How To Collect All Snow Globes In Sims 4?

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About the Collection of Snow Globes

Collecting snow globes is one fun thing you can do in Sims 4. Of course, this is a part of the City Living expansion pack, which means that you have to own it first if you want to become a snow globes collector. But if you do and want to add this to your Sim’s hobby list, let’s talk about how do you collect all the snow globes in Sims 4!

The first thing we need to get clear is what are actually the snow globes in Sims 4?

Well, snow globes are collectibles that you can gather in San Myshuno, the world of Sims 4: City Living. They look like real-life snow globes, each with a different design. Your Sims can gather all of the snow globes in-game and display them on their snow globes shelf. 

Snow globes can be an interesting decor in your house, especially if your Sim is into this sort of thing. I have my snow globes shelf in my nerdy Sim’s room, and it fits perfectly.

That said, let’s see where you can find snow globes in Sims and how you can collect them!

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Snow Globes Collecting in Sims 4 – Complete Guide

How to Collect the Snow Globes?

The snow globes in Sims 4 can be collected by looting the Boxes o’ Junk. These are boxes that contain random stuff and spawn all around San Myshuno. There are a  few places where they spawn more regularly than others, but they can spawn anywhere in this world.

Now, when you find a Box o’ Junk, the chance of looting a snow globe isn’t 100%. And that’s what makes this collecting a bit of a real snow globe challenge. You really need a bit of luck in order to collect all of the snow globes quickly.

Once you find a snow globe, you can put it in your Sim’s inventory to have it as a collectible. Repeat this process of finding Box o’ Junk, looting it, and finding a snow globe to collect all of them.

Where Do You Find Snow Globes in Sims 4?

Snow globes can be found all over San Myshuno. Because you need to loot them from Boxes o’ Junk, you can simply walk around the city. If you’re lucky, you’ll see multiple boxes on the right on the street. And so, if you want to know where to find snow globes in Sims 4, just explore San Myshuno.

However, there is one location in San Myshuno that promises the most when it comes to collecting snow globes. The Spice Market can be the most fruitful spot for this challenge. Each Festival held in this market sells one snow globe.

But the best way to get as many snow globes as possible at once is the Flea Market. When you attend the Flea Market, you have a chance of finding a collector that sells his snow globes. Sometimes you’ll see him selling other stuff, but some days he’ll sell snow globes. 

If you’re lucky, you can purchase more than 10 snow globes at once from this collector. This is by far the best place and the easiest way to get snow globes in Sims 4.

Keep in mind that you can also sell your own snow globes at the Flea Market too.

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How Many Snow Globes Are There in Sims 4?

There are 15 snow globes in total. 7 of them are common, 5 of them are uncommon, and 3 of them are rare. Here are all 15 snow globes in Sims 4:

Snow GlobeRarityPrice
City SkylineCommon§10
Haunter MissionCommon§10
The City BridgeCommon§10
The Willow Creek LighthouseCommon§10
Tudor HouseCommon§10
Yuma HeightsCommon§10
Freezer BunnyUncommon§15
Magnolia SteamboatUncommon§15
Stanley the JackalopeUncommon§15
The CityscraperUncommon§15
Age of DinosaurRare§20
The ReaperRare§20

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And that’s all you need to know about snow globes in Sims 4. This can be a very fun challenge to do in the game, especially if you’ve never done it before. And if you’d like to display these snow globes in your home, then it’s a must. That said, good luck in your quest to find all the snow globes in City Living!

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