Spread Body Positivity in the Sims 4 with These Amazing CC Packs!


Looking to spread some body positivity through the way your sims are represented? Check out this list of body positivity CC to get started.

sims 4 body positivity
Sims 4 Body Positivity – CC Collection

What is body positivity?

The main idea behind the body positivity movement is that all people deserve to feel good about the body they’re in. Few people truly have what would be considered an “ideal” body (and the goalpost is changing constantly) so instead of repeatedly comparing our bodies to others to see if we’re “good enough,” it’s a lot easier and better for everyone if we can learn to love the bodies we’re in. They do amazing things, after all!

This list of 35 links to custom content is meant to be a starting point to add more diversity to your Sims 4 characters. Having a world full of different-looking sims who all are equally worthy of respect is a wonderful way to introduce more body positivity into the Sims.

Body Presets

The Sims 4 has a range of body presets you can start from when creating your characters but because people and body types are vast, the game simply can’t cover everyone. Presets are a popular thing in the CC community though, and there are a huge variety out there you can choose from to add more body positive diversity to your game.

1. Skinny Male Preset by Dorkpage

This preset has bonier knees and a more pronounced belly and ribcage for thinner masc-framed sims and you can get it here.

2. Body Preset N4 by moony-bonbon

A smaller body preset for masc frames that makes sims shorter as well. You can get it here.

3. Glass Body Preset by Dorkpage

A bonier, petite frame for fem bodies with slightly sharper features which you can get here.

4. Cherry – Body Preset N1 by moony-bonbon

More definition around the collarbone, ribs, and back for fem frames which comes in EA’s default height and a shortened version. Get the details and download here.

5. Soft Boi & Dense Boi Male Body Presets by Narci_Cism

2 thicker body presets for masc frames, with a stockier body-builder type and a softer rounded type. See more pics and download here.

6. Man Bods presets by VibrantPixels

Some thicker masc frame presets designed with realistic belly proportions as the sim gains weight. You can see more photos and download them here.

7. XS Body Presets by Hi-Land

2 body presets for fem frames with the “Runway” preset being more round & natural while the “Sawayana” body has a wide bottom & pronounced bum. Learn more and get them here.

8. More To Love Body Presets by VibrantPixels

These presets add more realism to fem bodies with maxed out weight sliders. There are 3 presets total which you can learn about and download here.

9. Classic Physique – Body Preset by Golyhawhaw

A more muscular torso and thicker calves for masc bodies. You can get it here.

10. Body N2 by Valuka

A muscular athletic build for masc framed sims. You can download it here.

11. Strong Bod Preset by Estrojans

A muscular preset for fem frames with lots of body definition, thicker legs, and narrower shoulders. You can see more pictures and get the download link here.

12. Athletic Body preset 02 by Lutessa Sims

This fem frame preset is muscular and defined but with less of a bodybuilder-type cut. The limbs are more defined and the chest is wider. Get more info and pictures here.

13. Dylan Body Preset by SimmerAddiction83

A body preset for masc frames with broader features, such as the shoulders and calves. You can download this preset, along with a new eye set, here.

14. Pear Body Preset by Simandy

Simandy made this preset to mimic her own IRL body. A fem body with a pronounced belly & rounder bum which you can download here.

15. Bow Preset by Afrosimtric Sims

This fem body preset was designed with the idea of replicating bow-leggedness in game. You can learn more and download this preset here.

16. Summer Body Presets, Male Version! by Sunflower Petals

A small collection of more neutral masc body frames for a more “average” appearance. You can see more pictures and download here.

17. Summer Body Preset Pack! by Sunflower Petals

A similar pack of more neutral body shapes for fem frame sims which you can download here.

18. Pack of Presets by VibrantPixel

This is a set of 3 body presets; N1 and N2 are for fem frames but N3 has been made available for both frame styles so trans sims have another body option as well! Learn more & download them here.

19. Androgynous Male Presets by Saruin

This is a collection of softer, slightly curvy frames for masc bodies, perfect for ENBY sims and others with non-traditional body shapes or gender expressions. You can get the set here.

20. Assorted Presets by Miiko

Miiko has a collection of presets for fem frames with varying features. They’re not all linked in a single post though, so you will need to go through their preset tag to find them all.

