How To Collect All The Snow Globes In The Sims 4?

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Snow globes are one of the prettiest collectibles available to our Sims in The Sims 4. With this guide, we will teach you how to collect all the snow globes available in the game!


About Snow Globes In The Sims 4

Collecting snow globes is one of the fun things you can do in The Sims 4. Snow globes have been introduced with the launch of The Sims 4: City Living. Through this expansion pack, your Sims can now own snow globes and even become a snow globes collector. Yep! It will be a great thing to add to your Sim’s hobby list, so let’s talk about how to collect all the snow globes in The Sims 4!

Snow Globe 4

What Are Snow Globes?

What are snow globes in The Sims 4? Well, these globes are collectibles that your Sims can gather in different places in the game. They look like real-life snow globes, each with a different design and with a special animation or mechanism included (i.e., snowfall, petal droppings, or lightning strikes).

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Your Sims can gather all of the snow globes in-game and exhibit them on their snow globes shelf, or on any display they prefer. These pretty orbs can be interesting decor in their houses, especially if they are into this sort of collecting thing. With that said, let’s see where Sims can find snow globes and how they can collect them!

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How to Collect The Snow Globes?

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The snow globes in The Sims 4 can be collected by looting on the Boxes o’ Junk. These are boxes that contain random stuff. They spawn more regularly around San Myshuno’s shared spaces, so your Sims have to walk around and keep a sharp eye on them. Once your Sims find a Box of Junk, there is a small chance of looting a snow globe, which is what makes this collecting a bit of a real challenge. Your Sims need a bit of luck to collect all of the snow globes. If they indeed find themselves a snow globe, your Sims can put it in their inventory to have it as a collectible, or they can place it in their surroundings to lavishly display it.

Where Do You Find Snow Globes in Sims 4?

Snow Globe 6

As we’ve mentioned earlier, snow globes can be found all over San Myshuno. If your Sims are in luck, they will see multiple boxes on the street as they walk. Sometimes though, none of these boxes will spawn. However, two festivals in San Myshuno promise the most when it comes to collecting snow globes.

  • Spice Market – The Spice Market can be the most fruitful spot for this challenge. Each festival held in this market sells one snow globe.
  • Flea Market – When your Sims attend the Flea Market, they have a chance to find a collector who sells his snow globes. Sometimes, they will be selling other stuff, but on most days, they will sell snow globes. If they are fortunate, Sims can purchase more than 10 snow globes at once from this collector. This is by far the best place and the easiest way to get snow globes in Sims 4. Keep in mind that you can also sell your own snow globes at the Flea Market.

How Many Snow Globes Are There in Sims 4?

Snow Globe 5

There are 15 snow globes in total. 7 of them are common, 5 of them are uncommon, and 3 of them are rare. Here are all 15 snow globes in Sims 4:

Snow GlobeRarityPrice
City SkylineCommon§10
Haunter MissionCommon§10
The City BridgeCommon§10
The Willow Creek LighthouseCommon§10
Tudor HouseCommon§10
Yuma HeightsCommon§10
Freezer BunnyUncommon§15
Magnolia SteamboatUncommon§15
Stanley the JackalopeUncommon§15
The CityscraperUncommon§15
Age of DinosaurRare§20
The ReaperRare§20

What Is The Easiest Way To Collect Snow Globes?

Snow Globe 1

If you want to easily collect all the snow globes and have them ready on your Sims’ display shelves, you can use the hidden objects cheat. Once you have entered these cheats, go to Buy/Build Mode and type the keyword “snow globes” on the search bar. Voila! All 15 snow globes are already ready for purchase for your Sims.

Conclusion: Start Collecting Snow Globes Now!

Snow Globe 3

And that’s all you need to know about the cool snow globes of The Sims 4. Collecting these babies can be a very fun challenge to do in the game, especially if your Sims have never done it before. Plus, displaying these snow globes in your Sims’ home, gives off a certain accomplished feeling. So with that said, we wish you good luck in your quest to find all the snow globes in the game!

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