Best Angel Wings Custom Content for the Sims 4

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Let’s put it this way: do your sims actually need wings? No! ? Do you think your sims need wings? Yes! The following angel and fairy wings won’t fly your characters to faraway lands, they will merely serve as an awesome edition to your sims’ character and style. So, let’s unpack them together, shall we?

Prettiest Angel Wings CC and Mods

Fairy Wings

glass wings

Shiny and detailed! The perfect wings for the perfect night. It can be found under the hat category. You can get these wings by visiting this link. You should probably check out that dress too.

Glass Wings

angel wings 7

These glassy wings definitely shine! It’s available in 18 swatches and color patterns. The only downside to this is, your sims can’t wear them and glasses at the same time. Install from this link. We recommend checking out default skins for the Sims 4.

Chain Wings

angel wings 1

This Accessory works for young, adult and elder sims. And like most wings in this list, it can be found in the hat category. Download from this page. Check out the showcased dress by visiting this post.

The Sims 4 Winx Onyrix CC

angel wings 4

Purple never looked better on wings! We love the flowery details on each side. Make sure you match it with the right dress, oh and the right hairstyle. Here’s your download-link.

Lacy Wings

angel wings 8

Both your male and female sims can rock these stunning wings. They’re available in 25 colors so it’s pretty likely that you’ll find something to your liking in there. Here’s your download-link.

TERA Wings

angel wings 2

A beautiful creation by Zouyou. It’s available in both black and white, so angel-like and dark angel-like heh. Enjoy! Download-link.

Darkstone Wings

angel wings 6

Hello base-game compatible! I think words fail to describe this one. To install, head over to this page.

Fairy Wings Set

angel wings 5

Coolest thing about this set is the fact that it brings to being four unique designs, each with special swatches of their own. And they work for both male and female sims. However, it requires City Living to work properly in the game. Download here.

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We hope you enjoyed this list of amazing wing cc and mods for the sims 4! There’s lots of cool content that you should probably be looking into, like sci-fi and vintage costumes. Enjoy!

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