30+ Versatile Infant Furniture CC for The Sims 4 (Functional & Deco)


Of course we were going to compile a list of the best infant furniture custom content available on the internet... what were you thinking? Everyone at SnootySims has been stoked ever since the infant update and what better way to enjoy it than with some fresh furniture CC? This list has cribs, functional and deco objects, toys, clutter, playmats, nurseries, dressers, plushies and many more VERY cute stuff for your infants!

infant furniture
Furniture CC for Infants (Every Object Your Infant Needs)

Have you checked our collection of infant poses by the way? There's everything from solo to family poses with infants. Have a look by clicking the image below!

Infant Posepacks!

A List of Every Piece of Furniture Your Infant Needs!

Candy Nursery Set by Syboulette

Created by: Syboulette
Pack includes: 31 items

This Candy Nursery by Syboulette has 31 new items for your babies and toddlers. Everything in this set is BGC except the playmat and the rocking chair which require Growing Together.


Created by: SIXAM CC
Pack includes: 32 items
Compatibility: BGC!

It’s always an absolute joy when SIXAM drops a new cc pack! This one has 32 astonishing items (both deco and functional) for infants and toddlers. The pack includes a bed mattress, bed frame, chair, loveseat, a functional tent, bookcase, desk, dining table, and 6 wallpapers. On the other hand, we have ourselves a decorative bassinet, chalkboard, mobile hanger, a couple of paintings, a panda bear, stickers, a crocodile toy, and some cubes.

By the way, the bassinet can be functional using the Invisible Crib Mod which we’ve included in our main infant cc post.

Baby Boo by The Clutter Cat

Created by: The Clutter Cat
Compatibility: Everything is BGC except for the changing table. It requires Growing Together.

OMG, this set is a dream come true for my infants, and honestly myself! The package includes a dining table with chairs, a closet, rugs, funky wallpapers, a ceiling light, decorative clutter objects, and a changing table (requires Growing Together). The image below features everything this Baby Boo set has in store for you! 

Twin Crib by NicAtNite

Created by: NicAtNite
Compatibility: BGC!

If you have a small house and a lot of babies, you’re going to want this twin crib! It’s the same size as a regular crib but fits two lil’ infants. Just keep in mind that there is a teddy bear that you must place in the crib so you could place another baby in there. The crib and mattress come in a collection of swatches which you can see below!



Infant Playmat

Created by: SimsLabs
Color: 6 swatches
Compatibility: BGC!

These functional playmats are truly my favorite. They’re actually inspired by the Sims 2 store items, and they’re base-game compatible. You get this infant CC in 6 different swatches. Here are three of them:

Baby Diaper Changer Table by SIXAM CC

Created by: SIXAM CC
Compatibility: BGC!

Tuesday Magic Clutter by Jennifer JenniSims

Created by: Jennifer JenniSims
Style/Blend: Alpha/Realistic
Compatibility: BGC!

This set has 16 different clutter objects, toys, and cute plushies. You can find them under Plants.

More clutter and decorative sets by Jennifer JenniSims:

Download these sets by clicking the images. 

Set 1 – Click here to download!
Set 2 – Click here to download!
Set 3 – Click here to download!



Sofia Bassinet for Infants

Created by: Nightingale Sims
Color: 5 swatches

Get this really cute and functional Sofia Bassinet for your infant Sims, to make them feel like they’re sleeping on a cute and cuddly marshmallow bed! Trust us, they’d be sleeping so soundly. The Sofia Bassinet comes in 5 HQ-compatible colors. To use it in your game, just search for “NightingaleBabies” in Buy Mode.

Mellow Moods Mini by The Clutter Cat

Created by: The Clutter Cat
Compatibility: BGC!

Tiny Dreamers Changing Tables by NicAtNite

Created by: NicAtNite

Huge thanks to NicAtNite for those tiny dreamers! All of those changing tables have a slot for the diaper pail as well as a bunch more slots in case you wanted to add more stuff on top!

Updated Crib

Created by: Sims41ife
Style/Blend: Alpha/Realistic

This is another adorable bedroom crib for your young ones. Created by Sims4l1fe, the crib is designed as a simple and sturdy infant bed with minimalist details, which could be embellished with pillows and stuffed animals for extra comfort. The space is quite spacious too, so your infant can have plenty of wiggle space.

Jenny Nursery Decor by Severinka

Created by: Severinka
Compatibility: BGC!

This cute nursery has 9 items to offer us: a functional baby mobile, toys, rabbit, wall pennant, wall board, wall garland, rug lead, and two functional toys.

Crib/Changing Table Combo by NicAtNite

Created by: NicAtNite
Compatibility: BGC!

This is a crib/changing table combo by NicatNite. Both sides are functional and come in a variety of swatches. The crib mattress and the changing table mattress are separate, so you can mix and match different swatches!