Altering Chests & Breasts with Cheats

When you play around with different body frames on your sims, sometimes things can look off in the torso. Trans Simmer has a helpful tutorial on how to add or remove breast traits to your sims for more control over their chest shape:

Marks, Scars, Etc.

Body Positivity isn’t just about loving the body we’re in, but the way it looks as well. What some might consider “imperfections” such as scars or stretch marks not only contributes to what makes each body unique, but also serves as a testament to the amazing things our bodies can do!

1. Birthmarks by Simulation Cowboy

12 different birthmarks in a variety of swatches and opacities that can be found in skin details or tattoos to suit your needs. You can find them here.

2. Port-Wine Stain Birthmarks by GortimerMoth

This is a collection of 34 hand-drawn port wine stain birthmarks for all ages and genders, available in several CAS categories. You can see more and download them here.

3. Vitiligo Overlay by Oneiric

This collection of vitiligo overlays is available for all ages and genders, and comes in 6 different versions. Learn more and download them here.

4. Rosacea by Faeriesimss

A rosacea skin detail for sims that can be found in the freckles category. There are 10 swatches so you can find one that fits your sim’s skin tone, and you can get them here.

5. Starch Masks by Catshrub

Stretch marks are incredibly common on bodies of all types as a result of things like growth spurts, weight gain, or pregnancy. This set has 42 hand-drawn stretch marks for all over the body which you can snag here.

6. Aphrodite Skin Overlay by Pralinesims

This body-positive overlay for fem framed sims adds realistic details to chubbier bodies, such as cellulite, stretch marks, and cleavage. Don’t they look so soft? Download here!

7. Full Body Moles by Lamington Sims

A small collection of facial and full body moles in 2 opacities to compliment all skin tones. You can see more pictures and download them here.

8. Eyebrows 05-06, lip scar 01, moles 01, pimples 01. by Soloriya

This is a collection of skin details including scars, acne, and moles. Each item has different swatches and age/gender compatibility so be sure to read up on the details before you download them from here.

9. Strabismus by JariSimCC

This accessory adds Esotropia, a type of Strabismus, to sims of all ages and genders; it’s more commonly known as being “cross-eyed.” Works with all eye textures, too! Get it here.

10. Cleft Lip by LightDeficient

Cleft Lip/Cleft Palate is actually a very common condition and only seems rare because most of time it’s repaired surgically when a person is still very young. With this preset and skin detail you can give your sims a cleft lip, scar, or both. You can even change up the CC as they age to show a before & after process if they have surgery! Get the files here.

11. Functional Binder by Pigeonhome (Recolored by Standardheld)

This nifty chest binder will actually compress your sim’s chest when worn and comes in over 80 swatches, found in the tanktop category. The original mesh link no longer works but luckily it was included with these recolors so you can get everything here.

12. Transmasc Tattoo Set by RatBoySims

This is a collection of tattoos for transmasc or other gender-nonconforming sims that includes 2 types of chest binders and multiple top surgery scars in various stages of healing. Because the binders are tattoos, you will need to manually edit the chest to look properly bound. You can get more information here.

13. Top Surgery Scars by MNLVLZ

This collection of post-surgery scars has added details such as scarring for areola/nipple grafting. They’re available as tattoos or skin details so you can use them in a way that suits you best! Get them here.

14. Female Trans Scars by Cloudysimmer

A pair of scars for MtF and other sims who have had breast augmentation surgery. They can be found in the tattoo category and can be downloaded here.

15. Love Yourself (Don Lothario Tattoo) by Elleb096

What better way to close off a list about body positivity than by looking at one of the Sims franchise’s most confident personalities ever? Don Lothario has never had a bad hair or bad skin day in his life! Download this cheeky mantra for your own sims’ skin here.

Final Thoughts

It isn’t always easy to stay body positive, and a lack of representation in escapism games like the Sims 4 doesn’t really help either. Because the sims community is full of creative people in all sorts of bodies, we’re lucky enough to have access to custom content that appeals to all sorts of bodies as well. We hope you were able to see yourself in this CC list and find some new content to bring body positivity to your sims!

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