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Ah, Christmas. Parties, presents, carols, cheer, and all the stress that comes along with it! Fortunately for simmers, we can celebrate the holiday as often as we want in our games and make them as tense or carefree as we’d like. CC creators are more than happy to oblige yuletide-loving players with more content than you could fit inside Santa’s sack!


It can be christmas every day when you’re in charge!

If you have the Sims 4 Seasons you have likely celebrated Winterfest, or your own variation of a winter holiday. The Holiday Celebration Pack add-on gave players some festive pieces regardless of what EPs we have, but what if that’s not enough for you? Whether you want to dress up your sims for the perfect Christmas card or build the most epic holiday house in the neighborhood, this list of 65 links to yuletide CC will make your game more festive than the Freezer Bunny!

CAS Custom Content for a festive look

Whether you’re having a lazy Christmas morning opening presents or a fancy holiday bash with your whole family, it’s important to look the part. Check out our collection of cozy jammies, cute accessories, and fancy formal wear for every member of your sims’ family (including the 4-legged ones)!

1. Holly Jolly Pajamas by Hula-Zombie

image 129

Wake up Christmas morning and lounge around the tree with the entire family! This set of matching pajamas is for toddlers and up, though the Teen/Adult sets will require Tiny Living for the meshes. There are 10 swatches in various red and green patterns and you can get them here.

2. Advent Calendar Pajamas by silverhammersims

image 165

This super cute set has coordinating PJs in 5 swatches for toddlers and up, and there are even matching sweaters for your pets too! They are part of the family, after all. This coordinated set can be downloaded here.

3. Baby Penguin Christmas Outfits by Rosana

image 166

We didn’t forget about the littlest ones! This default replacement will give your infants a precious winter onesie so they can match with the rest of the family. Because it’s a default it will replace the current onesies in game, but removing the file will make everything go back to normal with no issues. Download this sweet outfit here.

4. Xmas Morning Pajama by GoodChillStudio

image 231

20 swatches of Christmas and winter-themed PJs on an edited EA mesh, so these super comfy jammies are Maxis-match. They look so cozy that I’m tempted to get a pair for myself! Deck out your female sims and get this set from this Patreon page.

5. Christmas Collection Part 2 by Jius-sims

image 168

You can’t wear a set of cute Christmas pajamas without an equally cute pair of holiday slippers. Just look at those reindeer noses! Get these cuties here.

6. Reindeer Antlers for Pets by Bellassims

image 169

Dressing up your pets in ridiculous holiday costumes is one of the most fun things about having them! These antlers add a little Christmas silliness to our four-legged friends and are sure to brighten up the day of anyone who sees them. Download them here.

7. Christmas Sweaters by Malden

image 170

When the family is ready to change out of their pajamas, they can continue to coordinate with this collection of cute Christmas sweaters. Wear the same one, or the same pattern in different colors, or the same color in different patterns, there are so many options! Keep your family matching and get the sweaters here.

8. Julya Top & Pants by Redhead Sims

Untitled 1 1

When it’s time for your sims to gather for the Grand Meal you may want to dress them up. This 2-piece set for toddler girls comes in 40+ swatches perfect for a Christmas dinner or any other formal event! Get the top and bottoms here.

9. Wee Lad’s Outfit by Linzlu

image 171

Toddler boys will look just as dashing as the girls in this dapper ensemble that comes in 4 fancy swatches. Suit up your little ones by downloading this set here.

10. Santa’s Little Helpers Set by Samantha Gump

image 172

Whether at a family dinner or visiting Father Winter at the mall, festive socks and elf shoes will look precious on your toddlers. Believe it or not, when I was a child all I wanted for Christmas was a pair of elf shoes; I never got them but with this CC I can finally live out that dream with my toddlers! Download here.

11. Santa Hat converted for Toddlers by Cozy_yeons

image 173

No Christmas outfit is complete without a Santa hat! Toddlers were forgotten when these hats were added to the game, but Cozy_yeons has alleviated that problem by converting them for us. Download these hats for your little ones here.

12. Festive Pack by Georgiaglm

image 174

If you want a little something fancy for your kiddos without having to look at lots of links, you will enjoy this set. There are hair, clothing, and accessory conversions for female toddlers and children included as well as a few Christmas decor items to match. 15 items total including hair versions with and without barrettes, which can be found here.

13. Children’s Penguin Christmas Sweater by Rosana

image 175

A casual holiday sweater for children that matches the Christmas onesie for infants, the wide neck and cute pattern make this top wearable all winter long. If you want to add this to your game you can get it here; there are also versions without the Santa hat or with the penguin pattern all over and they’re for all genders.

