the place where travelers who enjoy camping under the stars can set up a tent. The neighborhood is well equipped for everything you need, from grill spots and tables to tents you’ll be able to purchase. It features a Community Garden, a Big Lake, and multiple spots for picnic and barbecue. All lots are located around the central statue, which is a unique feature of the neighborhood. Those who are great with woodworking and have reached at least level 7 handiness skills will also be able to make a tiny version of it.

The Campground is not only scenic but also spacious, giving your characters a lot to explore. Here, they can enjoy activities such as hiking and jogging in the woods, picnic, barbecue, or fishing in the lake. However, be aware. You’ll likely encounter fellow campers dressed as bears. These beautiful lands are also home to real bears, so be on the lookout! Now, let’s discover the Sims 4 Granite Falls map!

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Campground lots

Campground – This is a perfect spot to set up a tent, and you can do so for only $111 per day. It takes up the surface of 30×20 and doesn’t include any built objects. The Campground features almost everything you need, such as a campfire spot, a horseshoe pit, a grill, and a bench. A toilet spot is located nearby which will cover blader needs. To vacation here, you can bring your tent or buy one at the station and set it up where you please.

Riverside Retreat – A cozy, affordable cabin where you can stay for $281, ideal for those traveling in pairs. This is a one flor, cheap housing for visitors, built on a 30×20 lot near the river. It features a bedroom for two, a bathroom, and a fridge for storing food. However, you’ll have to cook outside, using the grill placed on the lot. For hygiene matters, there is a horseshoe pit placed outside.

Green Getaway – A one-floor cabin built for two Sims, on a 30×20 lot. Outside, you’ll be able to enjoy a campfire and make a barbecue, which is the only way to eat cooked food in the lot. It includes bedding for two Sims, and a bathroom with a bathtub., and you’ll be able to stay here for $396 per day.

Forest Hideaway – Built on a 40×30 lot, and with two bedrooms, this is an ideal vacation home for a family. It is a two-flor, spacious place with all necessities, such as two bathrooms and an open kitchen. Visitors can also use a horseshoe pit, sit by the campfire, or barbecue under the sky. Staying here will cost you $634. The place also has a fireplace to warm you up.

Lakeside Retreat – The most expensive vacation home in the neighborhood built on a 40×30 space. With four bedrooms and three bathrooms, it can welcome a large family or a group of friends. Comfortable beds, a large kitchen, and a fireplace add to the comfort. Just like other lots, it also includes a horseshoe pit and a campfire. Staying here costs $889 per day.

Sims 4 Granite Falls Forest

Granite Falls Forest is a spacious national park of the world. The national park is located in the 50×50 area and is the only lot in the neighborhood. It features a unique Wooden House in the woods and a large open space. In the Wooden House, you’ll be able to try woodworking on the woodworking table, level up the guitar skill, or play chess.

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Sims who chose to camp outdoors will also be able to take a bath In the Wooden House if horseshoe pits are not their thing. The national park is rich in collectibles, be those rocks, plants, frogs, or insects. The park is also well equipped with all camping objects, such as campfire spots, grills, and tables. Granite Falls also features one of the few Sims 4 secret lots – the Hermit’s House.

To get there, you’ll have to complete a special task and go on an adventure down the rabbit hole. You’ll find the shrub hole hidden in the bushes behind leaves and loose roots, between two large rocks. You can use the Wooden House tower for orientation. This magnificent lot is located in a recluse area, surrounded by rocks, cliffs, and waterfalls. The place is rich in plants and other collectibles.

The best thing is, the Hermit House is not a deserted place. If you are lucky, you might be able to meet and befriend a real Sims 4 Granite Falls Hermit! You might even be able to learn how to make a ”Fungal Infusion Fertilizer Remedy”, something you can only learn from the hermit themself.

If you’d like to learn more about how to find and meet a Hermit, you can read more about it here!

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