100 Sims 4 Animations For All Imaginable Gameplay Scenarios

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Looking for some cool Sims 4 animations? Look no further! Read on to discover some of the coolest animations that will elevate your game and make your Sim’s behavior look much more real.

sims 4 animations
100 Sims 4 Animations For More Realistic Gameplay

top sims 4 animations & poses: For Solo Sims, pairs & Groups of All Ages

Sims 4 has a unique set of interactions that make the game fun and help us navigate Sms’ behaviors with ease. While there is a variety of movements and specials we can enjoy, we can surely benefit from some cool animations.

In fact, incorporating CC animations into your gameplay can elevate your game big time, and make your Sims move, interact and strike poses more realistically. So, to give you a helping hand, we’ve selected a bunch of awesome animations and poses for Sims of all ages that will level up your gameplay. Let’s dive into it!

The best Sims 4 animations

1. Hug Animation Pack By RASCGAL

Make closeness matter, and incorporate these animations into your gameplay. Download here!

2. Standing Talking Animation by ZacFreitas

Talk that talk! This animation will make your Sim more than convincing. Download here!

3. romantic pushups animation by igrofox

tumblr p72t0uD2YC1wfg9kjo4 1280

Romance and exercise in one animation? You got it! Check it out here.

4. new hope animation by superJJKitten

Your youngsters are now more playful than ever. Check out this cute Star Wars animation for toddlers here!

5. love animations by simsulani


Hoping to make romantic encounters more genuine? Help your Sims show affection, try out these animations. Download here!

6. weights-check animation by miiko


A proper warm-up is essential before any activity. Help your Sims stretch and try out these animations. Download here!

7. pregnant animations for couples by goodchillsstudio

74e9f81b7a048c2c76d0fd202325b193 gnd

With these animations, you can make every day of pregnancy count. Download here!

8. Happy Family animation by slowpika

tumblr psrqm1jgxA1whz0njo1 1280

Quality family time always counts, and these animations will surely strengthen family bonds. Download here!

9. gun animation by chantilliSimsProduction

Show the world you mean what you say! Your Sims can now point a gun at someone, all thanks to this animation. Download here!

10. ballet dance animation pack by GamingTweety

Here come animations for all elegant ladies who prefer gentleness over heavy lifting in a gym. Check them out here!

11. Fasten the chain by MISIMS

What a lovely necklace! A great way to show your partner you care. Find more info here

12. curtsy animation pack by candyt

Proper manners always go a long way. To teach your Sims how to be courteous, get these animations here.

13. Realistic talking animations by SOVASIMS

Asking for forgiveness in Sims 4 never looked more real! These animations resemble genuine apologies. Download here.

14. animation pack for cats & dogs by mSstudiogaming

Cats and dogs are our Sims’ equals, and they need to feel loved. This set of animations will help them really connect with their families. Download here!

15. Custom Animations ”Sadness” pack by ExpressiveGirl

No matter if your Sim is mourning the death of a loved one, or feels devastated after a breakup, this set of animations is for you. Get them here!

16. ”it’s time for tea” animation by YulyaSimulya

This set of animations will turn tea time into quality me-time. Check out the free version and download here!

17. Animation ”Acoustic Performance” Ver2 by candyt


Now you can have the best time at acoustic nights ever! To get this cool animation, go here.

18. Katana fight animation by Utopya_CC


Introduce these Katana fight animations and swords, and watch your Sims turn into real warriors! To download, go here.

19. ”children” animation pack by GamingTweety

Sims 4 kids can now fully express themselves – get angry, happy, or run into mom’s embrace when sad. Find animations here!

20. animation pregnancy test by storySimmer

Taking a pregnancy test is next-level stress. Go shopping for tests, and hope for the best. Download them here.

21. animation and poses by katyaBobbra

tumblr p23j1nxIjX1wtmns6o2 1280

Do you know those mornings when you just can’t get up from bed? These poses reflect that feeling perfectly! Download here.

22. teen superstar animations by stevenStudios

Make way, as this animation pack shines a light on aspiring teen stars, allowing them to perform like pros! Download here!

23. box animation by SOVASIMS

These animations are all about carrying boxes. To help Sims move in, out, or organize space, get the pack here.

24. cozy coffee & Book Animations by SimWithShan

2022 10 10 18 49 09 788 daisies by shadysims

Make a cup of coffee and make a pause with this lovely animation. Download here!

25. bed animations by mISIMS

Now you can grab a pillow and share your thoughts from the comfort of your home. Check out the pack here!

