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The charisma skill is one of the most essential skills to equip your Sims with, in The Sims 4. It’s not only beneficial for building relationships with other Sims, but for advancing in career pursuits as well. Learn all about the charisma skill in this article!

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Learn How to Increase Your Charisma Skill in The Sims 4!

Charisma has got to be the trickiest skill to work on in The Sims 4. But, that’s why we’re here—to give you clear ideas on how to boost this social skill in The Sims 4! Anyone who has tried their hand at building upon this skill knows how funny it can be at times, especially when your Sims keep talking to themselves in the mirror.

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However, this skill brings many benefits, so it’s always smart to stick to the challenge. Of course, you can always use the cheat to max out skills instantly and be done with it. But if you want your Sims to make an effort, stick to these tips on how to level up the charisma skill in The Sims 4!

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The Charisma Skill in The Sims 4

Much like in the real world, charismatic characters simply get more from life than regular people. Having this skill means becoming socially savvy, and attracting people like a magnet. By developing it, your Sims can become smoother talkers, build relationships faster, and go through social situations with ease.

In The Sims 4, almost all career pursuits would require building upon charisma skills. But it is of utmost value if you want your Sims to become politicians or celebrities. Now, let’s check all the charisma skill levels and what each of them allows your Sims to do!

Charisma Skill Levels

As with many other skills in The Sims 4, the charisma one also has 10 available levels that your Sims must go through to achieve mastery. Here are the abilities that they can perform at each skill level:

  • Level 0
    • Brighten Day
  • Level 3
    • Practice Pick-Up Lines
    • Donate to Online Charity
    • Flatter
  • Level 4
    • Cheerful Introduction
    • Smooth Apology
  • Level 5
    • Practice Storytelling
    • Start Social Network
    • Flirty Introduction
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  • Level 6
    • Upload Images
    • Sweet Talk
  • Level 7
    • Ask for a Small Loan
    • Repay Loan
  • Level 8
    • Enchanting Introduction
    • Invent New Hashtags
  • Level 9
    • Ask for a Large Loan
  • Level 10
    • Upload Viral Video
    • Call Boss to Negotiate a Promotion

Leveling Up The Charisma Skill

If you want to quickly level up the charisma skill in The Sims 4, there are a couple of things that your Sims can do to succeed.

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  • Get in the Right Mood – There are two moods your Sims must have are Confident and Happy. Both of these affect the success rate of their charisma skill-building, though they differ a bit. The Confident mood directly impacts the charisma skill, while the Happy mood impacts all the skills in general. You should aim for both, although the Confident one might be easier to catch.
  • Have Particular Traits – Assigning Self-Assured, Romantic, Ambitious, or Outgoing traits to your Sims will allow them to be more comfortable in socializing with other people, thereby helping build their charisma skills.
  • Talk to the Mirror – Ah, this is the traditional route of building charisma! Sims must always talk to themselves in the mirror if they want higher charisma skills.
  • Read a Skill Book – Note that Sims could also use skill books to increase their charisma skills. But be informed that this is a significantly slower method.
  • Use Unlocked Interactions – Each time your Sims reach a new level, they should try the new interactions that will be available to them. Unlocking these interactions and performing them is a good way of leveling up your Sims’ charisma skill.
  • Speak at the Podium – Allow Sims to use podiums to practice speeches, which will help build their charisma skills.
  • Keep Talking to Other Sims – Simply let your Sims socialize as much as they can. Let them throw jokes, make compliments, and banter with other Sims.

The Perks of Being Charming

High charisma translates to more successful social interactions for your Sims, which can lead to faster relationship gains. Yup. They can build friendships and romances with other Sims in a fraction of the time, which is super helpful! Sims with exceedingly high charisma skill can unlock more conversation options. For example, they can make a blunder and have the Smooth Apology interaction, which allows them to masterfully reverse an awkward situation or be excused of something that would generally be regarded as bad.

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There are other great interactions available, such as the Sweet Talk option. Charismatic Sims can “sweet talk” their way into anything because they know how to be persistent and likable. At a certain level, they can also start asking for loans, either a big or a small one. This lets them have more simoleons they can spend. Alternatively, the charisma skill can also let Sims do charitable things, like donating to online charities.  


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With this article, we hope we have given you helpful information on how the charisma skill works in The Sims 4 and what your Sims need to accomplish, to max it out! If you’re looking for more great content, keep visiting SNOOTYSIMS! We often share tips, tricks, and ideas for all things The Sims. Please follow us on our social media profiles that we linked below and don’t forget to leave us your thoughts in the comments. Happy simming, Simmers!

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