14. Children’s Sweater RPL70 by RobertaPLobo

image 176

This turtleneck sweater has some gorgeous details, from the colorful designs down to the intricate stitching patterns. Any one of these swatches would look adorable on your child sims as they set the table for Christmas dinner. Grab this sweater for all genders here.

15. Carol Dress by Malden

image 177

This beautiful dress comes in 3 swatches for your little girls of toddler and child age, and the matching boots are available for teens and adults too! The bows and frilly details guarantee that anybody who wears this outfit will be the belle of the holiday ball. Download the dress & matching boots here.

16. Gift Bow Earrings for Kids by Feyona

image 178

How can anyone resist such precious earrings? These little bows will make your sim look like the gift they think they are, and with 6 colors to choose from you can use them for more than just Christmas. Red or silver would be nice on Love Day and they’re perfect for birthday parties too! They can be found here.

17. Pearl Christmas Tree Earrings for Kids by GiuliettaSims

image 179

These lovely pearl earrings come in 4 swatches and are a graceful accent to a casual jumper or fancy Christmas outfit. Get them for your children here, and they’re available for toddlers too.

18. Comfort & Joy Leggings & Sweater by Simmancy

image 180

A casual winter outfit for visiting friends, this set comes with toasty leggings in 14 swatches and a sweater dress (requires Cats & Dogs) that comes in 18 patterns (with a few non-Christmas styles so you can love this outfit year-round). Simmancy also included a reshade to make your holiday photos feel just how you want them to! See all the goodies here.

19. Not So Tacky Xmas Sweaters by Immortalysasims

image 232

The fun thing about these sweaters is that they capture the vibe of the Christmas but with an added pop of blue color. It’s a twist that makes these tops both traditional and modern at the same time, with patterns that work just as well lounging on the couch at home as they would attending the office Christmas party. See all 12 swatches and download them here.

20. Christmas Came Early Sweater Recolor by Oliveandoaksims

image 182

These trendy cold-weather cropped sweaters are just what you need for Simstagram-worthy group photos! 14 different swatches mean that no matter the size of your girl-group, you can all rock one of these festive frocks and watch your follower count soar! ❄️☃️👍🏽
Get the sweaters here.

21. Merry Dress by Pipco

image 183

Teen girls especially will look lovely in this classy dress, with the festive patterns and bowed waist making your sim look just like a Christmas present! Wear it to holiday dinner or a winter-themed prom, but make sure the teachers don’t catch you standing under the mistletoe! Download here.

22. Holly Jolly Dress by Hula-Zombie

image 184

A collection of elegant Christmas themed dresses in a number of cuts so you can find the perfect fit for your sim. There are 5 different styles in 9+ swatches and they can be downloaded here.

23. Christmas Collection by Savvy.Sweet

image 185

Savvy.Sweet (now known as sheabuttyr) created this fabulous set of 4 fancy dresses and 2 hairstyles for sims who want to sparkle brighter than the star atop their Christmas tree! The dresses come in 3-9 swatches with complementary gloves, and the hairs are available in EA’s original 18 colors.
You can get this set by going here and choosing the SimsFileShare link.

24. Christmas Stockings by Bellassims

image 186

These knee-high socks for are just so darn precious. The 14 swatches are ridiculously colorful and sure to keep you toasty while ice skating or building Snow Pals with friends. They can be downloaded here.

25. Socks X-Mas 7 by Jaru Sims

image 187

10 swatches for all genders aged teen and up with wintery patterns and a cozy wool texture. These socks will surely keep your sims’ feet warm even on the coldest of snow days! Download the set here.

26. Christmas Collection Part 1 by Jius-sims

image 188

3 different pairs of beautiful shoes and some cute socks to match, pick from up to 25 different color options to create the finishing touch on a perfect Christmas outfit. You can get this sweet little set here.

27. Yuletide Hair Set by Nolan-Sims

image 123

This set features 4 hairstyles and 2 headbands. There are 2 long hairs & two shorts hairs in Maxis-match swatches + ombre extras, a solid color headband, and a sweet holly garland headband. A lovely little accent to top off your look. Check them out here.

28. Christmas Earrings by Softpine

image 124

These earrings are all about the little details, from the plaid pattern and candy cane in the stockings to the texturing of the Christmas tree boughs! The stockings come in 6 colors and the trees come in 7, and both can be downloaded here.

29. Merry Xmas Earrings by Candysims

image 190

These earrings? These earrings are special. Not because they’re colorful. Not because they look just like Christmas lights. These earrings are special because they glow. That’s right, they light up just like real holiday lights! You should download these earrings and see it for yourself!