26. walking animation by mISIMS

We all know what a frustrated, grumpy walk looks like. Now Sims can walk like that, too. Get the animation here!

27. Emotions animation pack by rascgal

Sims should never hold back their authentic expression! Let them shine, and get this animation pack. Download here!

28. couple animation pack by mSstudioGaming

Books bring people together! To help bookworms of Sims connect, get these animations here!

29. ”beside the grave” animation pack by gamingTweety

Sims can now express all their sorrow. Get the pack here!

30. vampire animation by gamingTweety

Add some occult love drama to your game, and get this Vampire-themed pack here!

31. custom swing animation by gamingTweety

Swing like there is no tomorrow! Download the pack here!

32. mermaids animation by mermanSimmer

With these cool animations, only the ocean is the limit! Download here!

33. animation pack #3 by WekusoSims

Ready for some drama and heavyheartedness? These animations are all you need! Download here!

34. Bullying animation by superladybug

With these animations, your Sim can now fight like a boss and never let anyone overstep their boundaries again. Download here!

35. hospital animations by nYXFORSIMS4

Medical care is of vital importance, so make sure your Sims get the best doctors! Download animations here!

36. dance animation pack by conceptdesigns97sims

Now your Sims can dance like nobody’s watching and shock everyone with their fabulous dance skills. Get the animations here!

37. kids emotions animation pack by superLadyBug

Use these animations for your gameplay, and watch your kiddos shows emotions like never before. Get the pack here!

38. phone animation by sovaSims

Now your Sims can chat with their besties all day long. Get the animations here!

39. cry animation by zacFreitas

Sadness will make Sims go inwards to really feel the feels. To make them do so, get this pack here!

40. kids animation pack by SuperLadyBug

Make kids be like real kids, and enjoy these stunning animations. Download them here!

the best sims 4 poses

1. pumpkin picking poses by rebouks

set2 2

Help your family pick their perfect holiday pumpkin, and download 37 pumpkin-picking poses here!

2. bar beer poses by akuiyumi

bar beer

These unisex poses will make drinking resemble real nights out! Download them here!

3. best friends poses by nell

prew main 1

Childhood memories last forever. Help your kiddos make theirs with these poses. Download here!

4. Pose pack ”overwhelmed parent” by Katverse

tumblr fee630fb34ca317e8b9e2818d7d53674 425fb391 2048

Parenting is never easy, and now Sims can experience what it’s like to be a tired momma. These poses will help you with that. Download here!

5. poses with mini donuts by simtographies

Mini Donuts Acc

Now everyone can enjoy some delicious donuts! Get these poses here.

6. boudoir poses by ratboysims


Boudoir is here, big time. Check out these incredible poses here!

7. Yoga Ball Poses by bonitaSims

5 4

After a long day, everyone could use a good stretch! To practice yoga in the Sims 4, check out these poses!

8. cozy bath poses by PufferSuffer

4 1

Let your Sims treat themselves with some me-time after a long day. Get the poses here!

9. snack Poses by simtographies

29 01 22 09 24 12

With these poses, little ones can enjoy munching on Cheetos while you take lovely photos. Download here!

10. Female sitting poses by EllenShine

TS4 x64 2022 02 27 14 42 23

Your girls can now look better sitting on a chair than Sheron Stone in Basic Instinct! Get these sitting poses here.

11. conversation story poses mini set by reboux


Make your conversations more realistic with these story poses. Download here!

12. selfie poses for couples by akuiyumi

selfie couple 2

3,2,1 – strike a pose and make memorable selfies with these poses! Check them out here!

13. story poses mini set #6 by rebouks


These poses will make Sims go through real existential crisis moments. Download here!

14. group photograph poses by rebouks


Everyone, say ”cheese”! Download these cool group poses here!

15. Infant insanity sets of poses by rebouks


Rebouks has created a set of poses that include the youngest Sims, our beloved infants. Try them out here:

  • Mama Rules set of poses is available here
  • Kitty Kat Poses are available here
  • Paddling Pool is available here
  • Double Trouble set of poses is available here
  • Cary Me set of poses is available here

16. male poses by ellieMaySims


These awesome poses will turn your male Sims into models in an instant. Download here!

17. motorcycle poses by psychicPeanutKitty


Strike a pose with a motorcycle alone, with your special person, or with the whole family! Download here!

18. barstool poses III by katverse


Thanks to these poses, now your Sims can pose like real models. Check them out here!

19. Shall we, Love? Pose pack by orianasSimStudio


Good manners can charm everyone. Check out these poses here!

20. ”couple poses” #4 by akuiyumi

Couple poses 4

Now Sims can really show they are there for one another, even when things get rough. Download poses here!