Clutter Dump: Deco and Functional Clutter Items by Simkoos

Created by: Simkoos
Compatibility: BGC!

Everything in this set is BGC! The sweet thing is, the mini speaker and TVs in this set are functional – everything else is designed for decorative purposes.

Would you like to check SnootySims’ compilation of computer cc? Click the image below!

Tuva Part 1 by PinkBox AnYe

Created by: PinkBox AnYe
Style/Blend: Alpha/Realistic
Compatibility: BGC!

With every CC we’re including on today’s list, you’ll want to build a whole new house for your Sim family! This set has 8 new baby clutter items in store for you. Click the link below to download.


Plushies l Decor & Functional Toy by AgressiveKitty

Created by: AgressiveKitty
Style/Blend: Alpha/Realistic
Compatibility: BGC!

Who wouldn’t love themselves and their infants some cute plushies like these? You get these 4 items in two versions: one functional and another decorative.

Functional Cribs, Changing Tables and Playmats by Around the Sims 4

Created by: Around the Sims 4
Compatibility: The set requires Growing Together, except for the cribs.

Little Whiners – Base Game Changing Stations by Littledica

Created by: Littledica
Compatibility: BGC!

Little Whiners is a cute BGC set by Littledica for infants! You get a fully functional changing station, a changing table, and matching bins. They all come in a variety of unique, fun swatches. Have a look at it by following the link below.

Semi-Functional Strollers by Gloomytrait

Created by: GloomyTrait
Color: 30 swatches, dark colors and pastels
Compatibility: BGC!

These are semi-functional strollers for your infants and toddlers. It’s pretty much like a high chair in terms of function. Your Sim babies can sit, eat and nap in those strollers, and you can also keep them in your inventory. This stroller cc comes in 30 swatches. You can find it under “Chairs” in the build menu.

Toddler Changing Table by PandaSama (Updated!)

Created by: PandaSama
Style/Blend: Maxis Match
Compatibility: Base Game Compatible

This is the Toddler Changing Table by creator PandaSama. This functional CC has been around for quite some time, but has been recently updated to make way for the Infant’s patch. Teen to Elder Sims can use the table’s features for little ones, such as baby wipes, diaper baskets, folded towels, baby lotion, and many others!

Updated Infant Cribs

Created by: Pink Baddie
Style/Blend: Alpha/Realistic

Here’s a collection of 3 updated cribs for your infants. Though they’re only available in a single swatch, I highly recommend grabbing them. How they’re decorated with these heart pillows makes them unique and fun to build.

PlayingMat with STARS

Created by: LUUforYOU
Color: 10 swatches
Style/Blend: Maxis Match

Infant Sims deserve to have a lot of wiggles and playtime outside of their bassinets, too! Why not let them spend some quality fun time on this lovely play mat filled with bright stars to keep them happy? Yup! Your Sims can have a bit of free time while the infants entertain themselves with the creative star ornaments. The play mat comes in 10 colors and is fully functional for the game.

Baby Stuff Set by SimmerKate

Created by: SimmerKate
Style/Blend: Alpha/Realistic

This set is the most adorable thing I’ve seen in a while for newborns CC. It includes a bunch of objects including a clothes rail, hangers, a storage box, folder blankets, lights, bottles, rugs, and more!

How cute is this? I’m sold!

Florence Children Bedroom

Created by: Mirai_ts4

Check out another awesome-filled CC pack for your little ones! Called the Florence Children Bedroom, this set contains 20 pieces of objects and decorative items for your infants’ bedrooms, such as cribs, single beds, toy boxes, bookcases, wardrobes, chairs, desks, shelves, and end tables. This bedroom CC is especially nice for Sim households that have kids of all ages—infants, toddlers, and children!

Freja Crib (Improved and Functional)

Created by: myshunosun
Color: 26 swatches
Style/Blend: Maxis Match
Last time tested: 04-12-2023
Compatibility: BGC!

To celebrate the launch of the infant life state in The Sims 4, CC creator Myshunosun released an improved and functional version of the Freja Crib from the Freja Nursery Set, which can easily be found in the Items Catalog by typing “Freja”. This infant CC comes in 26 colorful swatches!

Sweet Lullabies Nursery Set by Renorasims

Created by: Renorasims
Color: 30 swatches
Style/Blend: Maxis Match
Compatibility: BGC!

If you like our collections of nursery room items in this list so far, then you would also love this one. CC creator Renorasims skillfully designed these incredible items for The Sims 4. This sweet nursery set includes a crib with 28 swatches, a mattress in 23 colors, a chair available in 30 hues, a giraffe stuffed toy with 3 prints, 14 different varieties of wallpapers, and others! Take note that the crib is only a decorative item.

Baby Shower Tingz by Simmin My Best Life

Created by: Simmin My Best Life
Style/Blend: Alpha/Realistic
Compatibility: BGC!

