The Best 25 Comfiest Carpet CC in TS4

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Do you want to decorate your sims households with the carpet but are unsure where to start? Well, with this list of the top 25 carpet CC you’ll be able to do just that!

sims 4 carpet cc
Carpet CC Packs for the Sims 4

These carpets make you feel like you are walking on water!

Flooring is an essential part of a sim’s house. You can either use wood, tiles, or carpet. In this article, we are focusing on the best carpet custom content we have found. Using any of these is sure to make whatever sim’s room you are decorating pop.

Read on to find out our choices!

25. Plush Carpet in 3 Designs with 14 Colours Each


At number 23, we are starting off with The Plush Carpet by Simmiller comes in 13 colors in 3 different designs. You can get a plush carpet with design, a plush carpet design inverted, or just a plain plush carpet with no pattern. Click here to download.

24. Prince of Wales style Carpet Pattern

Untitled 1

While people have mixed opinions on royalty, you can’t deny how regal this looks! The Prince of Wales Style Carpet by Andracab is made with a prince of wales design. It comes in 7 different colors and is only $4 simoleans! Really, a carpet with such a regal design can’t get much cheaper than this. Click here to download.

23. Star Wars Carpet

Untitled 2

May the force be with you! The Star Wars Carpet by Snaitf is a carpet that features characters from the popular media franchise. Some of these characters include the infamous Darth Vaders and the Stormtroopers. If you happen to put your sim in a Star Wars outfit while standing on this carpet, they’ll feel like an ultimate fan. Click here to download.

22. Fresh Loaf Carpet Set – 14 Colors (TS2 to TS4)

Untitled 4

Don’t get confused by the word loaf because this custom content is not edible. The Fresh Loaf Carpet Set by Mustluvcatz comes in a total of 14 colors. Just by looking at it, you get a sense of how plush and soft it is. Your sim will feel like they are walking across literal clouds every time they step or walk across this carpet. Click here to download.

21. 48 Traditional and Contemporary Rugs

Untitled 5

Where modern meets traditional! The 48 Traditional and Contemporary Rugs by Sionelle is the ultimate carpet set. It gives you 48 different swatches and costs only about 375 simoleans. This is definitely affordable for even the poorest sim households out there. Click here to download.

20. GuberLift Magic Carpet’ Recolor by LadySpira

Untitled 6

As Harry Potter once said: “I love magic”. The GuberLift Magic Carpet’ Recolor by LadySpira takes inspiration from the original carpet that was released from the Realm of Magic DLC. It comes in 146 swatches and is only 350 simoleans. The best part of this mod is that it makes The GuberLift Magic Carpet available for just the base game. You don’t even need to have the Realm of Magic DLC. Click here to download

19. Designer Rugs 2

Untitled 7

The Designer Rugs 2 Set by AdonisPluto brings 35 recolors to your sims game. There are a bunch of different, quirky options that are sure to make your rug pop. It only costs 300 simoleons for each rug so definitely affordable. Unless you try to buy all of them. If this happens your sim might go broke. At least their floor will look good! Click here to download.

18. Long Cut Berber Plush Carpet

Untitled 8

Colors ahoy! The Long Cut Berber Plush Carpet by Wykkyd is a soft, plush carpet that every sim will love walking across. It comes in 32 different colors, which you can see above, so there should be something that appeals to everyone. Is this carpet also like walking on clouds? Yes, yes it is. Click here to download.

17. Spring Has Sprung Carpeting Collection 2021

Untitled 9

This is the season for spring apparently. The Spring Has Sprung Carpeting Collection 2021 by Wykkyd is the perfect carpet set for the spring season– even if it doesn’t spring everywhere yet in the world. They are only 3 simoleans so consider buying all of them! It won’t break your sim’s bank. Click here to download.

16. Modern 3×4 Designer Rug

Untitled 10

Forget traditional and bring on the modern! The Modern 3×4 Designer Rug by AdonisPluto is another set that brings you modern-style rugs. It has 34 recolors and each one costs a total of 300 simoleans. A little pricey so your sim may only want to buy one or two of them. Click here to download.

15. Abstract Rainbow Large Area Rugs

Untitled 11

What’s at the end of the rainbow? Well, certainly not a pot of gold. The Abstract Rainbow Large Area Rugs by Simularity is one of the most colorful rugs your sim will ever end. There are 10 rugs in this set and costs 939 simoleans. It’s a little on the expensive side, but if you can afford it consider having your sim buy the whole set! Click here to download.

