Beautify Your Home With Practical Shelf CC For Sims 4!

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Do you ever wish you had some extra shelves? Shelf CC allows you to get super creative with home design and mix things up a little when designing a home. So, if you are up for some new shelves for your Sims 4 rooms, keep reading to find the most awesome shelf designs!

Sims 4 Shelf CC
Sims 4 Shelf CC

shelf CC: Decorative & functional pieces for your sims 4 home

Everyone loves trying out new furniture. Be it the living room, the kitchen, the office, or the bathroom shelves can make the space look not only more organized but better decorated as well. The fact is, a good shelf can create a massive change even in the simplest interior.

Thanks to custom content makers, it is so much easier to keep up with the latest furniture designs and get creative with shelves. No matter if you love classic pieces, unique shelves, or minimal design, we got you covered! Here comes the ultimate list of shelf CC for everyone’s taste. Some are book-filled bookshelves, while others are incredible decorative pieces with multiple slots. Let’s dive into it!

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1. chic shelf by BarbaraSims


Sometimes a simple design is all it takes to modernize the room. This aesthetic shelf comes with ten amazing swatches with decorative clutter and a few colors to play with. You will adore how cozy and personalized your room looks, be it a living room, bedroom, or home office. So will your guests! To get this minimal shelf CC, go here!

2. partition bookshelf by Nordica-Sims

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An urban design like this one is so worthy of admiration! Perfect for Sims who love designer furniture and sturdy pieces, this one blends heavy rustic wood and metal bars and will level up your space in a big style. This bookshelf in industrial style comes in 8 swatches, so you can fully customize it to your liking. If you have also fallen in love with it, to download this bookshelf CC, go here!

3. urban outfitters diamond shelf by sunkissedlilacs

tumblr 25b2154c4fd15f447546327c6e4da473 8ccd7708 1280

Do you love Urban Outfitters’ aesthetics? If you like their home decor, you will surely like this diamond shelf! This one is a simple, but effective piece, ideal for when you feel like ”something is missing” decor-wise, but can’t pinpoint what. Hang it on the wall and enjoy the view! To get this stunning shelf CC, download it into your mods folder from here!

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4. shoreditch picture shelf by bloomingRosy

Shelves are not only reserved for books. Sometimes, they are simply a nice addition to the interior, and this one proves it. This one is a great asset and improves the overall vibe of the room. You can choose from nine different digital print combinations, which is awesome! If you’d love to see this decorative wall shelf CC in your interior, go here!

5. tier wire shelf by hydrangea

Screenshot 34 1

Practical and cute, this shelf will knock your socks off! This one is a multi-purpose gem and can look gorgeous both in the kid’s room, living room, or even a pantry. There are a total of 11 creative swatches you can try. The pink aesthetic is on fire, so teenagers will love it as much as adults! Check it out on this page!

6. hanging shelf plant

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This decorative shelf is a little, powerful addition to your rooms or the porch. It is ideal for plant lovers, and those who appreciate fine details in life. This gorgeous pant shelf comes in four variants, so you can customize it to your liking. If you’d love to see this shelf CC enrich your interior, you can get it on this page.

7. tS3 to TS4 Bookshelf conversion

tumblr inline oiw7r2AWbi1tr3ohh 1280

Do you miss that big rustic bookshelf from the Sims 3? Well, now you can play with it as much as your heart desires, as the original design is back and now available for Sims 4! The shelf comes in a few wood color options, so go ahead and design your bookworm library as you like! You can get a sample of this bookshelf CC for yourself here!

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8. round shelf remastered by InnerCitySimmer

TS4 x64 2021 04 11 23 16 19

Your Sims can now Feng Shui their space with this lovely shelf CC! In the sea of rectangular and boring shelves, this one is a real refreshment. Round furniture in Sims 4 is usually a rare find, but luckily, you can now bring more softness to your home design. The model is available in a few kinds of wood, marble, and solid color options. Check it out here!

9. modern shelf by ModernCrafter

tumblr 45d7a9205af8cb30bb0732742af68800 5b3a560a 1280

If you love modern furniture design, this self is for you. It’s minimal, easy to fit with other furniture, and it’s fully adaptable since it comes with 15 different swatches. You’ll get to choose from various wood tones, from grayish to warm and cool wood tones. With minimal black and white books and magazines, it’s perfectly modeled for the office, hallway, or living room. Get this bookshelf CC for free on this page!

10. wire shelf space saver

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Let’s not neglect the design of bathrooms! This shelf not only gives the bathroom a dose of realness because of all that clutter but also makes it look less monotonous. Your Sims can now have all their products neatly organized. The shelf CC design includes some pretty plants that will make your bathroom look fresher than ever! Get yours here!

11. upcycled old guitar shelf by opuwanno

tumblr puv5r7tlQr1yr1pi5o1 1280

For all those classic hearts who love to curl up and get cozy, this shelf design is a cherry on top. No matter if you are a rock n’ roll lover, or simply love creative details, this shelf will make you feel at home. It’s decorative, authentic, and comes with useful clutter, such as candles or sage you can display to keep your Sims 4 home protected from bad energy. Check out this wall shelf CC here!

12. triangle shelf by lantiSims

tumblr pcy3qsUgmV1v1l67ho4 1280

This triangle piece is a wall decoration and practical shelf in one. This set included three styles: two wooden and one metal. Besides fun design, you can also choose various wood types for the shelf, as well as black and white and some extra colors for each. To get this incredible shelf CC, follow this link.

