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Do you love the 1920s? If the answer is yes, you are in the right place. Thanks to The Sims 4 1920s CC elements, you can now relive the era of chic and glamour. These times are known for rich art-deco furniture, iconic fashion, bob hairstyles, and luxury. Continue reading if you’d like to discover some of the best CC pieces for vintage gameplay. Let’s go!

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1. Decades lookbook – the 1920s by Emmastillsims

tumblr pt11z1a91Z1ynts23o2 r1 1280

There is no better way of turning your Sims world into a 1920s city than choosing all the right outfits! This lookbook pack offers much more than one outfit. It includes a few genetic and makeup details that reflect beauty standards from the 20s. There are three female and one male Sims characters, all of which have three distinct looks you can choose from. The pack will help you create a Sims version of the Great Gatsby look. I bet you’ll love the details such as flipper headbands and pearls! If you love this lookbook, you can get it here!

2. Five colors suits for men by simsbrush

08 five colors suits cc sims4

Gentlemen in those days had class and style, and this CC proves it! The suits they wore back in the 20s were usually made from earthy colors fabrics. These CC outfits mirror that. These double buttoned suit jackets are combined with handkerchiefs. You’ll get matching hats, and walking canes, which were prominent back then. Hats like these were in, and you’ll love how well-paired with suits they are. If you’d like to get these Sims 4 1920 CC suits, visit this page!

3. Old-timey music gadgets by historicalsimslifes

tumblr o5mufkdWTD1tvhlnwo5 r1 500

What is a vintage aesthetic without some music gadgets? This CC features three historic music gadgets – the gramophone, a music box, and an old radio. Perfect for retro lovers, these can be nice assets to an interior, allowing your Sims to relive the old times in their home. All three work perfectly fine, and all three can play music. I love that they can transform the interior to match the era, especially the gramophone with the vinyl record. If you’d like to include them in your Sims interior, download them here

4. Tiffany lamp recolors from vitasims

tumblr pbei61D5se1wlcqw7o1 500

Oh, the fine art deco furniture! These table lamps are an excellent example of how valued details were in the 1920s. The CC includes a redesign of one Tiffany lamp with six different variations for you to choose from. The model will instantly level up your retro interior. I especially love the first and the last one, as they pop, transforming even the plainest room into a glamorous space. Furniture designers of the ’20s would surely approve. Check them out on this page!

5. sims 4 1920s female street fashion

tumblr ol3ktsjPQo1riuv7oo2 1280

Inspired by Miss Fisher’s Murders Mysteries, this 1920s CC includes a sparkly maxi dress and a super long embroidered coat. You can match these two with a cute felt hat and a pair of lacquer vintage shoes to get a more realistic look from the 20s. The dress is customizable, and you can choose from 9 color variations, while the coat comes in five different colors. You can check it out and download it here!

6. yumia’s place antique 1920s dining set


The glamorous interior is everything! This dining set includes 11 furniture pieces and will help your Sims time travel in their own home. It includes art deco chairs, and you can even choose between a few textile options for the seating cushions. The table is made of quality wood and has a glass top, which makes it look like a table for fine dining. To get your sample of this Sims 4 20s CC decor, go here!

7. Vintage gas cooker sims 4 1920s cC

12 vintage gas cooker sims 4 cc

It’s time to do some time travel in the kitchen department, as well. This stove is just like those people in the 20s used for cooking. The piece is made of old metal and is larger than today’s stoves. When you look at it, it’s one of the most unique pieces to have in the kitchen Not only is it unique, but it can also be fully customized and comes in nineteen different swatches. If you would like to get one for your household, check it out here! 

8. 1920s CC female hair 01 by lonelyboy


If you are wondering how to make your Sims lady look more like a 20s socialite, this is the answer you’ve been looking for. Back in the days, ladies used to wear short bobs, both straight and wavy, which was incredibly chic and fashionable. Thanks to this preset, you can now create characters that would even make Tamara de Lempicka blush. The CC comes with 16 swatches, so you can experiment with different looks as much as you like. Check it out here

9. a set of vintage boys 1920s cC for the sims 4

tumblr beb180c567a0fc0230cb5b043d065682 1bd2e640 500

Since realistic CC for little boys is not easy to find, especially for the early 20th century, this one is a real gem. This combo of four styles will add a dash of playfulness to boys’ looks in your gameplay. Lesslie West, Freddie West, Clark Shirt, and Humphrey Jacket are the four stylish characters whose style you can copy for your Sims boys. The CC includes woolen vests for little gentlemen that were typical for the era, one with and one without a bowtie. I especially love the vintage vibe of the top with suspenders. To get your very own samples of these tops, go here!

10. Sea princess secretary desk by linzlu

20 sea princess secretary desk ts4 cc

Now, this is a piece of art! This secretary desk is a top-quality vintage piece your Sims will love having in their office. The desk has a lower part that can be used for writing and be combined with any chair. The upper part is a closed bookshelf cabinet. Being an edit of Sea Princess Hutch, this one adds a bit more variety when it comes to interior design in Sims 4. It is a good fit even for modern homes, especially for the home office. You can check it out and download it here!

11. sims 4 1920s CC girls vintage coat

coat preview

Let’s not forget our little girls! Little ladies of the Sims world will love this one. The outfit includes a tiny purse and a cute one-color coat. The ruffle lace edges make it one of the most authentic 1920s looks for girls, and the best part is, that the CC has 20 swatches for you to pick from. A piece like this was originally seen in The Sims 3. However, it is now adapted to help level up your Sims 4 gameplay, too. You can find it on this page

12. 1920s female hairstyles flapper fabulous

07 flapper fabulous hair plus accessory ts4 cc

Be prepared to be blown away by this gorgeous, retro hairdo for the ladies. Created for female Sims of all ages, from teens to elders, these waves and hair accessories are here to rock the boat. The hairstyle comes in three different variations. You can pick from a casual, everyday look, a party look with a glamorous headband, or a formal, elegant look for special occasions. Not only that, but once you add it to the base game, you’ll also be able to customize hair colors. Just imagine how awesome a themed 20s party would be. Check it out here!

13. Roarin’ Retro sims History cC set for females

tumblr oznnp277ri1wb405lo1 r1 540

Your Sims ladies can now be dressed in vintage from head to toes. This bunch of presets has everything you need for a casual 1920s kind of look. I love the little details, especially the choice of fabric, which looks incredibly realistic. The outfit includes a texturized denim dress and a rich, woolen coat with golden details. On top of that, you also get a new hairstyle to try. The tight wave hairdo like this one is frequently seen in 20s themed movies. As an addition to the outfit, you’ll also get to try the Iron&Wine display effect which is a part of this CC. Get yours on this page.

14. androgynous swimsuits sims 4 1920s CC

11 androgynous swimsuits cc sims4

Did you know that many swimsuit models back in the day were pretty much unisex? These androgynous CC models replicate that. Men, women, and children of Sims can now swim in these incredible swimwear models. To make it even more fun, the creator has made 11 swatches for ladies, and seven for men and children for you to choose from. So, buckle up, as sailor stripes are back in the game! If you’d like to try these swimsuits out, go on this page to get your download

15. peaky blinders inspired 1920s suit for men

TS4 2015 08 04 17 11 02 53

Are you a Peaky Blinders Fan? If you are, then this Sims suit for men is made just for you! Now you can make your very own version of Tomas Shelby and Alfie Solomons. The texture of the suit is hyper-realistic and looks like real tweed fabric. The CC includes an elegant jacket with two rows of buttons and a handkerchief, a pair of matching trousers, and a cap made of the same tweed. If you’d like to try it out on your Sims, you can go here for a download.

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