Awesome Guitar Custom Content for the Sims 4


You must be willing to explore all the features of the game by trying out new mods and cc! One of the most exciting things that you can do in Sims 4 is to try out some guitar custom content because why not. And for that reason, we compiled an awesome list for you that includes guitar poses too.

If you are also looking for some cool guitars for Sims 4 other than the bland collection available in-game, you should check all these amazing guitars out.

Sims 4 Guitar Collection

Hofner Violin Bass

guitar custom content

Cool yet sophisticated! Having Violin bass in your Sims 4 guitar collection is a must. This smart baby is another bass that sounds the same as an acoustic guitar and it makes your character looks really cool. You can download this guitar from Vroshii’s page on Tumblr.

Guitarist’s Delight

This cool guitar set comes in four different colors and is a very nice addition to your guitar collection. The funky guitar designs with these basic colors are all that a guitar lover simps for. You can download the set of four from this page.

Sims Guitar

If you are looking for something that can give you a Rockstar look, you should definitely check out these guitar custom content. Besides the funky design and look, these guitars have neon imprints that are breathtaking. If you get this guitar, you’ll be on fire and your friends are going to love it. Here’s your download-link.

Maxis Guitar Custom Content

guitar custom content

This guitar is the recolor of an in-game guitar. You can say that it is the expansion pack of the existing in-game guitar. You can get this one from this link.

Little Cake’s Chill Room Guitar Set

If you are the type of person who would like to have the guitar in all the colors, you can just get this chill room set that has a set of 7 colors of guitars. Along with the guitars, this set includes lots of stickers, a magical rug, a functional record player, retro tunes posters, Rockband posters, speaker deco, and a long neck lamp. You can download all these amazing things from Little Cake’s page. Oh and if you’re into retro in any way, you should check out our post here.

C1-8ER Guitar (functional)

guitar custom content

These guitars are already cool because of their unique designs and the colors ranges make them cooler. You can get these guitars from this page.

The Thematic Animation Pack

This pack not only gives you a cool guitar but it comes with 2 really fun animations. You can get this pack from this Patreon page.

Pose Player Guitar

Another decent addition to your guitar collection would be the pose player’s guitar. This guitar is cool because of its color and design. You can have it for your Sims 4 character from Patreon’s page. We also suggest checking out maxis match makeup here.

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We hope you enjoyed this list. And you know there’s always more to explore, right? Head over to our Custom Furniture Post to shop for your sims. Enjoy!

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