22+ Infant Cribs CC That Make Up The CUTEST Bedrooms!

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How exhilarating is the Sims 4 now that we have infants? Our babies are no longer objects, they now have cute little faces that crawl around causing all kinds of beautiful madness and chaos. And for that reason, more than ever, our hearts are set on creating the best bedrooms for our infant Sims. There’s an ocean of cribs CC available online, and today we’re handpicking the best of it to you!

sims 4 cribs cc

Sleep like a baby, Sim baby with these cribs CC!

Of course, there’s more to an infant bedroom than simply a crib, but you can’t deny the magnitude of its value. It has to look perfect for your infant’s room to come together. Everything else can come next.

The CC community of the Sims 4 have always stepped forward with everything we Simmers have ever wanted, and I promise you that this list will dazzle you.

We’re also very happy that we now contribute to this magnificent CC world as well. SNOOTYSIMS has been creating custom content for the Sims 4 for a few months now, and we’ll be sharing some of it with you today. I hope you enjoy our CC and everything else we share on this post.

A lil’ side note: A lot of the cribs below are only deco objects, and in order to make them functional, you have to download a certain mod. We’ll warn you in the description of each CC whether or not a mod is needed.

And now without any further ado, let’s get right to it now, shall we?

Cribs Cribs Cribs by Wildlyminiaturesandwich

image 33

One thing is certain when it comes to infants’ bedrooms: colors! You need to splash the room with a bit of white and blue, maybe some purple too and green? That’s why these cribs come second in my list. They have the absolute best swatches I’ve ever seen. The most fun ones!

You get two cribs that can be downloaded separately: a large crib and a smaller one. Have a look at them by visiting this page.

A great palette of swatches like the one below will never disappoint you. 😉

image 34

Click here to download!

Defaul Bassinet Override by Awingedllama

image 32

If you hate the default base-game bassinets, then you and Awingedllama have something in common. This CC is basically an override of the default bassinets, which means you won’t ever have to see those dull bassinets again. They’re now replaced by this cool crib. Here’s your download link.

image 33
What do you think?

Click here to download!

Nursery Purple Hearts Crib by Pink Baddie

image 35

Now that we’ve just talked about fun swatches, let’s talk about some actually CUTE materials. I bet you’ve seen this crib CC before, but if you haven’t, don’t skip it. Take it from a simmer who has tried it in-game and absolutely fell in love with it.

Download it from Pink Baddie’s Patreon for free.


I very much recommend that you check out our compilation of infant furniture CC. So if you’re on the sacred mission of creating the perfect infant bedroom, this compilation will surely help ya out!


Click here to download!

Candy Nursery Set by Syboulette

Screenshot 2023 04 17 165419


When it comes to actually PERFECT Sims 4 custom content, you know we have to mention Sybolutte. Her sets are simply flawless to the fullest extent. Grab this set from here.


This Candy Nursery by Syboulette has 31 new items for your babies and toddlers. Everything in this set is BGC except the playmat and the rocking chair which require Growing Together.

Screenshot 2023 04 17 165443

If you liked this set, you’re going to fall prey to our compilation of infant furniture CC. Have a look by clicking the image below.

infant furniture cc snootysims sims 4

Click here to download!

Nursery Boho Crib by Pink Baddie

image 36

Here’s yet another crib CC by Pink Baddie that we 100% recommend. It looks so cozy and a little messy – which in my humble opinion is the perfect combination for an infant’s room. Go ahead and download it from this page.


Click here to download!

A Crib Recolor for Toddlers by Pandasama

image 43

Please note that this is only a recolor and you have to grab the mesh for it to work in-game. You can find the original mesh, also by PandaSama, by visiting this link.

Your infants’ pockets will be full of sunshine with these swatches though. They cheered my heart and I’m sure they’ll also cheer yours. Have a look at it on this page.

Click here to download!

Tiny Dreamers CC Pack by My Cup of CC

image 45

I’ve shown this to a friend of mine and he was enchanted by the simplicity of the design and the coolness of the colors. Sets like this NEED to be given more credit. Have a closer look at this set and download it from this page.



Click here to download!

Rainbow Delight Crib by The Lady Gaia

image 30

This is one of those cribs you’d want to make sure you download. It’s just a colorful, exotic piece that can definitely produce the cutest baby pics! But all that aside, it’s not compatible with the base game and you have to have Growing Together for it to show up properly in-game.

Oh and it’s worth mentioning that it comes in 2 versions: with and without bars.

image 31


Speaking of colorful, rainbowic stuff, have you seen our latest CC set? Below is an in-game shot of everything the set includes. It’s available in early access on our Patreon page. Have a look here! 






Click here to download!

Simple Baby Set by Simmin My Best Life

image 47

This is just a simple baby set, brought to us by my Simmin My Best Life. The set includes a simple baby crib in 3 swatches, a bassinet in 3 swatches, too, and a deco bottle in 3 swatches. Here’s your download link.


Click here to download!

Old-Fashioned Crib for Babies by AWingedLlama

image 140

CC Creator and Simmer Awingedllama wanted to create some traditional cribs for The Sims 4, so they came up with these old-fashioned cribs that come in three versions, all with wooden tones. Each of the crib comes in 46 colors, and costs about 200 simoleons. It’s great to use these ones for rustic-themed infant bedrooms!


Click here to download!

BABY Crib Conversion from TS3

image 44

Bonus: Special Basinets for your lil’ Sim babies 😊!

These cute Sims 3 baby cribs are modified in order to work in the Sims 4. Just know that you’ll need to use any hidden baby crib mods alongside this CC. Here’s your download link.

Click here to download!

Artsy Baby Set – Rocking Chair, Nursery Crib, Snapper, Changing Table, Paintings

1 3

Perfect for cottagecore Simmers, this Artsy Baby set is inspired by Sims who likes art, cottage living and of course, Ghibli movies!

Click here to download!

The Sunny Nursery – Furniture and Decorations

3 2

Another 6 adorable items to put on your nursery room! This Sunny Nursery from dollish comes with a nursery crib, changing table, floor pouf, basket with pillows, plants, rainbow toys, wall panel and more!

Click here to download!

Updated Crib

Crib Sims41ife

This is another adorable bedroom crib for your young ones. Created by Sims4l1fe, the crib is designed as a simple and sturdy infant bed with minimalist details, which could be embellished with pillows and stuffed animals for extra comfort. The space is quite spacious too, so your infant can have plenty of wiggle space.

Click here to download!

Functional Cribs, Changing Tables and Playmats by Around the Sims 4

Screenshot 2023 04 12 122111

Screenshot 2023 04 12 130226

Click here to download!

Updated Infant Cribs

sims4 cc infants baby cribs new update

Here’s a collection of 3 updated cribs for your infants. Though they’re only available in a single swatch, I highly recommend grabbing them. How they’re decorated with these heart pillows makes them unique and fun to build.

Click here to download!

Florence Children Bedroom

Florence Children Bedroom

Check out another awesome-filled CC pack for your little ones! Called the Florence Children Bedroom, this set contains 20 pieces of objects and decorative items for your infants’ bedrooms, such as cribs, single beds, toy boxes, bookcases, wardrobes, chairs, desks, shelves, and end tables. This bedroom CC is especially nice for Sim households that have kids of all ages—infants, toddlers, and children!

Click here to download!

New Cribs

image 108

Syboulette, one of the most prolific creators of CC for The Sims 4, has also contributed to the CC-updating process for infants! Syboulette released updated versions of the cribs from the Coraline and Helios sets so that infants can use them too. The Coraline High Chair has also been updated!

Click here to download!

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