Five Awesome Body Hair Ideas


#1 Body Hair V5

The first item in this overview is this package of 15 varations of full body hairs. It will help out if you think that men in The Sims 4 do too much look like teenagers. Whether you wanna give your sims some curly body hair or whether you prefer straight hairs – this package will definitely make you and your Sim happy. The credits for this awesome package belong to Luumia and the source of this finding is her Tumblr account, Just go to this page to load this hair mod. 

hair mod

#2 Smooth, Light, Medium and Heavy Body Hair

This is a set of “hand-painted” body hairs, which were created by Castor. They all work as tattoos and are available in light, medium or heavy body hair variations. Just go to this page to check out this hair mod, as the hair mod has been published at ModTheSims.

hair mod

#3 Armpit Hair For Female Sims

Now, this one is a nice idea for your female sims, if you are in favor of the natural look. The replacement mod, which make armbit pair available for female sims, is available here. The awesome extension was designed by Forest_Wanderer and builds on the body hair mod created by Luumia mentioned before.

hair mod

#4 S-Club WM Body Hair V1

This creation by S-Club published at The Sims Resource is a great addition if you are into light body hair. To download this awesome modification, go to this post.

costume make-up set

#5 S-Club WM Body Hair V2

Let us conclude with another creation by S-Club, which was published at The Sims Resource. The download link for the full body hair set shown below is available on this site

costume make-up set

More Hairstyle Mods

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