How to Become a Mermaid in The Sims 4

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Wondering how to let your Sims grow some tails and swim endlessly into the depths of the ocean? Let them become a mermaid! In this guide, we’ll teach you how.

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Welcome to Our Guide on How to Become a Mermaid!

A mermaid is an occult life state that was reintroduced to our gameplay through The Sims 4: Island Living. Originally, these half-fish, half-Sims were launched to the Sims franchise through The Sims 3: Island Paradise. If you’re wondering how to let your Sims become a mermaid in The Sims 4, we’ve got all the answers for you!

Why Should Sims Become a Mermaid

Being a mermaid Sim means having a great life in the game. Going for midnight dives into the ocean and taking swims with dolphins are just parts of it. Dawning from their previous experiences of the mermaid gameplay in The Sims 3, the mermaid lifestyle has, in fact, been a dream for many Simmers since the start of The Sims 4. Not only do your Sims get additional things to do while not living an ordinary life, but they also receive new powers and bonus stats throughout the gameplay.

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How to Become a Mermaid in The Sims 4?

There are actually two routes on how to become a mermaid in the game. The easiest way is to create new Sims in CAS and simply assign the life state of a mermaid to them. The second one is turning regular Sims that already exist in-game, into these half-aquatic creatures. Well, we’ll focus on the second process!

Obtaining Mermadic Kelp

To turn your Sims into a mermaid in The Sims 4, they only need to do a simple thing. That is, they have to obtain or find a Mermadic Kelp. This is an item in the game that can be acquired in multiple ways.

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  • Through the Rewards Store – First off, the Mermadic Kelp can be purchased from the Rewards Menu for 500 Satisfaction Points. This is the quickest way of obtaining the item, so we recommend it if your Sims are absolutely in a hurry to be a mermaid.
  • Through the Island of Mua Pel’am – Secondly, Sims can find Mermadic Kelp while exploring the hidden on the Island of Mua Pel’am. Take note that this process is based on RNG (Random Number Generators), which means that there is a chance for your Sims to receive the item and a chance that they won’t. However, we recommend this path if you aren’t in a hurry since the exploration makes the whole thing spontaneous. But the choice is yours!
  • Through Other Ways – If your Sims are exploring the Island of Sulani, they can also stumble upon the Mermaidic Kelp in different ways. We have detailed these other ways of obtaining the said kelp through our Mermaid Cheats article. Check out the linked article above!

Turning into a Mermaid

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Once your Sims have their hands on the Mermadic Kelp item, they will need to eat it. Consuming the said item will give them a 24-hour buff called “Strange Sensation”. Having this buff will urge them to enter the water while under the influence of the said buff. Yup! They must come in contact with water, either through swimming or diving into the ocean. After doing so, your Sim will then become a full-fledged mermaid and start the mermaid life! However, if they don’t use the buff within 24 hours, they will have to obtain another Mermaid Kelp and start the whole thing from the beginning.

Living as a Mermaid

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Living as a mermaid has different perks for your Sims. While swimming in the water, here are some of the major benefits that they’ll get!

  • Call Azure Dolphin – Sims can call a dolphin that they can befriend, play with, swim with, and be happy with!
  • Do the Aquatic Lure – This will let Sims call fishes!
  • Do the Mermaid Kiss – Sims can give any Sim the “Aquatic Breath” ability through this kiss, letting them breathe underwater.
  • Sing the Siren’s Call – Your Sims can sing a powerful and enchanting song that attracts other Sims and fills their motives.
  • Sing the Siren’s Lullaby – Sims can sing four different songs to remove negative buffs, like Embarrassment, for example.
  • Summon Ocean Threat – Mermaid Sims can sing a menacing and fatal song that can be used to target a certain Sim!
  • Have a Nice Tail – Of course, being a mermaid means having tails! This mermaid tail is changeable in CAS and you can choose between different colors and hues.

Other Mermaid Things to Know

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Once they have become mermaids, your Sims need to spend a good amount of their time being in the water, especially since they now have the Hydration bar, which replaces their Hygiene. Being hydrated is also what will allow them to perform their mermaid abilities. If you have The Sims 4: Seasons installed, your mermaid Sims can do another extra powerful thing. They can change the weather! They can call for Clear Skies, Rainstorms, and Thunderstorms. Each of these subtracts 75 from their Hydration bar.

Turning Back into a Normal Sim

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When you’ve decided that you want your Sims to ditch the ocean life and change back into a normal Sims, this is what they’ll need to do. First, they have to obtain two Mermadic Kelp items. Once these kelps are in their possession, your Sim will need to eat both of them, one after the other. With the first Mermadic Kelp, your Sim will get the regular buff. But once they eat the second one, the mermaid’s life state will be removed and they will turn back to normal Sims.

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Becoming a mermaid in the Sims 4 is truly an exciting adventure. Apart from exploring plenty of water-related abilities, your half-fish Sims can do many other things while being a member of this fantastic occult life, but we’ll leave it all for you to explore. Make sure to check out our mermaid mods to help you have the fanciest mermaid in the game, and let us know in the comments what you think of this article. As always, happy simming, Simmers!

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