14 Body Hair Mods To Make Your Sims Go Wild!

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Is the vanilla body hair included in The Sims 4 just not tickling your fancy? Find your favorite new “furs” with these body hair mods!

sims 4 body hair
14 Body Hair Mods To Make Your Sims Go Wild!

Although a new body hair system was introduced in The Sims 4 in July 2022, body hair CC has been available for players to download for years. Things have changed a lot in the past year, with older body hair mods being updated along with new mods hitting the scene. Let’s check out some of the best body hair mods out there today!

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Body Hair Mods – Tattoo Category

These body hair mods make use of the “tattoo” category in CAS, as its been the defacto location for CC body hair up until the 2022 update.

1. Body Hair v5+ by luumia

image 24

Luumia is one of the best known CAS-related mod makers, with his creations inspiring many other body hair mods as well. The v5+ Body Hair Collection comes with straight and wavy textures ranging from simple “happy trails” all the way to wild animal levels of hair coverage. It comes in 8 color variants but there is also a color slider compatible version for even more color options!

2. Luumia V4.0 in EA Base Game Naturals by Sims Workshop

image 35

A previous version of Luumia’s body hair which has been updated by Sims Workshop to include all standard EA colors, in six different variants of arm, chest, and back hair combinations. If you love Luumia’s style and can’t get enough of their body hairs, this recolor pack will give you even more variety!

3. HQ Body Hair By Caroll91

image 37

This modest tuft of chest and stomach hair comes in 4 basic colors and is HQ compatible. Sims with thick hair will rock this body hair mod perfectly!

Learn more about the HQ mod here!

4. Cruiser Body Hair by LEXEL_s

image 38

Another hot HQ hair, this creation from LEXEL_s comes in 13 different swatches with slider compatibility. Unlike the other hairs we’ve shared in this section, this body hair mod is found in the skin details category instead of tattoos.

5. Natural Hairy Look by Pinkzombiecupcakes

image 39

For those fitness fiend sims who are hairy but don’t want to hide their muscles, this Natural Hairy Look is perfect. Buff sims can still show off their strength without having to wax their chests and legs—yowch! This hair option can be found in the skin details section of CAS.

6. Euphoria 1.0 Body Hair by Kaastar gaming

image 33

I really like the subtlety of this set of female body hair! Because of the cartoonish style of The Sims 4 most other body hair mods are quite pronounced so they can be seen, but the fact is that female bodies are completely covered in hair just like male bodies (albeit a good portion of female body hair is typically not as dark and pronounced as it is in the better-known “areas”).

This overlay by Kaastar is much more subtle, giving a natural look to hairier female bodies without the overly obvious detailing you see in many other mods. If you want body hair for female sims that isn’t so noticeable, this is the perfect mod.

7. Let’s Get Hairy Female Body Hair by Cabsim

image 25

Femme-frames bodies grow extra hair too! This set of female body hair comes in all 24 EA colors with two versions: one version includes legs, armpits, and pubic hair while the other version is pubic hair only. Fly your furry female flag!

8. Female Body Hair by Soft-Almond

image 30

Another body hair mod for femme frames covering arm, armpit, leg, and pubic hair in 4 different colors (brown, black, blonde, flame). This kind of set is useful for female sims who don’t live the shaved lifestyle as well trans male sims and other sims who don’t follow the traditional gender binary and associated grooming styles. You can find the link for the files here.

Body Hair Mods – Body Hair Category

The following mods have been made available in the body hair category of CAS and may even be compatible with the hair growth system introduced in High School Years EP. They have the advantage of not taking up a coveted tattoo slot and if you’re like me, you prefer your mods to be categorized as accurately as possible anyway.

9. Body Hair Luumia Edition by Andirz

image 36

If you’re not keen on the style of the vanilla body hair, this replacement by Andirz might be your new favorite mod. There are two versions of the mod available, a Men Only version which will leave femme frames hairless, or an Also Women version which will give femme frames light leg and arm hair.

10. Body Hair Luumia V5+ Redux by Javi Trulove Sims

image 29

If you love Luumia’s body hair mods but don’t love that they’re categorized as tattoos, this redux is just what you need! Javi grouped versions of Luumia’s various body hairstyles into the 4 CAS hair categories with both straight and curly versions available.

11. Gold Standard Body Hair by Golyhawhaw

image 27

This sexy set of male body hair comes with arm, leg, and chest hair in light and medium coverage. Golyhawhaw made this because they wanted some HQ and alpha-compatible body hair, although the quality would work in a Maxis-match game as well, in my opinion.

12. Female Leg Hair by Mando-CC

image 28

The popularity of shaved legs in the modern era is still a fairly new concept, only really picking up steam about 100 years ago. There are many femme framed people in the world who don’t shave their legs, and sims can do the same! This little set has a Light and Bold version of body hair in EA’s 24 colors.

Rock that leg hair with pride in a sassy new swimsuit—we have a whole collection to choose from!

13. All Natural Body Hair Set by Yooniesim

image 31 edited

This set is actually an amalgamation of several other body hair mods, some of which have already been mentioned here, for more variety as part of The Sims 4‘s body hair system. There are 42 different possible hair options which have been updated to EA’s 24 color palette, and they’re spread over 3 categories so you can combine them as you wish. There’s surely something for everyone in this set!

14. The Big Body Hair Dump by Simthing Clever

image 32

Another set of combined mods, Simthing Clever took 26 different pieces of body hair from 8 different creators and sorted them into the different CAS hair categories. All creators are credited & linked so you can grab the originals if you prefer them. Check out the payload here.

Tying It Up

Body hair is a natural part of most people’s lives, and is just one of many things that make you you. For sims anything to help differentiate them from one another is welcome, and unless you want your sims all looking like professional swimmers you’ll probably find the addition of body hair to be a welcome one. Since the vanilla game has so few options though, body hair mods have provided a much-appreciated enhancement to our CAS screens. Do you have a favorite? Give these mods a go and enjoy your new fuzzy companions. Happy simming!


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