The Sims 4 Politician Career Guide: How To Advance, Secure Votes, And Collect Donations

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Ready to lead the masses, make empty promises, or promote causes you believe in? Join the Politician Career! Read on to discover how to join and what to expect from this career track in Sims 4!

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Join The Politician Career And Become A Charismatic Leader!

Being a politician is about being charming, persuasive, and determined to succeed! The Politician career track was featured in Sims 4: City Living, and features two unique branches: the Politician branch and the Charity Organizer branch. Prepare to work on Charisma, as this skill will determine your success from the earliest levels. There are no secondary skills, and you will be working on improving Charisma even after you choose a branch to specialize in. What’s different is the daily promotions tasks specific to the branch, and the rewards. Let’s see what this career is all about!

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Ideal Moods And Traits

For a politician, confidence is everything, and you will greatly benefit from confident moodlets. To get them in the right mood, just make your Sim brush their teeth, practice speaking in front of the mirror, or psych up in the mirror. Self-assured Sims have a natural inclination to feel confident, so having this trait will definitely be beneficial. Convivial lot trait boosts Charisma skill gains by 50%, making it way easier to gain the skill at home. These are not mandatory and anyone can join the Politician career in Sims 4, but they sure can help.

What To Expect From The Career?

Politician Career 2

This is a semi-active career, which means you have the choice to pick whether you want your Sim to go to work down the rabbit hole, or you want to partake in their work day and make them stay at home. You will get a notification every day before work where the game will ask you which of the two you prefer. If your Sim chooses to work from home, some of their tasks will be to protest for the cause, paint political murals, promote their cause of choice, or discuss neighborhood changes with fellow Sims from their neighborhood.

There are only four beginner levels, after which your Sim will specialize in one of the two branches. Those who join the Politician branch will have daily goals to secure votes, while those who become Charity Organizers will need to collect donations to advance. Both branches will require your Sim to master the charisma skill, so start learning as early as possible.

Beginner Levels

Politician Career 3

To join the Politician career, just go to the career panel in the bottom right corner or look for it in the job menu on the phone. Sims 4 politicians start by promoting a cause they believe in, and this will be your daily promotion task on all four beginner levels. There are five types of causes your Sims can fight for and you can choose or change them at any time: No Sim Left Behind, Simoleons For Everyone, Speak For the Trees, World United, or Foundation For Less Mischief.

At level 4, your Sim will receive a portable podium they can keep in their inventory. Aspiring politicians can take it with them and give speeches anywhere they go. Although giving speeches isn’t a promotion task, using the podium will help them get confident, improve charisma, and connect with potential voters or donors once they specialize.

1. Unruly Activist$16/hour
Sun-Mon, Wed-Thu, Sat 8AM-3PMSuccessfully Promote Cause (After Picking a Cause)/
2. Campaign Intern$26/hour
Sun-Mon, Wed-Thu, Sat 8AM-3PMLevel 2 Charisma, Successfully Promote Cause– $172
– Debate Politics Social Interaction
3. Social Justice Worker$39/hour
Sun-Mon, Wed-Thu, Sat 8AM-3PMLevel 3 Charisma, Promote Cause– $275
– Check Cause Progress Computer Interaction
– New Clothes
4. Community Organizer$49/hour
Sun-Mon, Wed-Thu, Sat 8AM-3PMLevel 4 Charisma, Successfully Promote Cause– $413
– Give Expert Speech Podium Interaction

Politician Branch

Politician Career 1

A Sim who dreams of becoming the National Leader will have a packed schedule and work from Monday to Friday. This is real politics, so your daily task will be to secure votes. How? Look for ‘Secure Vote’ social interaction when conversing with other Sims. The best way to go about this is to warm them up by performing a ‘Promoting Policies’ interaction first while feeling confident. You can also attempt the ‘Make Empty Promises’, although this is far more malicious.

This Politician career branch gives you the option to be a corrupt politician. Your Sim will be able to ask a small or large bribe immediately, at level 5, to get some simoleons. Sims may feel embarrassed after performing this interaction though! Give them the Shameless trait from the rewards store, and embarrassment won’t ever be a problem again.

5. Civil Servant$65/hour
Mon-Fri 8AM-4PMReach Level 5 Charisma,
Secure 2 Votes
– $518
– Promote Policies Social Interaction
– Secure Vote Interaction
– Make Empty Promises Interaction
– Ask for Small/Large Bribe Ability
6. Public Official$91/hour
Level 6 Charisma, Secure 3 Votes– $1,555
– New CAS Clothes
7. Councilperson$127/hour
Mon-Fri 8AM-4PMLevel 7 Charisma, Secure 5 Votes– $2,177
– The Squared Office Unlocks in Build Mode
– Kiss Baby Social Interaction
8. Representative$178/hour
Mon-Fri 8AM-4PMLevel 8 Charisma, Secure 10 Votes– $3,049
9. Elder Statesperson$231/hour
Max Charisma, Secure 20 Votes– $4,268
– New CAS Clothes
10. National Leader$340/hour
Mon-Tue, Thu-Fri
/– $5,548
– Stately Chic Pre-Built Room Unlocks

Charity Organizer Branch

Politician Career 4

Besides maxing out the charisma skill, your main promotion task will be to collect donations, so prepare for some intense socializing. You will start with $25 donations at level 5, and unlock $100, $250, and $1000 donations as you rank up. This can be time-consuming, and you won’t always get positive answers from Sims.

To maximize the chance of getting a positive answer, make sure your Sim has high Charisma skills and feels confident. It doesn’t hurt to build positive relationships with Sims and warm them up for collecting donations by promoting the cause and rallying. You can ask one Sim for multiple donations, so if you happen to get their attention, try asking for another donation while you are at it.

5. Friendly Lobbyist$57/hour
Mon-Tue, Thu-Fri
Level 5 Charisma,
Collect $50 in Donations
– $518
– Collect Donation ($25)
– Convince Protesters to Leave Interaction
6. Fundraising Specialist$98/hour
Mon, Thu, Fri 9AM-5PMLevel 6 Charisma, Collect $500 in Donations.
Collect Donations
– $449
– Every Little Thing Counts (Pre-Built Room)
– Collect Donations Interaction ($100)
7. Charity Organizer$123/hour
Fri-Sun 11AM-7PMLevel 7 Charisma, Collect $1500 in Donations– $471
– Collect Donation Interaction ($250)
– New CAS Clothes
8. Non-Profit Director$153/hour
Mon, Wed, Fri
Level 8 Charisma, Collect $5,000 in Donations– $589
– Collect Donation Interaction ($1,000)
9. Leader of the Cause$219/hour
Mon, Wed, Fri
Max Charisma, Collect $20,000 in Donations– $736
– New CAS Clothes
10. Charity Icon$342/hour
Mon, Wed, Fri
Collect Donations– $920
– Making a Difference (Pre-Built Room)

Final Thoughts

Making empty promises, bribing, and using charm to get ahead in the career is exactly what makes this career so realistic. The pay is alright for both branches, but you can definitely make more money by bribing in a politician branch – like some politicians in real life. Most rewards unlock around interactions needed for further career advancement, but you can also expect some clothes and full pre-build rooms for both branches. Happy simming!

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