Sims 4 Teacher Career: How to Become a Renowned Academic and Advance In Education Career

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Are you thinking of joining Education Career in Sims 4? The teacher career has a lot to offer to those who are ambitious to become respected academics. Read on to find out more about how to get this job, what to expect from it, and how to climb the ladder to success!

sims 4 teacher career
All There Is to Know about The Sims 4 Teacher Career!

what is the teacher career in Sims 4?

Teacher career, or Education career, as it’s originally called in the game, is one of the three full-time career choices that came with Sims 4: Discover University. Sims who aspire to work hard and reach higher positions in this field can end up in one of the two cool branches: The Administrator branch and the Professor branch. Both come with unique tasks, and both offer fabulous rewards. If you chose to take the career path of an academic in Sims 4, expect to tackle these daily tasks:

teacher 1 1
  • Grade homework in teachers’ portfolio
  • Improve your Research and debate skills
  • Work on improving the Logic skill
  • Work on improving the Charisma skill
  • Review budget proposals or write scholarly papers

So, without further ado, let’s see what exactly can you expect from the teacher career in Sims 4!

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how to join the education career in Sims 4

To embark on this career journey, have your Sims reach for their phone or computer. If you are looking for jobs on the phone, just click on the suitcase icon and select Find a Job. If they are searching for a teacher career opportunity on PC, just look for it in the career tab. This will take you to the ‘‘Select a Career For(Sim’s name)’‘ panel, where you will find the Education Career listed. Confirm your choice, and get ready to start!

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who is best suited for a job in education?


Like all other careers, Education career is available for all Sims from young adults to older, regardless of their prior education or skill sets. However, having some predispositions can surely help them make quicker progress if they chose to work in this field.

Getting a Psychology degree is a good shortcut to being successful in this field, especially if your Sims intends to join the Professor branch. Or, they can opt for a degree in Economics if they aspire to become an Administrator. Both degrees can help them advance in this career later on.

Sims who have the biggest predisposition to join the teacher career are naturally charismatic Sims who have ambitious, outgoing, or genius personality traits. These will help them learn skills that are needed for this job faster. Additionally, scholars of Sims who have Academic aspiration can also be well suited for this career track as both the career and the aspiration require more-less the same skills.

education career levels

Education career, much like most other jobs in Sims 4, has 10 levels. If you have an intellectual Sim who’d give anything to work from home, this career will be their dream come true, as they can totally stay at home and complete their daily job tasks there. In fact, this career allows them to choose whether they want to go to work or work from the comfort of their home office, so they can do both. Making progress from home will be a bit slower though, but homebodies will love it.

Regardless of how you want them to complete their tasks, once they start, every Sim will go through 5 entry levels, after which they’ll be asked to choose whether they’d like to join the Administrator or the Professor branch.

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all career sims 4 listed

early levels of education career

So, here’s your Sims, starting a new chapter as an educationalist in Sims 4. They will start with a desk and an apple clock as a reward for their initial efforts. If they already have some Research & Debate and Logic skills up their sleeve, great! Teachers also need to be good communicators, so expect to put in some work in developing Charisma skills, too.

At the first five levels, they will be expected to grade homework and level up these skills. To grade students, just go to your Sim’s inventory and you’ll find students’ homework that needs to be graded there.

Sims who join the teacher career can write letters of recommendation or create lesson plans on their PC in Career>Education Career. Sims can also tutor students online, and these interactions will be available right after they join the teacher career. They can tutor students in a few fields, including Arts, Communication, Entertainment, Heath, or Technology.

Here is what awaits them during the early stages of teacher career:

1. Substitute TeacherMon to Fri,
8 AM-4 PM
Grade Homework in Teacher’s Portfolio/
2. Teaching AssistantMon to Fri,
8 AM-4 PM
– Grade Homework in Teacher’s Portfolio
– Level 2 Research and Debate Skill
– $425
– A is for Apple Clock
3. TeacherMon to Fri,
8 AM-4 PM
– Grade Homework in Teacher’s Portfolio
– Level 3 Research and Debate Skill
– $475
– The Teacher’s Desk
4. Mentor TeacherMon to Fri,
8 AM-4 PM
– Grade Homework in Teacher’s Portfolio
– Level 4 Research and Debate Skill
– Level 2 Logic Skill
– $525
– The World is Your Oyster
5. Department HeadMon to Fri,
8 AM-4 PM
– Grade Homework in Teacher’s Portfolio
– Reach Level 5 Research and Debate Skill
– Level 2 Charisma Skill

administrator branch


School administrators take care of the nitty-gritty stuff, such as the school budget. In fact, if your Sims chooses to join this branch, expect to see them reviewing budget proposals every workday. Your Sims will also need to polish their Research & Debate, and Charisma skills to get promoted.

This is the better paying of the two branches, with the Head Chancellor being the top-level position in the branch. Most rewards come in the form of simoleons, but some will grant them unique abilities, such as asking for donations or planning agendas for faculty meetings, which can give them a confident moodlet. This is what you can expect at every level:

6. Student Services OfficerMon to Fri,
9 AM-5 PM
– Review Budget Proposals
– Level 6 Research and Debate Skill
– Level 3 Charisma Skill
– $1,000
– Review Budget Proposals Ability
– Ask for Donation
– Plan Agenda for Faculty Meeting
– Write Grants Interactions
7. Dean of AdmissionsMon to Fri,
9 AM-5 PM
– Review Budget Proposals
– Level 7 Research and Debate
– Level 4 Charisma
8. Director of AcademicsMon to Fri,
9 AM-5 PM
– Review Budget Proposals
– Level 8 Research and Debate
– Level 5 Charisma
– $2,500
– Memories of Graduation
9. Vice-ChancellorTue to Fri,
10 AM-5 PM
– Review Budget Proposals
– Level 9 Research and Debate
– Level 6 Charisma
10. Head ChancellorTue to Thu,
10 AM-4 PM
Review Budget Proposals– $3,150
– Learning Embetterment Award

Professor branch


The professor branch is for Sims who aspire to become honorable professors, admired for their knowledge and intellect. If they chose to walk this career path, you’ll see them writing scholarly papers every workday. Besides writing, they will have to work hard to level up their Research & Debate, and Logic skills.

The most ambitious professors will become Master Educators, which is the top-level rank and the highest-paying position in this branch. Unlike the other ranch, this one doesn’t grant new interactions, but Sims can still get simoleons after successfully ranking up. This is what awaits Sims who chose this branch:

6. Intrepid InstructorMon, Tue,
Wed, Fri
9 AM-4 PM
– Write Scholarly Paper
– Level 6 Research and Debate
– Level 3 Logic
– $975
– New Clothes
7. Lead LecturerMon, Tue,
Thu, Fri
9 AM-4 PM
– Write Scholarly Paper
– Level 7 Research and Debate
– Level 4 Logic
8. Adjunct ProfessorMon to Thu
9 AM-4 PM
– Write Scholarly Paper
– Level 8 Research and Debate
– Level 5 Logic
9. Tenured ProfessorTue to Thu
10 AM-4 PM
– Write Scholarly Paper
– Level 9 Research and Debate
– Level 6 Logic
10. Master EducatorTue to Thu
10 AM-4 PM
– Write Scholarly Paper– $3,150
– Learning Embetterment Award

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This was your education career guide. While not the highest-paying field in the game, both branches offer a unique ability to work from home. Not every Sim is tailored to become a professor or an administrator, but with some skill and hard work, reaching the top of either branch is more than possible. Happy simming!

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