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Big Toddler Curls

There is nothing cuter than a kid with big messy hair! These curls are as playful as the dreams in his little head and you’ll be amazed of how good it will look on his face. We recommend this delightful hair mod a 100% which you can find at And if you want to download it directly, follow or our link here.

toddler hair set

Bumbling Hairstyle for Toddlers

Your toddler can’t go around and do silly stuff without the official hairstyle of the mischief! You absolutely need this sweet n sour mod to give your little Sim a little more cunning personality. But whether you have a rebel or an angel your home – this mod is an excellent hair addition. You can download it from our direct link here.

toddler hair set

Let me be a Toddler (Hair for Our Sweet Toddlers)

And now we have something special – an entire pack of adorable little hairstyles for your toddlers! We know that you’ll fall in love as soon as you see all these bangs and buns, pigtails and ponytails – all extremely cute and beautiful. Countless thanks to the creator who published this amazing mod on ModTheSims which you can download from our direct link here.

toddler hair set

Braided Hair Wreath for Toddler

Give your little princess a proper crown! Here is a wonderful braided wreath which she can wear anywhere and look super sophisticated among the other toddlers. This hair mod is a real treasure for all who value the looks of their young Sims. It can be downloaded at and also by following our direct link here.

toddler hair set

Close Curls for Toddlers

For all the curls lovers – we have this awesome new bushy hair addition for you! Who can remain calm when they see a kid wearing this hairstyle? No one! That’s why you must have this fantastic mod which you can find at To download it directly, click here.

toddler hair set

Anto Nhoa Hair for Kids and Toddlers

Mysterious and adventurous – this hairstyle is for any Sim who wants to touch the stars! If you have an independent toddler, an inquisitive or even a wild one, then you must add this mod to your collection. You will give them a look to win the hearts of all who meet them. It is published at, but you can download it directly from here.

toddler hair set

Nightcrawler Kimmie Toddler Version

And now if we add a little bit of class and elegance to this list – we get this charming hair version for your toddlers. Any little Sim with this hairstyle is just a tiny adult – ready to take over the world with its charisma. We found this amazing mod at, but you can download it from our direct link here.

toddler hair set

Nightcrawler Nala Hair Toddler Version

Glorious dreadlocks in a big bun? Yes, yes, a thousand times yes! This gorgeous mod should not be missed out on and your toddlers will enjoy an exquisite and original look which charms everyone. The awesome creator has published it at, but you download directly from here.

toddler hair set

Nightcrawler Snow Hair Toddler Version

Ready for another elegant and classy version? Check out his fantastic look that will enrich your toddler’s personality a hundred times. Long and lush, this hairstyle might be the only thing you’re missing to make your toddler a superstar! Once again, the source of this mod is, and for our download link click here.

toddler hair set

Butterfly Bandana Hair for Toddler

This is one of the cutest toddlers’ hairs you can find out there! Simple, wavy and delightful – a hairstyle perfect for every Sim! And the pretty little bandana goes totally amazing with every color variations, so you don’t have to worry about diversity. You can find this mod at or download it from our direct link here.

toddler hair set

Confident Curls for Toddlers

Looking for more volume in your toddler’s hair? Well, look no further! This mod will give a flawless hairstyle to your Sim which stays fresh with every different color. The little curls at the end are just too adorable to let them slip by, so don’t think and download the mod from here. The official source is

toddler hair set

Wings Hair TS4 OE0309 F Toddler Version 1

We think that this hairstyle looks much better on toddlers than on adults, don’t you agree? Just look at the perfect wave and style of this one! Magnificent! And it comes in many colors and shades which you can maneuver to make it your own. Don’t wait too long to enjoy this mod – simply visit or click our direct download link here.

toddler hair set

Wings Hair TS4 OE0309 F Toddler Version 2

And we have one more version that you’ll definitely like. This one is a bit lengthier but with the same handsomeness like the previous one. It also comes with the awesome color variations and it is a great hair addition to have. You can find the mod at
toddler hair set

Anto Flame Hair Kids and Toddler Version

The list could not go on without this haircut! Let your male toddlers enjoy this super sharp and fresh look of the true charmer! Many crazy colors for many crazy adventures! This mod can also work as a hairstyle for your male kids and adult Sims. Head out to to download your preferred version!

toddler hair set

Anto Indiana Hair Kids and Toddler Version

Are you a fan of braids? Don’t worry, we’ve found the perfect one! Your little toddler girl will be a true fashion model with this braid, which is already highly popular among the Sims 4 community. With more than 30+ color variations, you can find the one that suits perfectly your Sim. To download this mod, visit

toddler hair set

Anto Puma Hair Kids and Toddler

Wavy, wavy, wavy! This haircut is the mark of every ambitious Sim, no matter if its toddler, kid or an adult. It’s attractive and full of style – everything you need for your Sim to succeed. You can download it from our direct link here or at

toddler hair set

Anto Spark Hair Kids and Toddler

And to complete the set of these amazing haircuts, here we have a super cool undercut version. With short and shaved sides, the hair on top is in full focus of admiration! The mod is available with all the beautiful color variations mentioned above, and it also works on kids and adult Sims. To download it, click on our direct link here or visit

toddler hair set

Confident Ponytail for Toddlers

Are you missing ponytails? Look no further – here we have a gorgeous one for your youngest Sims. It’s big and lengthy and also styled in a very cute manner at the front. If you have a little princess in your household then you should definitely get this one! You can find it at, but you can also download it directly from here.

toddler hair set

Glossy Hair for Toddlers

Another adorable addition is this glossy hairstyle. It’s straight and tidy – full of sweetness and grace that your Sim can represent.
For a direct download click on our link here.

toddler hair set

Chad Dreads Toddler Version

Searching for dreadlocks? Here they are! The beautiful dreads in this hair mod will give your Sims the exotic look they need. The design here is absolutely charming and if locks are what you love, then don’t wait to get this mod. You can find it at, but you can download directly from here.

toddler hair set

Midwavy ToddlerHair

For all the long hair lovers – here is the cutest hairstyle for your toddlers! It’s parted in the middle and flows in fabulous waves on the sides. Now your toddler Sim can have the look of a Hollywood child movie-star! We found this mod at, but you download it from our direct link here.

toddler hair set

Gorgeous Hair for Toddlers

Stunning! This hairstyle is for all the toddlers Sims who are full of aspirations and dreams of becoming a star! It’s elegant and it’s stylish – and if you found yourself charmed, we don’t blame you! Simply visit to download it, or follow our direct link here.

toddler hair set

Nicky Toddler Hair

It seems like we can’t get enough of curls and waves, doesn’t it? Well, that’s true. But look at this beautiful mod of dreamy hair! It’s amazing and should not be missed out on by any Sims 4 player. The source is and for direct download click here.

toddler hair set

Philippa Toddler Hair

Ponytail with bangs? Here it is – a super cute addition to your hair collection. This mod looks wonderfully well on toddlers and you should get your version as soon as possible! You can find it at or by following our direct link here.

toddler hair set

PonyTail with Band for Toddler

We conclude this list with a delightful little mod that you’ll love! It’s simple and summery, and it will be a perfect hairstyle for you toddler on their adventures! Once again, the source of this awesome mod is and you download it directly from here.

toddler hair set

Still not enough?

Still hungry for awesome hairstyles? In this post, we have listed the most awesome custom hair creations for The Sims 4. 

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