Best 15 Rocking Panic at the Disco CC for TS4


Do you love the music of the popular band Panic at the Disco and want to bring this love into your sims game? If so, then this article about the top 15 Panic at the Disco CC for TS4 is for you.

panic at the disco cc
Panic at the Disco CC for the Sims 4

Rock on with These Panic at the Disco Mods!

Panic At The Disco has been a famous band for well over a decade. Though only one member is left in the band, the remaining member continues to make music under the name. Thanks to modders you can now enjoy Panic at the Disco in your very own sims game.

Read on to learn about our top 15 Panic At The Disco CC we believe stand out from the rest.

15. P!ATD Pajama Pants

panic at the disco cc

The P!ATD Pajama Pants by LoricSimmer are a pair of comfortable sleepwear in five different colors. It’s for male and female sims from teens all the way to elders so everyone has a chance to enjoy this piece of clothing. Click here to download!

14. The Sims 4 Kawaii Girl T-shirts

panic at the disco cc

The Sims 4 Kawaii Girl Tee Shirt Mod set comes with 12 t-shirts in total for kid sims. However, the one we want to focus on in this set is the Panic at the Disco one, which features the band’s name on a pale pink t-shirt. Your child sims will look rockin’ with that P! ATD-inspired tee. Click here to download.

13. Panic at the Disco Logo Posters

panic at the disco cc

Have you ever wanted the Panic At the Disco Logo on your sims wall? Well with the Panic at the Disco Logo Posters you can do just that. It comes in vibrant and pastel so if one doesn’t fit your fancy, the other surely will. Click here to download.

12. Simlish Records

The Simlish Records Mod Set by Conniving Skittle Bitch brings real-life albums into sims! It features the actual album art, which all fans will appreciate. One of those albums is Pray For The Wicked by Panic! At the Disco. Click here to download.

11. Panic! At the Disco Female + Male Shirts

The Panic! At the Disco Female and Male long-sleeve shirts by Unwrittengalaxy are for both genders. It features the band name and logo written on a long-sleeved t-shirt. Not only is it cool, but it will also keep you warm! Click here to download.


The Panic At the Disco/Ryan Ross Shirt by Possessed Coast has a great selection of band t-shirts. It comes with a total of 8 different shirts so something should jump out for you P!ATD fans out there. Click here to download.

9. Dallon Weekes Simlish Christmas Sweater

The Sickly Sweet Holidays Dallon Weeks Simlish Christmas Sweater by KaraStars is a great addition to any holiday sweater collection. We know Dallon Weeks left Panic At the Disco back in 2017, but we will always consider him an honorary member of the band! It comes in red and green, which are the ultimate Christmas colors. Click here to download this awesome Panic at the Disco CC.

8. Panic! At the Disco Sharp Scribble Tee

The Panic At the Disco Sharp Scribble Tee by Loricsimmer is a band tee paying homage to P!At The Disco’s Pray to the Wicked Album. It is available for female sims aged teen all the way to elder. Click here to download.

7. Band Shirts

The Band T-shirts by KaraStars feature a bunch of different band tees available for male sims. Naturally, the one we want to focus on is the Panic At The Disco one. It is a plain black t-shirt that features the band’s name in cursive. Simple but classy. Click here to download!

6. Baseball Band Shirts

Baseball-style shirts are not only fashionable but are also comfy. The Baseball Band Shirt Custom Content Set by Maruchanbe2 features these comfortable shirts with some very popular band names written on them. The Panic at the Disco one is the one that caught our eye. It’s simple but effective. Click here for easy download.

5. P!ATD Band T-shirt

The band t-shirts custom content set has a total of 5 different band tees. One of them is a Panic at the Disco Tee. It has the band’s logo written on a lime green colored t-shirt. You’ll look vibrant and cool. Click here to download The Band T-shirts Custom Content Set by Wicked_Kittie.

4. P!ATD Off the Shoulder Dress

The One Shoulder Music-Themed Dress is another band-inspired set. It has five options, one of which is Panic at the Disco. If your sim ever plans to go clubbing this dress is one they should definitely get for their collection. Click here to download this Panic At the Disco CC.

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3. White Band Top

The White Band Tee Set by Dreadmermaid comes with a simple, white tanktop with band names written on the chest. It has several different options and yes, one of them is Panic at the Disco. Click here to download.

2. P!ATD Tucked Tees

The Panic at the Disco Tucked Tee by Kingboulevard is a unique and interesting take on the band tee. It has 9 different swatches so if one doesn’t jump out at you, try the other! Click here to download.

If you’re looking for some shirts for your male and female Sims, check out this list!

1. P!ATD Sweaters

panic at the disco cc

The P!ATD Sweaters by Kingboulevard is at our number one spot. This set has 2 designs featuring 6 colors for the first one and 5 colors for the second. Once the weather starts to get cold in your sims neighborhood, this is definitely what they should wear. Click here to download.

Final Thoughts

And that’s that! This is our list of the best Panic at the Disco CC for the Sims 4. There are others available out there, but these ones stand out amongst the rest.

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