14. The Bisected Moon half-moon Rug

carpet cc

The Bisected Moon Half-Moon Rug by Wykkyd takes the half-moon shape and adds some lovely colors to the design. There are 20 swatches with 3 a total of 3 swatches. Each of them only costs 3 simoleans too! Definitely affordable for all sim households. Click here to download.

13. Slab’ulous Carpet

Untitled 13

Weird name, weirder carpet, but comfy as heck. The Slab’Ulous Carpet by Seyjin is the most unique carpet your sim is ever going to own. It has 16 colored swatched and 8 pride-themed swatches for those who want to show their pride. They are only 5 simoleans, so what are you waiting for? Get buying! Click here to download.

12. Abstract Coffee Medium Rugs

Untitled 41

Grab your coffee! The Abstract Coffee Medium Rugs by Simularity is the kind of rug your sim will want to be standing on while drinking coffee. It comes with 8 different rugs and each cost 393. The best part is it only requires the base game! Click here to download.

11. Remember Me… Shag Carpet

Untitled 15

Do you remember them? Well, they remember you. The Remember Me Shag Carpet by Wykkyd is yet another example of a shag carpet. It comes with 20 swatches and is only 3 simoleans. Your sim will feel like they are floating anytime they walk across this carpeting. Click here to download.

10. Everything must go rug from Dream Home Decorator

Untitled 16

The Everything must go rug from Dream Home Decorator – Missing Colors Fixed by oumamea is a spin on a carpet from the Dream Home Decorator DLC. It’s a recoloring, as you can see from the picture above, and from the looks of it, it is definitely an improvement on the original!

Click here to download The Everything must go rug from Dream Home Decorator – Missing Colors Fixed by oumamea.

9. Carpet Oh Carpet

Untitled 17

Sounds like this could be the beginning of a song! The Carpet Oh Carpet by KiyraNekochan comes in 13 colors. One of the best parts about getting one of these carpets is that they add +1 to your sims environment. Why? Well, as the creator claims, that is how good they feel. Click here to download.

8. Allie Carpet

Untitled 18

The Allie Carpet by KiyraNekoChan comes in 11 colors and is only 8 simoleans each! Like with the previous version, if you add this to your sims household it then adds a +1 to your environment. This is also because it feels so good! Click here to download.

7. Monroe Memories: a Marilyn Monroe Mural

Untitled 19

Blondes just wanna have fun. The Monroe Memories: A Marlyn Monroe Mural by PurrSimity is a classy carpet based on the famous actress Marlyn Monroe. Anytime your sim walks across this carpet they will feel like they are a part of history. Click here to download.

6. Classy Christmas

Untitled 20

The Classy Christmas Set by PurrSimity is the ultimate Christmas pack. It comes with a lot of different Christmas-themed items, which also include a carpet! If you happen to download this around Christmas time, then your sims timing couldn’t be better. Click here to download.

5. Viney Carpet

Untitled 21

Not to be confused with vinyl, The Viney Carpet by KiyraNekoChan is a carpet that has a lovely floral pattern. It comes in 8 different colors and is only 7 simoleans. The best part is that it adds +1 to your sims environment! Click here to download.

4. Winter Solstice Freize Deluxe Plush Carpet

Untitled 22

Welcome to winter! The Winter Solstice Freize Deluxe Plush Carpet by Wykkyd comes in a total of 60 swatches. It only costs 3 simoleans and is the softest carpet that any sim will ever walk across. What are you waiting for? Start buying! Click here to download.

3. Quadricarpetal in colors

Untitled 23

Scientific isn’t it? Our number 3 choice is The Quadricarpetal in colors by Cassina takes a carpet from The Sims 2 and gives you the option to have it in The Sims 4. It has 12 swatches and only costs 4 simoleans! Doesn’t get better than that, does it? Click here to download.

2. Summer Hike Plush Carpet

Untitled 24

We are ready for summer. The Summer Hike Plush Carpet by Wykkyd is the number 2 choice on our list. It comes in 36 different swatches and only costs 3 simoleans. Even if it isn’t summertime, consider getting this mod. It’ll brighten up any sim household! Click here to download.

1. Fiesta! Colorful Double Textured Carpet

Untitled 25

Our number one spot belongs to The Fiesta! Colorful Double Textured Carpet by Wykkyd comes in 33 colors. The creator describes them as bright, bold, and beautiful. From looking at the image above, you can see that this description is accurate. It only costs 3 simoleans so this is more than affordable. Click here to download.

Final Thoughts

And there you have it sims, lovers! This is our list of the top 25 carpet CC we’ve found. What are you waiting for? Start downloading and decorating your home!

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