30+ of The Most Gorgeous Body Presets For Your Sims!

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Embrace a diverse variety of bodies in The Sims 4 with this interesting mix of body presets that we curated for you! Read our entire list!

sims 4 body presets

These Are The Top Sims 4 Body Presets For 2023!

Would you like to spice things up in your Sims 4 gameplay by creating more sculpted sims, or by bringing body positivity and diversity into the game? Well, be prepared to be blown away with these body presets we curated for you! These Sims 4 body presets will give a variety of looks for your sims, allowing them to look as authentic as possible and deliver more character into the game.

1. COntrol by Peachyfaerie

control a preset pack by peachyfaerie peachyfaerie

Searching for a body preset can be quite time-consuming, but thanks to Peachyfaerie, we’ve been introduced to these gorgeous body presets! Your Sims are ready for a beach body anytime they go to Sulani and flex their sexy physique. Get your beach bod here!

2. Athletic Male Body Preset by LutessaSims

image 64

If you are looking for more defined muscles that show how mesmerizingly fit your sim is, look no further. This is an excellent addition to the existing body customization available in Sims 4. So, if you want to make your sims a smoking hot showstopper, this is preset for you. And the best part is, this is one of the Sims 4 body presets cc works that magic with teens and elders as well!

You can get yours on this page.

3. Gina Body Preset for Sims 4 by Arenetta

image 63

Your Sims ladies can now seduce with a single glance, all thanks to this dreamy preset. Not only is it alluring and curvy in all the right spots, but this body mod also works excellent with sliders, and is customizable!

Check it out on this page.

4. Heather Body Preset by Zerosimoleons

image 78

If an average adult woman who loves taking care of herself, but also loves ice cream was to make the most realistic Sims 4 version of herself, this would be it. No more unrealistic super slim waist, and no more unachievable beauty standards. Abs are there, but they are the realest ever. After all, in Sims, you can be unapologetically yourself and this preset will help you own it!

Check this page for download.

5. Rodeo Preset by KingBlackCinema

image 88

This mod allows you to create an authentic curvy look and an organic body shape, rather than just increasing the weight. It works excellently with sliders, and you can customize hips, waist, legs, and breasts while still retaining curves. If you are into shapey bodies, then you’ll love what this preset has to offer.

If you love it, you can find it on this page.

6. Jelly Bean Body Preset by Simygdala

image 77

For some of you who are K-pop fans out there, I bet this male body preset will knock you off your feet. Looking pretty slim but sexually appealing, this male body has a smooth look and is ready to charm other Sims.

It’s available for teens and older, and you can get yours here.

7. Desiderata Set by Amygdala

image 79

From collar bones to muscles and abs, this slim-fit female body preset has all you need for modeling sims that look real. The best part about it is that it works for females of all ages, so you’ll be able to create equally stunning adults, grandmas, and teenagers. Even the belly button looks hyper-realistic.

You can take a closer look at this preset here.

8. Draya Body Preset by Angelsbody

image 73

This is an ideal body preset when looking to make Sims with model features. Muscles are long, lean, and defined, and the body is also covered in a subtle shimmer for a more polished look. With this preset, your Sims will sport the body of an influencer or a lifestyle blogger who enjoys taking long walks in Bali and taking bikini photos.

You can check the download on this page.

9. Athletic Preset by Golyhawhaw

image 68

Ladies, calm down, it’s just a Sims. This sporty jock body is a result of endless hours at the gym and hard work. Just like these muscles, the preset can be morphed once you are into the gameplay. High-definition abs and torso give Don Juan vibes and will leave many Sims ladies (or gentlemen) speechless.

Go here for your download.

10. Body Preset Collection by Miiko

body presets kennie update copy

Elegant, charming, and gracious, the body preset collection brings a dash of femininity and gentleness into your favorite game. The lower belly, thighs, and calve muscles have a nice curve and give you a great basic to work with when making your dream female. You can do yoga, dance, or simply go for a walk, but no matter what you do, your Sims will look dashing!

Check it out on this page.

11. Dance LNW Body Preset by viccscc

image 76

Where are the strong ladies? Fitness ladies of Sims will now get the opportunity to shine the light bright and show off their toned physique to others, all thanks to this body preset from creator Viccscc. These extra firm bodies show hard work and dedication that’s not to be messed with.

If you’d like to have this in your Sims 4 gameplay, you can look it up here.

12. Male Body Preset by ThisIsThem

image 96

Brace yourselves, as boys are back in town, fitter than ever! The set includes different builds for gentlemen of all ages, from teens to Sims’ in their golden years. You can choose between 30 swatches of rock-solid abs and different definitions of muscles.

These sims 4 body presets male set are available on this page.

13. Renaissance Body Preset by hi-land

image 66

Let Sims flaunt the beautiful curves of their gorgeous bodies through this Renaissance Body Preset from Hi-Land! The set includes 4 female presets and 4 male ones too. Everything has a custom thumbnail too.

The Renaissance Body Preset is downloadable on this page.

14. Body Preset N5 by Chamiss

tumblr 12adcbb8861129305bd2365cc7afc56c 02be8731 2048

With this body preset, Sims can enjoy their sexy appearance. The preset is designed to have a super slim waist and a voluptuous bottom, all with excellent detail and realistic arms and legs. From curvy to lean, you’ll be able to make an alluring character that ticks all your boxes.