30. Christmas Nails by Bellasims

image 191

A set of long, wintery nails for your sims with the tiniest little sweater pattern in 12 shades. Perfect for an ugly sweater party, an ice skating date, or grabbing hot cocoa with friends. Download these cozy nails here.

31. Christmas Foil Accent Nails by Feyona

image 192

If you prefer rounded nail tips or just want the flashiest mani around, check out this set. There are a whopping 20 colors to choose from and each set is accented with shiny gold foil reminiscent of Christmas ribbon. See the swatches and download them here.

32. Christmas Eyeliner Pack by Katverse

image 193

A set of dreamy cat liner in solids, glitters, and even a red and white candy stripe! This beautiful liner has been a staple in my game for ages, and if you want it too you can get it here!

33. The Noel Collection by Crypticsim

image 194

20 eye shadows and 10 lipstick shades designed to look good on any skin tone, you can be confident that your sim will rock their look with this makeup set. See more previews and download this set here.

34. Holiday Pullover by SimmyV

image 195

8 swatches of holiday cheer in this casual, comfy pullover. A perfectly toasty top to keep grandpa warm when he comes to visit for Christmas dinner. Download here.

35. Cardigan with Turtleneck by Gorilla Gorilla Gorilla

image 198

A comfy sweater and turtleneck combination to keep you cozy as you curl up by the fireplace to wait for Santa. 20 swatches in a range of looks make this sweater perfect for autumn and winter, with Christmas-specific designs as well. Download them here.

36. Edward & Piers Holiday Semi Formal by SimmieV

image 199

Who says that red & green needs to be tacky? Check out these dapper suits (City Living required) that are loud in their color choices but understated in their classiness. There’s no way your sim isn’t the best dressed in the room when he’s sporting one of these suits. Get the set here.

37. Winter Scarf by Gorilla Gorilla Gorilla

image 200

If your sim wants to warm up and be festive without committing to a full-on Christmas sweater, this fancy scarf might be just the ticket. 10 swatches in several tones including a few festive colorways which can be downloaded here.

38. Father Winter as Santa: A Default Replacement by Darkolaito

image 201

If you want Father Winter to dress more like Santa Claus, this is the mod for you. This mod replaces the Father Winter outfit with a fluffier red getup that looks more like you would expect if you’re picturing Santa. You can download this default replacement here.

Buy Mode Items to Fill Your Home with Christmas Cheer!

So your sims look the part, but what about your house? Christmas just doesn’t feel the same in a home with no decorations, so check out our finds for great yuletide Buy Mode content!

1. Winter Gifts | separated presents by dew of the sea

image 202

A collection of individual gift boxes in several sizes and a plethora of colors to build the Christmas (or party) scene of your dreams. They come with slots so you can add bows to the top or even create your own gift stacks! Check them out to see all the available options.

2. Hot Chocolate with Marshmallow Snowman by pocci

image 203

Tasty hot chocolate with a cute little marshmallow snowman in a pretty scalloped cup. Comes in 4 holiday swatches and can be found here.

3. Winter Hot Cocoa by Around The Sims

image 204

A DIY mix and match cocoa set to create a winter scene just as you like it. The mugs come empty or full and include various accoutrements one would need for a good sip of hot chocolate. Make your perfect cup here.

4. Be Merry by Soloriya

image 205

A set of 15 clutter items ranging from hot chocolate to cookies to cake pops to table decor, in several swatches to match your holiday theming. My mouth is watering! Get the set here.

5. Christmas 2015 by Martine

image 207

This set has been out for a little while, but the classics are timeless. Part 1 comes with a snowman, snowglobe, stockings, gift boxes, and cards. Part 2 includes table settings and decor, wall art, and a Christmas tree.

6. Colorful Christmas by Sevirinka

image 208

If you’re looking for holiday decor in an untraditional colorway you will definitely want to see this set. It’s a 2-part collection featuring shelving, furniture, a fireplace, and pillows along with oodles of wall and table decorations. Part 1 can be found here and Part 2 can be found here.

7. Happy Holidays by SIMcredible!

image 209

17 items for indoor and outdoor decorating that come in nontraditional and typical Christmas colors. Gifts, garlands, stocking, bows, baubles, and bells in shades of red, green, gold, blue, and pink. This seems like a perfect set for Angela and Lilith Pleasant! Get your hands on this colorful collection here.

8. Sophisticated Man Xmas Sitting Room by Chicklet

image 212

Another nontraditional Christmas set, this collection of neutral toned holiday decor suits a sim who is festive but not flashy. Included are a chair, pillows, wall and floor decor, and a shelf of stockings. See the set here.

