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The grunge aesthetic dominated the 1990s, demonstrating that you don’t need extravagant runway ensembles to look cool—just everyday clothes with a lot of attitude! It’s a timeless style now, and if you’ve ever felt that The Sims’ default settings aren’t cutting it for your grunge mood, this is the place to go!

Sims 4 Grunge CC

Grunge Collection – Anastasia Dress & UnderShirt

grunge collection anastasia dress undershirt blue craving

Big Foot, Little Grunge – A Dress for Kids

3005 big foot little grunge a dress for kids pluto sims

Revenge Collection ( Top/ Pants/ Skirt/ Gloves) [MM]

Revenge Collection by trillyke

Sforzinda’s Grunge Glam: Chic Post-Grunge Apparel Sets [MM]

326608 post grunge grunge kit add ons by sforzinda sims4 featured image

Denim Diva: Unleashing Your Grungey Jeans Style (Alpha Female Fashion)

281207 grungey jeans sims4 featured image

Rebel Rose: Trendsetting Grunge Girl Clothing Collection (#GirlPowerSets)

146675 grunge girl a clothing collection sims4 featured image

Sunsims’ Serenade: Edgy Grunge Solo Poses for Sims (#AlphaCC, #FemalePoses)

271454 sunsims grunge pose 40 solo poses 41 by ED95B4EC9D98 EC8BACECA688 sunsims sims4 featured image

Dusk Attire: Grunge Kit Add-Ons Pt. 2 [GloomyTrait] – Complete Female Wardrobe Essentials

325799 gloomytrait grunge kit add ons part 2 sims4 featured image

Dusk Attire: Grunge Kit Essentials [GloomyTrait] – Fashion & Accessories

325618 gloomytrait grunge kit add ons sims4 featured image

LittleGrungeHSY – Kids’ High School Years Pants (Item 2, Alpha Clothes, Male Clothing Sets & Accessories)

327225 whs little grunge collection item 2 high school years pants for kids sims4 featured image

Khaos Makeup Set: Grunge-Inspired, Unisex, Toddler to Elder


Full Moon TopSuper Long-Sleeve Crop Top: Grunge Texture, 15 Swatches, BG-Compatible


Grunge Collection – Roxana Skirt and Tights

grunge collection roxana skirt and tights blue craving

Grunge Clothes Set (Tops/ Shorts/ Pants/ Necklaces) [MM]

Grunge Clothes Set (Tops/ Shorts/ Pants/ Necklaces) [MM]

Grunge Collection – Sarah Shorts and Tights

grunge collection sarah shorts and tights blue craving

Big Foot, Little Grunge – An Outfit for Toddlers

3003 big foot little grunge an outfit for toddlers pluto sims scaled

Big Foot, Little Grunge – A Dress for Adults

3004 big foot little grunge a dress for adults pluto sims

Big Foot, Little Grunge – Infant Outfit

3002 big foot little grunge infant outfit pluto sims

📑 Grunge Revival Add-Ons (EA)

389 grunge revival add ons ea adrienpastel

Grunge Revamp Shoes

321 grunge revamp shoes trillyke


10 grunge glasses edits pralinesims

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