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Ready to become the culinary master everyone admires? Join the culinary career! Hop in to learn how to make the most of this awesome base game career!

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Culinary Career In Sims 4: Become A Mixologist Or A Chef!

If your Sim enjoys making delicious pastries or refreshing drinks, they can turn their passion into a career! The Culinary career is one of the base game careers in The Sims 4, and one of the rabbit hole jobs. It heavily focuses on building mixology and cooking skills, and you’ll have to work on polishing these from day one. There are 10 levels for Sims to master, and two branches they can opt for once they complete level 5: the Chef branch and the Mixlogist branch. Once your Sim joins their preferred branch, they will also need to learn two secondary skills: Gourmet cooking (Chef branch), and Charisma (Mixology branch). Now, let’s see how you can make the most of it and maximize your Sim’s work performance!

Ideal Moods And Traits

The ideal mood for the Culinary career is Inspired, which goes for both branches. Getting your Sim to browse art or cloud gaze before work can always be helpful, just to get that inspiration flowing.

Any Sim can do well in this career, but having Foodie or Creative personality traits sure does help. Creative Sims find it easier to get inspired, while those with the Foodie trait will really enjoy what they do. They will love talking about cooking and mixology, can watch cooking shows for ideas, or look for new recipes online, which can also get them inspired.

Some lot traits can help, too! Having a Homey lot trait will boost skill gain for Mixology, Gourmet Cooking, and Cooking skills, while a Chef’s Kitchen will make your home a perfect environment for cooking. It doesn’t hurt to make your Sim like cooking and mixology in preferences, as they will enjoy what they do more!

Compatible Aspirations For The Culinary Career

Sims with Master Chef or Master Mixologist aspirations will have double benefits from taking this career path, as they will earn satisfaction points as they work their way to the top of their chosen branch. Completing the first will unlock the Fresh Chef reward trait, which will help your Sim make the highest quality food that never spoils, while the second unlocks the Potion Master trait, which gives the ability to make fabulous emotion potions!

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cooking skill cheats sims

What To Expect From The Career?

Every work day, your Sim will disappear down the rabbit hole for work, and you will control how their work day goes by clicking on their photo. Their daily tasks will be to prepare food and mix drinks before work to maximize career performance. To complete these, just head to your kitchen to cook something, experiment with meals, or try mixing drinks at the bar. Both branches grant reward items that give positive emotional auras, so you will benefit a lot from placing these in your home to keep your Sim inspired.

Beginner Levels

To join the career, just look for a job on the phone, or use the career panel. Once your Sim gets the job, it will be fairly easy for them to advance to early career levels. Their main focus is on mastering beginner levels of Cooking and Mixology, which will come to them fairly easily while they are preparing drinks and food before work. You have the option to study cooking skills at work with ‘Study master chefs’, but do know that this won’t give them a boost in performance.

1. Assistant Dishwasher$15/hour
Fri-Mon, Wed,
Prepare Food or Mix Drinks./
2. Head Dishwasher$16/hour
Prepare Food or Mix Drinks.
Reach Level 2 Cooking
– $334
– Corporate Chic Countertop
3. Caterer$26/hour
Prepare Food or Mix Drinks.
Reach Level 2 Mixology
– $368
– Stainless Steel Auto-Pot
4. Mixologist$35/hour
Prepare Food or Mix Drinks.
Reach Level 3 Mixology and Cooking
– $515
– Umber Kitchen Sink
5. Line Cook$43/hour
Prepare Food or Mix Drinks.
Reach Level 4 Mixology and Cooking
– $556
– Corporate Chic Counter Island
– New CAS Parts

Chef Branch Levels

Culinary Career 1

If you choose the Chef branch for your Sim, get ready to roll up those sleeves, and work on polishing your Cooking and Gourmet Cooking skills. You will unlock top-quality kitchen appliances, and get some simoleons as a reward for your hard work. At level 8, your Sim will be able to write cookbooks on PC, publish them, get royalties, and even earn some fame points!

6. Head Caterer$52/hour
Fri-Mon, 3PM-12AM
Prepare Food. Reach Level 6 Cooking, Level 2 Gourmet Cooking
– $691
– Positronic Pro Magnetic Knife Rack
7. Pastry Chef$104/hour
Thu-Mon, 12PM-5PMPrepare Food. Reach Level 7 Cooking, Level 4 Gourmet Cooking– $933
– Heavy Dutiest Pot Rack
– Professional Ceiling-Mounted Pot Rack
– Ceiling Pot Rack – Oval
8. Sous Chef$131/hour
Thu-Mon, 8PM-2AM
Prepare Food. Reach Level 8 Cooking, Level 6 Gourmet Cooking
– $1306
– Icebox of Steel by Krampft Industries
– Write Cook Book interaction on Computer
9. Executive Chef$253/hour

Fri-Mon, 5PM-11PM
Prepare Food. Reach Level 10 Cooking, Level 8 Gourmet Cooking– $1959
10. Celebrity Chef$410/hour
Fri-Mon, 12PM-6PMPrepare Food. Go to Work!– $3037
– Discretion Stove Hood – Pro Performance Range Hood
– The Obelisk
– Pancake Pro Free-Standing Griddle
– New CAS Parts

Mixologist Branch

Culinary Career 1

The highest-paying mixologists have both charisma and fantastic mixology skills, so your Sim will be required to build these as they progress. The more confident your Sim feels, the faster they’ll gain the charisma skill. As a reward for their effort, they can expect some extra simoleons, a fabulous bar, and a wine rack to help them stay inspired. Similarly to the other branch, Mixologists who reach level 8 of their branch will unlock the ability to write bar guides, and earn some royalties for it!

6. Head Mixologist$45/hour
Thu-Mon, 6PM-1AMMix Drinks. Reach Level 5 Mixology, Level 2 Charisma– $691
– Captain Rodrigo de Pablo Cask
7. Juice Boss$64/hour
Thu-Mon, 7PM-2AMMix Drinks. Reach Level 7 Mixology, Level 4 Charisma– $1907
8. Chief Drink Operator$111/hour
Thu-Sun, 4PM-12AMMix Drinks. Reach Level 8 Mixology, Level 6 Charisma– $2559
– Vinoteca Bottle Rack
– Write Bar Guide interaction on Computer
9. Drinkmaster$166/hour
Thu, Sat-Sun, 2PM-12AMMix Drinks. Reach Level 10 Mixology, Level 8 Charisma– $3916
– Lemonade on a Sunny Day Torchiere
10. Celebrity Mixologist$197/hour
Thu, Sat-Sun, 12PM-10PMMix Drinks. Go to Work!– $4984
– Bar Setters Bar
– New CAS Parts

Wrapping It Up

Although not the highest-paying career in the game, the culinary career is a rewarding one. Advancing to higher levels brings items that lift mood and bring extra simoleons to those who take time to publish cookbooks or bar guides. Plus, it’s great knowing how to prepare delicious meals and refreshing drinks for family and friends! Happy simming!

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