21. ”Gamer Girl pt 2” by bommieSims

1 tile

Looking for some cool gamer girl poses? Look no further, as these poses are all you need. Download here!

22. Homework poses by siimplysims

Captura de pantalla 24761

Remember when you were a kid and needed help with math homework? Well, now kiddos of Sms 4 can experience the same agony. To get the poses, go here.

23. everyday girl pose pack by SimwithShan


Sensual poses are always welcomed! If you love these, check them out here.

24. Sadness Poses for toddlers by akuiyumi

Sadness Toddler 2

Is it a tantrum or a real emotion? Whatever the case, these expressions look so real! Get them here!

25. ”Chemistry” Pose pack by simmireen

tumblr 3c14f0d43b0c3722bf939dc3a329b7a2 04c16250 1280

Sparks of passion are flying everywhere, thanks to this pose pack. To get your Sims to pose like this, go here!

26. ”my baby love” pose pack by simsulani


Affection and gentleness and here to warm hearts and make your little one feel truly loved. To get these lovely poses, go here.

27. ”that just happened” pose pack by banana-sims

TJHposes1080 2

Sims are no longer spared the pain of embarrassment. Get these poses here!

28. ”family day out” by lustrousSims

2 1 1

Moments like these are to always be cherished. These lovely poses will help your Sims celebrate togetherness and help you capture these precious times. Download here.

29. ”please don’t go away” by NamiFlySims

Griglia di 4 Foto La Tua Storia 3

Breakups are never easy, and these poses reflect that. Download them here!

30. ”Whisper of the Heart pose pack” by starrySimsie

Photo 2021 11 10 9 52 11 AM

Let’s pretend your Sims are on a romantic date in Italy, even if just for a moment. These poses will surely support your romance story plots. Get them here!

31. ”Tell me what’s wrong” poses by siimplysims

tumblr 3f2c5a061f0f271267b7dc680a80cc3b 835f036d 1280

Sims need to teach their kids the value of vulnerability, and these poses will assist them. Download here!

32. Halloween pose pack by desire

tumblr 1fa1275b3d2ffda85f42630899cab507 ac0fa8eb 1280

Who is the scariest monster this trick-or-treat season? These poses are a must-have. Download here!

33. posepack ”don’t feel good” by rosiesimsie

tumblr 81df55bace964d0f41d6a19aad3cc617 a08fc61b 1280

Feeling a little unwell? These poses will help other Sims react immediately. Get them here!

34. Hospital bed poses by Simmerianne93

Simmerianne93Request poses 01 hd

These poses will help your Sims care for their loved ones and really be there in the most difficult times. Get them here!

35. Pregnancy Life Pose Pack by snarkyWitch


Pregnancy life has ups and downs, and these poses will let your Sims experience both. Download here!

36. fever poses by akuiyumi


Nobody likes getting a fever. What matters is that sick Sims have someone to nurture them! Find more info about the poses here!

37. cozy winter poses (+blanket object) by simsxen

landscape 0 1

Let’s curl up together! These poses will definitely warm your heart. Find more info here.

38. ”Halloween family time” pose pack by akuiyumi


Now your family can dress up in their favorite spooky costumes, and you can take the best photos of their spooky selves, thanks to these poses. Find more info here!

39. smoking poses by siimplysims

Captura de pantalla 19266

Light up a cigarette and ignore everything, with these cool poses. Download them here!

40. basketball and cheerleader poses by kK

3d08a3bab0405cd77410470d1ec09917 gnd

If you are a sports lover, you mustn’t skip on these cheerleader and basketball poses. Check them out here!

41. Unisex Interview Poses by moonShinerSims

interview pose promo 1

Look professional and leave a good impression with these interview poses! Check them out here!

42. carrying poses by akuiyumi

Carrying poses

Get playful, have fun, or get annoyed, and get these carrying poses here!

43. “Baking a Mess” Baking Posepack by SimmErika

CB4837FE C67E 4EA7 8867 6267268B8E5E

These poses are so good, you could start a real Sims 4 baking show. Find more info here!

44. Baby carrier poses by katverse


Having a baby carrier is so helpful, and it’s something every young Sims 4 parent needs. Check out the poses here!

45. ”scrapped knee” poses by goldoradove

tumblr 240d0ed24b4b123e06453321665b4a22 28749660 1280

Ouch, someone scrapped a knee! Make sure you carry them to bed to take mend the wound. Find more info about the poses here!

46. ”the best big sister in the World” by akuiyumi

The best big sister in the world

Sister love is priceless, and these poses will help cherish every minute of a sibling relationship. Download them here!