Check this page for the download.

15. Body Blush By Obscurus

image 67

Female Sims are now dreamier than ever. Dewy skin and lean body look will make them look like Vogue models or mysterious muses that can charm you with a single glance. Plus, if they emit a glowing body blush, they will appear like a goddess! Get this body blush now for a more heavenly look!

You can look it up on this page.

16. Romy Body Preset by Loulicorn

image 86

Go no filter and opt for this hyper-realistic, customizable skinny body for your male sims. Slim arms and legs, tight gaps, but also narrow physique are little details that make a huge difference in how human your sims look. Could this be the guy from your Sims’ local band? Maybe!

You can find it by following this download link.

17. Premiere Overlay by Olyhawhaw

image 99

This one is not exactly a body preset, but more of a skin overlay for male Sims. However, it does give the male body lots of body contouring, so it’s the perfect addition to the body presets already stated in this list.

You can have a closer look at it here.

18. Lyla Body Preset by Nini’s Planet

image 72

No preset resembles Kim Kardashian’s curvy body as much as this one does – and it looks stunning! A thick pear shape accentuates the waist and the hips, giving a luscious, feminine look to your Sims. It works equally well for different ages.

To get this Sims 4 body preset thick for gameplay, go here.

19. Body Shapes by loulicorn

image 98

A skinny preset like this one reminds me of Megan Fox from Jennifer’s Body Era. A super slim waist, with elongated arms and legs, gives a dose of elegance and poise to the look. You will love the perfect chest, waist, and hip ratio, as well as the muscle definition!

To get yours, click here.

20. Summer Body by Marigolde

image 84

All bodies are good bodies! Cellulite, tummy rolls, and stretch marks make us human, so how wonderful, and this set of Sims 4 body presets has them all. It’s about time we ditch unattainable body goals, and let our female Sims embrace their real selves. You can get all 5, or download just the one you click with.

Give it a glance here.

21. Valuka Body Preset n4 by Valuka

w 920h 690 3356475 1

For those looking for a perfect pear-shaped body preset, this mod is just what you’d hope you’d get. The realistic anatomy makes the body look incredibly defined, from shoulders to toes! Not to mention the incredible details, such as cleavage and light hip dips.

You can go here to get your download.

22. Body Preset 1 by raindropsandcowplants

image 74

Add another realistic-looking body preset into your game by downloading this body tweak 1 by creator Raindropsoncowplants. Teen to Elder Sims can use this preset, and it is base-game compatible.

Check it out here.

23. Female Body Preset by Poyopoyo

tumblr 72ce3b4e0607eff66ef28a70a2894510 d5cbe662 1280

Are you a fan of long legs and slim cores? Then this Female Preset by Poyopoyo is for you! Made for Teen to Elder Sims, this preset is sure to captivate the hearts of Sims. Take note that using this can affect the fit of some clothes.

The download is here.

24. Female Body Preset 02 by Teresaft

image 71

This one is a simple body preset from Teresaft. This body is perfect if you want to create Barbie-like Sims with a slim and sexy appearance! You’ll also probably like the glamorously long legs.

This is the download link.

25. Give Me Curves by Aranetta

image 82

Imagine not having to have a tight gap and being happy and free in your body. Well, your Sims girls now can have that and they will love it as much as you do! This body preset gives the game diversity, and even the bellies look more realistic.

Access this page to download.

26. Natural Body Preset by Fetishims

image 75

For those of you who are looking for more natural body shapes that are closer to the Asian build, go and check this preset from Fetishims! The bust and bottom of this preset are proportional to each other.

This is up for grabs here.

27. Lira Galore Body Preset by Angelsbodypresets

image 80

They say that bodies are the temples of our souls, and the way we take care of them is deeply important. In The Sims 4, you can choose to keep your Sim’s bodies fit through exercise or nutrition, or you can just easily get them this dreamy body preset!

Grab it here.

28. AC Summertime Body Presets by Arowenc

image 85

Summertime is for everyone, not only for super-fit Sims! It doesn’t matter if a Sim is thin or fat, because they could all rock swimsuits, right? Yes! So go and check out this Summertime Body Presets that feature larger frames for our Sims.

Go and get it here.

29. Around The Way Girl Preset by KingBlackCinema

image 87

If you have Sims who love going to the gym and being fit, this body preset is suitable for them! Built with toned muscles and a lean core, this body preset totally screams, “FIT!!”

Check it out here.

30. Curvacious Preset by KingBlackCinema

image 89

Big, scarred bodies are also beautiful! It doesn’t matter if these bodies are filled with stretch marks, scars, or hyperpigmentation, the only thing that matters is the Sim feels confident and empowered with their bodies.

Click here to download.

31. Juicy Body Preset by NonameStudios

image 92

Embrace a complex body shape with curves and fats in all the right places with this Juicy Body Preset from NoNvme Studios! This is the perfect body type for your Sims when you cannot choose between either slim or large frames.

Visit this site here.

32. Body Preset 5-8 by EunoSims

image 90

This one from Creator Euno Sims is another set of presets that range from curvy to slightly plump body shapes for our Sims. You can choose from the 4 choices available!

Download it here.

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