13. manga bookshelf set by karzalee

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Love the Manga? We got you covered! This Manga-stuffed shelf is all your Sims need to keep their comics collection safe and peachy. The bookshelf comes in six swatches, and you can pick a smaller one, or a bigger, doubled one. With a bright, fully-filled shelf like this, your space will feel much more personalized. Get this one-of-a-kind manga shelf CC here!

14. laundry day shelf

tumblr 980196db160a5c975cfdf62cc041ea4c 1b101ca2 1280

When ti comes to the kitchen, pantry, or laundry room, practical pieces always come first. This handy shelf is here to hold all the necessary kitchen clutter in one place. Muggs, spices, and herbs can now be within reach of your hand. The set also comes with some decorative herbs you can use to freshen up the space. To get this handy shelf CC, check out this page.

15. pluteum shelves set by syboulette

Pluteum Set Preview0

Brace yourself, as here come 9 incredible shelf models in one set! You will get horizontal and vertical models, cutout shelves, and corner shelves that can be easily adapted to elevate your interior. All are so nicely designed, so rest assured your rooms will look more luxurious just thanks to these. The set even includes a bathroom shelf with tiles. Check out this CC corner shelf here!

16. Rustic wall shelf by lustrousims

tumblr 3a8bc23d7c185be25695c934ea4f6d32 b55710d2 1280

We should never underestimate the power of small decor pieces. Now you can have a pretty wall shelf, like those you see on Pinterest in your Sims home. This tiny shelf is a great addition to that empty corner in your dining room and looks cute above the computer desk. It comes in six swatches so that you can customize it. To get one for your Sims 4 home, go here.

17. old shelf by sims4life

TS4 x64 2020 09 15 19 30 17

Every home has a shelf like this. This realistic piece is ideal for home storage and the laundry room. It’s simple, and there are plenty of slots on the shelf, so you can play with clutter as much as you want. There are a few swatches to experiment with, too! To get this shelf CC, follow this link.

18. under stairs bookshelf by SimSinatra

tumblr a02769545432f7ed815a7f03e0b4710c a1d72693 1280

Dursleys aren’t the only ones with a cute corner under the stairs. This shelf CC is designed to fit under the regular stairs, allowing you to use square meters to the maximum. It comes in seven variations. You’ll love it more than Harry Potter loved his, that’s for sure. His was a tiny bed, and yours will be a stunning shelf worthy of admiration. To include it in your furniture collection, download it here!

19. sideboard & shelf with leather straps

tumblr 2400f82deedd0fb009641751cfebf3e1 a8dcfab1 1280

Every home magazine has one of these covered once in a while. This classic set includes a sideboard and a matching shelf with straps. The shelf comes with six swatches, while the sideboard has four. You can opt for black, white, beige, and wood option. If you’d like to download this lovely set, go here!

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20. circular wall shelf by lustrousims

lustrousims buildbuy

Say no to dull-looking shelves, and say yes to this gorgeous round piece instead! If you want home improvement details that truly make a difference, place this simple shelf, and enjoy your new space. It has more sets than you can ever wish for, so have fun playing with details and decor! On top of that, there are 19 swatches for the design. To get this shelf CC, go here!

21. ellenton bookshelf by KerriganHouseDesigns


Elegant, showstopping, unique, marvelous, one of a kind – this shelf is all you ever wanted in a shelf. It has an art deco touch to it and can turn your home into a glamorous paradise with a blink of an eye. There are five styles available, and you will love each and every one of them. This incredible shelf CC is available for download here!

22. sectional library Shelves by SSTS

tumblr b576ad6ede34c874a8c437a1b154a3e3 f8252900 1280

If you are more of a classic type when it comes to home decor, this set has the potential to conquer your heart. The set has all you need to create a rich home library bookworms can only be envious of – quality wooden shelves and book clutter collection. The part is – the shelves come in many pieces, so you can combine these in numerous creative ways! To get these, go here!

23. wall shelves by KSimbleton

tumblr oqlrzt6oIi1uwayn0o1 1280

Have you ever tried to improvise wall shelves with existing shelves available in the Sims 4? Well, now you don’t have to improvise anymore! This shelf CC is designed to fit between walls perfectly so that you can create a perfect decorative shelf that’s made to blend with walls, bo those small, medium, or tall ones! This one will cover everything, from floor to ceiling. Check it out on this page!

24. wolf bookcase & moon shelf by hydrangea

Screenshot 4

This shelf gives off such rustic, old cabin vibes! The set includes a crescent moon shelf with a wolf that comes with 6 swatches and a howling wolf shelf that is available in 5 variants. Together, they make an ideal match for a bookworm, a mystic, or anyone who appreciates unique details. Get this incredible shelf CC set here!

25. string shelf system by MXIMS

tumblr o8rgglwGjo1ufxsano1 1280

Here comes a quality piece with a string base to blow you away. This modern shelf set looks like something you’d fall in love with in Ikea. It has six variations and includes wall shelves, cabinets, drawers, and a desk you can put together as you please. It’s minimal, it’s versatile and it’s modern. If you want this incredible shelf CC set to be yours, get it from this page!


A good shelf has the power to transform a room in an instant. This was our list of the finest pieces you can use to enrich your home. The list was a blend of different styles, from industrial and minimal, to classic and rustic. We hope you have found a piece that clicks with your taste. Happy Simming!

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