Greatest Plaid Shirts Custom Content for the Sims 4

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Most of us simmers view plaids shirts as either simple or stylish! But what if we could bring in both? Not only is it trendy but comfortable and cool and so today. In an attempt to not dismiss trends of such fashionable taste, we’ve compiled a list of the greatest plaid shirts custom content for the Sims 4. Let’s have a look together, shall we?

Plaid Shirts for Your Male and Female Sims TS4

Amalia Jacket&Top

image 2021 10 18 215828

These comfy plaid tops and jackets will surely draw your sims in a new light. They’re available in a set of 12 swatches. And you also get a number of unique prints and color combinations. You can check it out by visiting this page.


image 2021 10 19 162205

We highly recommend to give this plaid maxis-match shirt a look. Your sims from teen to elder can wear it and you can pick between thirty cool swatches. Check it out by following this post.

Pinafore with TShirt Plaid Recolours

image 2021 10 19 162704

A collection of 3 unique plaid patterns, each is available in 11 recolors. You must have Discover University for the set to work. Check it out here.

plaid jacket recolor

Plaid Shirts Cc

Bright like gold these are! These jackets come with an under plaid shirt. It’s definitely perfect for a nice hangout in the park with friends. Grab it from this page.

Plaid Jacket + Skirt + Cap

Plaid Shirts cc

A plaid outfit consisting of a jacket, shirt and cap. Your teen, young adult, adult and elder sims can have this outfit for themselves right now. It’s available in three swatches. To check it out, visit this page.


image 2021 10 19 153349

This one is basically a recolor of the base game nightshirt. You get 25 new plaid swatches. The purple shirt stands out for some reason. To install, click here.

Lookbook [ Plaid & Denim ]

Plaid Shirts Custom Content

Rock and roll? Pair this shirt with cool ripped jeans and have your sim look their finest! To download, click here. You could also grab plaid pants and accessory shirt around the waist.


Plaid Shirts Custom Content

A plaid shirt with rolled up sleeves is everything your sims want. It comes in a variety of colors and your sim could wear any top they’d like with it. Install from this link.

monsterstyle plaid outfit edit

Your male sims get a bit of a share of plaid shirts, too. Here’s your download-link.

Well Plaid

Plaid Shirts Custom Content

Last but not least on this list, a well plaid dress by Raccoonium. It is a short dress with rolled up sleeves. To install, take a look at this page.

We hope you’ve come to like this list of plaid shirts custom content. You could head back to the main post for a collection of cute custom shirts for both your male and female sims. Check out related content below. See you there!

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