This set has 11 pieces in store for you. Check them out by visiting the link below.

You’re going to want to check out these little baby shower tingz!

New Cribs

Created by: Syboulette
Compatibility: BGC!

Syboulette, one of the most prolific creators of CC for The Sims 4, has also contributed to the CC-updating process for infants! Syboulette released updated versions of the cribs from the Coraline and Helios sets so that infants can use them too. The Coraline High Chair has also been updated!

Decorative Baby Clutter by LaSkrillz Gaming

Created by: LaSkrillz Gaming
Style/Blend: Alpha/Realistic

So, you’ve got your baby’s nursery room all prepared, what with the new cribs and toys you’ve placed, and the precious wallpapers you’ve put up. Now, the only thing missing is decorative baby items! Make your sim’s experience with babies so much more authentic with these baby clutter from LaSkrillz Gaming. This CC pack includes all kinds of baby stuff such as wipes, baby powder, baby diapers, baby shampoo and soap, baby organizers, and so much more!

True White Changing Table

Created by: L.ovelybuilds
Color: 1 swatch
Style/Blend: Maxis Match

LovelyBuildsMae is a Simmer and CC creator who was building some changing table CC for The Sims 4 when they realized that there was no white swatch available, so they went and created one for the game! Now your Sims can utilize the functionalities of a “True White” Changing Table. Talk about a refreshing change for the game!

Old-Fashioned Crib for Babies

Created by: Awingedllama
Color: 3 versions with 46 swatches each
Style/Blend: Maxis Match

CC Creator and Simmer Awingedllama wanted to create some traditional cribs for The Sims 4, so they came up with these old-fashioned cribs that come in three versions, all with wooden tones. Each of the crib comes in 46 colors, and costs about 200 simoleons. It’s great to use these ones for rustic-themed infant bedrooms!


Little Forests Wallpaper

Created by: Gladlypants
Color: 14 swatches
Compatibility: BGC!

Have you created the perfect bedroom for your tiny Sims but something seems to be missing in the design? Perhaps, you might need to add just one more detail, like a comforting wallpaper! Choose from these 14 Little Forests wallpapers for your infants’ bedroom to complete the feel of the space. Designs such as clouds, animals, balloons, birds, plants, and other pretty patterns are available!

Naturalis Nursery Set

Created by: SIMcredible!
Style/Blend: Alpha/Realistic

Another nursery set enters our list. This time, we have the Naturalis Nursery set from CC creator simcredible!designs. The CC pack is a well-crafted collection that consists of nature-inspired furniture pieces. There is so much to choose from in this refreshing set! The items include a variety of bookshelves, dressers, changing tables, and decorative cribs.

Pastel Playmat

Created by: L.ovelybuilds
Color: 31 Pastel swatches
Compatibility: Requires Growing Together EP

Take a look at this another great CC pack from Simmer and CC Creator LovelyBuildsMae! The Sims 4: Growing Together released a playmat for the Infant Sims in the game, but perhaps, these playmats need just a little more color and variety! Thus, with this CC pack, you can choose from 31 new solid pastel recolors for the playmat.

Baby Bath Seat Override

Created by: channel4sims-cc
Style/Blend: Alpha/Realistic

This CC overrides the bath seat available in the game because let’s admit it, the said in-game seat needs just a little invigorating touch! With this override, you can now choose from 12 new baby bath seat styles available. This override works with the base game, too. Have a happy time giving your tiny Sims a bath!

Wall Deco ” Baby “

Created by: Annett's Sims 4 Welt
Color: 20 Swatches
Compatibility: BGC!

One more reason to keep on creating beautiful bedrooms for your tiny ones is that you get to choose wall decorations and bedroom art to keep these spaces peaceful and relaxing. Select from 20 swatches of these baby wall decos, which are original EA meshes that are recolored by CC Creator Annett85, to prettify the said bedrooms!

Infant Play Ring Override

Created by: LUUforYOU

This is another creative override of the play mats or play rings available in The Sims 4: Growing Together! Many Simmers don’t really adore the green swatch that comes with the default play mat or play ring in the game, thus, CC Creators LUUforYOU came up with this cute version instead, which comes in a posh, pink style. For us, it is such an upgrade, too!

Bioshock Crib for Infants

Created by: Simverses

This is called the Bioshock Crib for Infants, a CC pack from fellow Simmer Medieval Sim Tailor & Carpenter. And, guess what? This CC was originally a conversion for The Sims 2! The creator then made a baby bassinet featuring this conversion, making a few tweaks in the textures and swatches for the said item.

Lullaby Nursery by Myshunosun

Created by: Myshunosun
Color: 12-21 swatches
Style/Blend: Maxis Match
Last time tested: 04-12-2023
Compatibility: 2 versions : BGC and Growing Together EP versions

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