47. ”in the mornings” pose pack by aquariustrait

TS4 x64 2021 08 20 16 18 42

Waking and getting up is never easy, and these poses totally reflect that. Download here!

48. ”double trouble” pose pack by sojutrait

tumblr debad90556a9a52de1619e045712aa20 9bf0836a 540

This is a pack of poses for Sims who have a lot on their plate. Check it out here!

49. Riding a Horse by simsulani


Spend more time with your four-legged friends, and try out these 8 adorable poses. Download here!

50. ”get ready with me” pack by DeadlyModern

tumblr 3df63ea89c89fb0d9d2b41771b855886 6052d678 1280

Love is in little details, like combing your partner’s hair. Find more info about this pack of 12 poses here!

51. ”movie night” poses by solsticeSims

tumblr 99c8cb5972293e774cae272804e7a23c 5d281303 1280

Gather your friends, make some popcorn, and have fun having a Netflix night! For more info about the poses, go here!

52. ”time of friends” part 2 by plasticineMemories

tumblr ptnztnS1X21wyxn4bo1 1280

Let’s get the party started here, and have the time of your life with your Sims 4 gang. Get the poses here!

53. ”reading a book” poses by katverse

ReadingBook p1

For introverts, nothing beats a good book and time in solitude. Check out these 5 poses for bookworms here!

54. ”that’s gay” pride month poses by moonShinerSims

IMG 0970

Get these pride poses to show the world who you are and never hide your rainbow colors again! Download here!

55. piggyback rides by starrySimsie

Photo 2023 02 24 11 13 25 PM copy

If you ever wish you could give your kiddos piggyback rides in Sims 4, your wish has just been granted. Download here!

56. ”sweet easter” family pose pack by symphony

tumblr 2839b7628dc2df16b3d44a072c0aed1f 2fcd31cf 1280

How about some family time in nature? Find more info about these poses here!

57. ”Hydrangea” pose pack by aquariusTrait

TS4 x64 2021 05 22 15 56 21

Who said romance is dead? This pack brings tenderness, flowers, and hugs to the forefront of your gameplay! Check it out here!

58. pillow fight by katverse


If you’d like to engage in some goofy pillow fights, you’ll love these. Download here!

59. individual skate poses by salsifyChip

tumblr ops40dQ21Z1s30jxfo1 1280

Ok, there are no kickflips, but even riding a skate is cool enough. Find more info about these 5 poses here!

60. mourning pack by melonSloth

tumblr 4a742199a437a3475ba9d834fc5615b0 df496ca2 1280

Funerals are never pleasant, but at least they can look realistic! Check out the poses here!

61. ”first day of school” pack by starrySimsie

Photo 2021 05 07 2 00 47 PM 1

These 13 poses will make the first day of school so much more special. Download here!

62. silent running by qiddity

tumblr p99r80uACD1vsn5bbo5 1280

Sneak out and leave everything behind, with these silent running poses. Find more info here!

63. travel time poses by simsulani

5 1

Travel like a real pro, with these 9 awesome travel poses. Find more info here!

64. Little pumpkin baby poses by lilalmondsim

2 3

Make the cutest toddler photos ever and try out these poses. Check them out here!

65. ”aqua” poses by hxt

tumblr p3dq1yuRQf1vr3gtno1 1280

Look cool when diving at your local swimming pool with this gem of a pose! Download here.

66. ”give me your hand” posepack by nataliaAuditore

TS4 x64 2022 11 17 01 01 02 79

Be dignified, be classy, and charm everyone by incorporating these poses into your gameplay. Download them here!

67. ”Sushis & friends” pack by parisSimmer

tumblr f539fab5b301b70a472b327abc2da67f 0a8b9bf6 1280

Nothing replaces a delicious serving of sushi and good company! Find more info about these poses here!

68. ”at the beach” poses by starrySimsie

Photo 2022 06 04 7 09 31 PM

Let’s develop some summer glow, shall we? These poses will make your Sims look good, feel good, and help you take gorgeous beach photos. Download them here.

69. bowling poses by akuiyumi


If you ever wanted to try bowling, you can do so in Sims 4 with these poses! Find more info here.

70. ”fite me” by reboux

tumblr 80e828f9faeb4104dde9e7aa6aa9e97b 9a9d0f23 1280

Only cowards scurry away! Fight like a warrior and get these poses here!


This was our extensive list of Sims 4 poses every player needs to try. We tried to include as many different ones as possible that would fit different storylines, and hope you found some that piqued your interest. Try them out and happy simming!

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