15 Fabulous Foundations CC Links: Stay Sturdy & Supported!


Foundations are an incredibly simple way to add more detail and personality to any and every type of build. Whether you want to reach extreme heights or just place a bit of decorative trim on the bottom of buildings, with a few clicks you can totally change the look of your lots! The vanilla Sims 4 games offer a decent amount of foundation choices but if you need a bit more variety, CC is where it’s at!

Sims 4 Foundations CC

Building with foundations in previous versions of the Sims franchise required much more thought. It was a separate tool that had to be applied before adding walls & rooms, and if you decided partway through that you didn’t like how things were going you would have to completely undo your work and start over.

The Sims 4 makes is much more user-friendly as all you have to do is raise the height of your room and the foundation is built right in; just click & drag or tap a few arrows and you’re in business!

In-Game Invisible Foundation: A Hidden Secret!

We’ve previously discussed the showhiddenobjects cheat and how it will grant players access to many hidden items in the game, such as plants, fences, and other architectural details. There’s also a hidden foundation that makes the ground beneath your build completely invisible! While we’re not sure why this was included in the game, if you’re into funky builds you might have some fun with this detail.

Foundations Custom content for more variety on the ground

If you’re looking for more options to apply to your builds that you can actually see, we’ve got 15 pieces of foundations CC to scratch that itch.

1. Brighter Foundations by Lotharihoe

This first mod isn’t a new foundation per se, but it will allow you to certainly see them better! While the vanilla game adds a shading effect to building exteriors to make the lighting look more natural it gets stronger the lower you go, so foundations end up coming out very dark (and they never seem to match the color on the swatches). Brighter Foundations CC modifies the shading effect so it’s not so heavy handed, making foundations much brighter and details easier to appreciate.

There are 2 versions of the mod: one version only affects the shading while the other version also removes the white outlines that were added to selected objects, after the Dream Home Decorator patch. I personally find the outline to be a huge pain when taking screenshots so I know which version I’ll be adding to my game!

2. No Deco Foundations by plasticbox

While the pattern of the Awesome Argyle Foundation looks really neat in theory, it almost always comes out poorly because the pattern doesn’t adjust for the foundation size. You typically end up with half a diamond sticking to the corner of your build and it’s just ugly. The No Deco Foundations mod is an override that simply removes the diamond part of the foundation, leaving a clean & seamless pattern perfect for any size build.

3. Brick Foundation 2 by CarolDesign

#carolldesign from carolldesign

A collection of 6 brick foundations with several grout colors to compliment any build style. Bricks are kind of like denim jeans in that they really match with everything, so long as you pick the right shade. You can never go wrong with more brick choices! Details on these foundations can be found here and while the Patreon link no longer works, you can get the foundation files on SFS.

4. Love Of Lattice & Vintage Vista Foundations by Anastacia Love

Love Day will be here before you know it and these dreamy foundation swatches are perfect for a romantic lot build to celebrate the occasion! Each foundation comes in over 30 whimsical swatches to match any build you can think of, which you can download here.

5. Seamless Masonry Build Set by DK Sims

This simple set does what it says on the tin. A collection of walls and foundations that all match seamlessly, it’s a great option if you want to add levels to your creations without making them obvious or you just like everything to match. The original download link no longer works, but visiting this reblog and clicking the SFS link will bring you to the files.

6. Greg Foundation by Dinha

This foundation set was created to match a flooring set Dinha previously released (which is unfortunately locked behind a paywall) but it’s still a great set if you want something more colorful or ultra-modern in your foundations CC. You can see all the swatches in action and download these foundations on Patreon.

7. Foundation Pack by Pralinesims

Praline created a huge CC Foundation Pack of solids, stones, lattice work, tile and more! The tiles and solids are of particular interest because of all the bright colors available, which you don’t often see in foundations CC. Great stuff for funkier, bolder builds or if you just want to try something new!

8. Walls & Foundations by Aifirsasims

This simple collection of walls & foundations features several combinations of red or grey brick and wooden slats to mix and match for the perfect ultramod exterior. The webpage is in Russian but the download button is a big blue rectangle so it’s hard to miss even if you don’t understand what’s written!

9. Foundation pack by theeaax

Another bigger collection, this Foundation Pack comes with a dozen new items in multiple colorways. I’m a real fan of the patterned “mixed” foundations as they look like they connect much more seamlessly than the Awesome Argyle Foundation in the vanilla game and as such, will be far more useable.

10. Stone Collection by Dinha

Another set locked behind a paywall, Dinha was gracious enough to make the foundations available for free. 6 more textured stone foundations for a little more masonry variety in your lot builds.

11. Natural Stone Foundation by LaLunaRossa

This stone foundation comes in 4 colors, all brimming with personality! The texturing and details are really good and it’s a great CC option for older and/or spooky builds. I could see this getting a lot of use for historical builders or anybody giving Windenburg a makeover!

12. Starboard Foundation by Jools

Jools is an incredibly talented CC creator and these foundations are no exception. There are lots of colors, but on a texture more suited for worn-in builds compared to Praline’s work above. A great collection for surf shops, vintage beach bungalows, or jungle tourist traps! Get the set and see what kind of cool builds you come up with!

13. Gingerbread Wall and Foundation Set by matomibotaki

The Christmas season may have just ended here in the real world, but if you have Seasons then you know that holidays pop up all the time in the world of the Sims 4! This set of gingerbread walls & foundations is just what you need if you’re the kind of person who wants to celebrate the holidays no matter what time of year, or if you’re playing a fantasy build and have Hansel and Gretel living in your world. All that fruitcake has to come from somewhere, right?

14. Helsinki Neoclassical Build Set by TheMarbleMortal

A collection of CC foundations and other build items inspired by older parts of Marble’s hometown of Helsinki, Finland. There are a variety of pastel and muted colors for those looking to do their own neoclassical builds and for players who just want more color options that aren’t too loud. You can find 7 items in the collection, in 8-24 different swatches!

15. Staggered Toned Brick Foundation by Simmiller

If you can’t get enough brick foundations you are going to love this collection! There are 40 different swatches in a mix of wood trims, meaning you’re pretty much guaranteed to find a perfect match for whatever you’re creating. I really like the mix of different brick sizes which is not something you see often, and if you mix brick patterns on the walls above you can really get creative!


Depending on where you are in the world, foundations may be something you encounter every day. If your sims live the same way you may find yourself getting bored with the options included in the game, and looking to add a little variety. Whether you want bright colors, more basic bricks, super haute tiling, or something else completely, this list of foundations CC has something for you! Have fun adding these to your builds and happy simming!

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