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Do you want to create a different Sims career in Sims 4? Register their business with the Sims 4 Ministry of Labor! Read on to find out how your Sims business owners can be officially recognized as employed!

ministry of labor sims 4

Why do we want a Sims career under the Ministry of Labor?

The Sims 4 game patch release in November 2018 revealed that players may create entrepreneurial Sims careers and create descriptions of those careers.

Now, instead of saying they are unemployed in conversation like before this patch was delivered, they can talk about the job the player has registered them with.

For example, one of my Sims is a farmer in Henford-On-Bagley. She sells all her produce and meals with everything marked up by 300%. She’s living the entrepreneurial dream! But her Career tab said she didn’t have a job! So when other Sims asked about her career, she would tell them that she’s unemployed.

Ministry of Labor 2

To fix that, I used the Ministry of Labor to register her position as a self-employed farmer because excuse me, my Sim never has a day off! She’s her own boss! I worked hard to create a compelling job description so everyone knows to respect her hustle:

Ministry of Labor

From Sims who own restaurants to veterinarians, any entrepreneurial Sim can be recognized for their bustling independent Sims career by registering with the Ministry of Labor.

The Introduction of the entrepreneurial Sims career

The game already provided players with several traditional careers and part-time jobs where Sims go to work full-time or part-time on their own, receive promotions, bonuses and raises, track progress and then simply return home where players regain full control of their Sims.

Players do have some control while their Sims are away because they have the opportunity to choose how hard their Sims work while they are gone. Players can also choose how their Sims react to occasional scenarios that take place at work.

However, the Get To Work Expansion Pack created professions allowing players to have more involvement in their work experience.

ministry of labor sims 4
One of my Sims’ diners!

With this pack, players were finally able to go to work with their Sims in their new professions and active careers. This opened the door for Sims to start their own businesses! 

Getting to work: but still unemployed

The Get To Work Expansion Pack, released in April 2015, created new Sims professions to choose from such as a doctor, detective, and scientist. It also delivered exciting changes to the game by enabling Sims to own and operate retail businesses! This allowed Sims to own bookstores, gift shops, clothing boutiques, and more! Players personally build and customize retail businesses and play an active role in running business operations.

Allowing players to create, travel to, and run their retail businesses leveled up the Sims 4 experience. The Get To Work Expansion Pack made such a lasting impact on my experience with Sims at work. Iknow the prospect of entrepreneurship had crossed the minds of many players because we know the possibilities are endless with Sims 4!

Now that Sims could become business owners just one minor issue remained: business owners aren’t traditional career positions or professions, so they were still considered to be unemployed. The Ministry of Labor, created about three years later, was created to solve this minor hiccup in semantics.

Career Registration: How to register with the Sims 4 Ministry of Labor

Luckily, registering your character as a self-employed sim is a quick and painless process. Use your phone and go to Career Tab. You’ll see an option that says Register with the Ministry of Labor. Select that option.

Then, you’ll be prompted to register your career position and provide a description of it. This can be very entertaining.

Ministry of Labor 3
Ministry of labor Sims

You can be as descriptive as you want or make it short and sweet. You can go the sarcastic route too. For my farmer Sim, I couldn’t help it because her career responsibilities are self-explanatory.

ministry of labor sims 4

What careers should I register under the Ministry of Labor?

You can get so creative going down the entrepreneurial career route. Have your Sim own a Target store, then register their position with the Sims 4 Ministry of Labor!

Create a Sim with their own bakery business and have them cook pastries in their home then sell them at a yard sale or to the local bakery.

You can register a Florist who makes and sells flower arrangements at yard sales or lists them on Plopsy or create an independent Farmer who sells fruits and veggies.

You can price their services fairly, or you can mark them up by 300% to really make those simoleons just as I do! However, in some retail settings, customers will complain if your services are too expensive right off the bat.

You can create a Veterinarian who owns a Vet Clinic! This particular business is harder than it seems and it gets challenging to keep up with all the sick cats and dogs and maintain the cleanliness of your clinic.

ministry of labor sims 4
My own vet clinic!

What other entrepreneurial Sims career can I pursue?

Now I have an official registration in the Labor Ministry as an unsigned singer or! She regularly performs gigs at the Planet Honey Pop! karaoke bar for tips. Sometimes she brings her keyboard with her to showcase her singing and piano skills, other times she brings her microphone with her to clubs and karaoke bars. 

Here are some final ideas for careers that you can register with the Ministry of Labor:

  • Register your Sim as a Maker if they knit and sew together hats, scarves, socks, embroidery, and animal clothes and sell them on Plopsy.
  • Your Sim can also be a Candlemaker if they create soy candles!
  • Make a freelance career being an Artist or Photographer and become famous by selling your work to publications at their own time.
  • Use the Afizzionissimi Fizzing Station and sell your beverage concoctions at yard sales. I have no idea what position title to come up in the Ministry of Labor to describe that…a Kombucha Chemist? I’ll just leave that to your imagination. 

You may not get the promotions that Sims in nine-to-five careers do, but you are in charge of yourself!

I hope this has inspired you to take an alternative approach to the traditional skill career options and professions Sims 4 has provided us in order to pursue entrepreneurship!

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