9. The Sims 4 Happy Holiday Stuff by Simsi45

image 213

Simsi45 went ahead and converted a bunch of items from The Sims 2 into this awesome stuff pack. He even added new recolors to a lot of the objects! Get the set and relive your TS2 days here.

10. Christmas Displays and Shelves by Around The Sims

image 214

Whether displaying stuff at home or in your own little retail lot, holiday items will look so much more festive on these display shelves. The set comes with 9 items to mix and match for the display that suits you best. Download them here.

Floors & Walls

Having yuletide wallpaper up year-round would be silly in the real world, but in the Sims 4 it’s easy to change your interior on a whim. So why not go all out on the decorating? Deck the halls and every other room of the house with these festive holiday walls and floors.

1. Base Game Winterfest Welcome Mats by Incandescentsims

image 215

A collection of welcome mats to invite your sims in from the cold with some holiday cheer. 22 swatches covering several winter holidays so your sims who don’t celebrate Christmas can use them too. Download here.

2. Christmas Rugs By TaTschu

image 217

10 area rugs in various winter and holiday designs to match any decor style. Download here.

3. Christmas Round Rugs by evi

image 218

A set of 3 rugs with felted tree and snowman textures. The unique shape of this rug makes it perfect for placing under a Christmas tree! Get them here.

4. Christmas Xmas Walls By Isandor

image 219

A set of 5 colorful Christmas patterns for decorating your holiday home. Download here.

5. Holiday Wonderland – D720 Christmas Wallpaper by Danuta720

image 220

15 swatches of wallpaper in multiple Christmas and winter patterns for every kind of taste, which you can download here.

6. Christmas Wallpaper Collection by SimPlistic

image 221

10 classic wallpaper designs in holiday hues that are elegant enough to use all year long. I can’t pick a favorite! Download them here.


Now that everything is looking snazzy, it’s time to take some photos! Take a peek at these poses & pick out your favorite for next year’s family Christmas card!

1. Caroling Pose Pack by Katverse

image 222

6 different poses for sims who go a-caroling all through the town. This is a pose pack you can definitely use anywhere around the neighborhood! Download it here.

2. Santa Baby by Ohsosims

image 224

6 cute poses for infants, toddlers, and children to sit on Santa’s lap, and nobody’s even crying! Have you been a good little sim this year? Tell Santa all about it and download here.

3. Xmas tree pose pack by LusySims

image 225

A pose pack for small and medium sized families who want to capture the chaos of decorating the tree together! Toddlers and up are included in these poses so you can find one that works for you. Download them here.

4. Xmas Family Poses by TheMoonGlitch

image 226

9 separate poses that can be configured in lots of ways to get the perfect family snapshot, cats & dogs included. Dress everybody up in their matching pajamas and say cheese! Get the pose here.

5. Christmas Big Family Pose by Stay at Home Sims

image 227

This is a big one! A pose pack for up to 14 sims, but there are so many poses included that you can arrange your sims in many ways and make this pose work for families of any size. There are even a few toddler-less versions of some of the poses in case your family doesn’t have many little ones. Take epic family photos by getting the pose here.

Custom Food & Drinks

One of the best parts about any family holiday is all the delicious food! If you use custom food or custom drinks in your game, consider these mods to make your festive family feast even more spectacular!

1. Hot Chocolate Drinks by icemunmun

image 228

Warm up with a mug of Peppermint, Cinnamon, or Plain Hot Chocolate in a precious snowflake mug. Yummy! Get the drinks here.

2. Christmas Cookies by icedmunmun

image 229

3 different sets of Christmas cookies to satisfy Santa’s sweet tooth! Part 1 includes snowman, gift, and holiday drink shaped cookies. Part 2 contains a red and green “Whoville” swirl cookie, mittens, and candy canes. Part 3 comes with Christmas trees, ugly sweaters, and 2 types of gingerbread cookies. I don’t think I can pick a favorite, they all look so tasty!

3. Christmas Pack 2021 by RobinKLocksley

image 230

Last but certainly not least are 4 new dessert recipes to cap off a wonderful Christmas night. Fill up on cupcakes, lebkuchen, fruit cake that actually looks edible, and then wash it all down with some mulled wine. A perfect way to wind down from the holiday and slip off into cozy dreams. Get the goodies here.


We really hope you enjoyed this list of Christmas CC for the Sims 4! Dressing up sims, making their houses all fancy, and sharing amazing memories with family are what it’s all about, and with so much fantastic content for the game you can truly make the holiday your own. Enjoy this CC and happy holidays!

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