Survive All Odds In The Island Challenge For The Sims 4

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Your Sims find themselves on an island ruled by two powerful gods who have complete control over their lives. Will they be strong enough to survive this Island Challenge?


What is The Island Challenge?

In The Island Challenge for The Sims 4, two of your young adult Sims will find themselves stranded on a deserted island, and they will be subjected to the whims of two gods known as the fierce, fiery, and destructive Llamatipoca, and the wise god of light who wants to maintain the balance in the islands, known as Player. The goal of the Island Challenge is for a total of 8 Sims to thrive on the island, with each having at least level 4 in fishing, fitness, and gardening skills. You will ultimately win the challenge when this eight-member survivor group completes the ritual in the end.

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What Are The Rules Of The Challenge?

You will start the Island Challenge with two Sims (any gender, traits, and aspirations) who will swim to the island, and (preferably) produce their offspring. The main goals are for Sims to endure island life, and ensure that they reach a high level in fishing, fitness, and gardening. Of course, the challenge fails if all Sims die.

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And this is the most fun part: the gods, represented by a black and white dice, will dictate the daily fate of your Sims. Thus, you must roll the dice each morning to determine the specific events to occur on the island. Additionally, your Sims will need to utilize twigs scattered across the island to create the things they need to use. Oh, and by the way, the challenge prohibits leaving the island, getting jobs, having luxury items, and most of all, electricity!

What To Remember In Playing?

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credits: gloomydahlia

The Island Challenge permits the use of cheats like “testingcheats on,” “household.autopay_bills true,” and “money 666999” at the start, so you can activate the powers of the gods on the island. Aging must be turned off, because it’s up to you to freely decide when to age up your Sims. Remember, you will control all Sims on the island and they must craft every usable object, except decorative items that will not impact them directly.

The Final Ritual of The Island Challenge

The Island Challenge must end with memorable imagery: after achieving level 4 skills in fishing, fitness, and gardening, all 8 of your Sims who have participated in the challenge must wrap everything up through a ritual. Surrounded by music, you must let them dance in their birthday suits around a huge bonfire or a wedding arch (for base game players) while allowing them to sacrifice fish or fruit items. Yup. What a way to end the Island Challenge right?!

The Rest of The Details of The Challenge

The Island Challenge was based on an original post by Simproved on the Sims Community site, however, it’s no longer accessible as of 2023. Hence, we based the full details of the Island Challenge, including all the information about the dice system and crafting system, on this article which was able to document the original mechanics. Visit it now to view the full rules!

Final Thoughts: Play the Island Challenge Now!

If you’re playing the Island Challenge, let us know how your game goes! Tag us using the hashtag #snootysims. We are on  Google, Facebook, TwitterYouTubeInstagram, TikTok, and Tumblr where you can follow and message us! Or, you can leave us a comment on this post! Happy simming, Simmers!

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