30 Bedroom CC Packs that Will Add More Life to Your Sims 4 Bedrooms!


In this list, we have compiled the best bedroom CC packs and mods for The Sims 4! Give your sims the luxury of a cozy and refreshing slumber with these beds, pillows, room clutter, wall art, and many other awesome bedroom downloadables we gathered for you!

sims 4 bedroom cc
Bedroom CC Packs for the Sims 4!

Here are the Best Bedroom CC Packs and Mods for The Sims 4

A bedroom has always been a vital part of a Sim’s home as this space provides full rest and nourishment after a long, exhausting day. From single beds down to bunk beds and murphy beds, we have seen a lot of evolution with the bedroom objects we can use in-game to upgrade the sleeping space of our sims. Sometimes though, we just want more stuff to choose from, so we can give our Sims their best lives!

Surely, your Sims will appreciate an extra oomph for their bedrooms. So, prepare for their bedroom makeover by getting your hands on these best bedroom CC packs and mods that we collected for you!

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0. Old-Fashioned Camping Bedroom by SNOOTYSIMS

bedroom cc

If you’re old-fashioned at heart, you’ll love our bedroom set for today! It’s actually SnootySims’ very first 3D CC! You get over 15 deco and functional bedroom objects including a double bed, single bed, 3 chairs, 2 rugs, a wardrobe, a dresser with mirror, a lamp, curtains, and a few decor items.

Here’s your download link.

1. LGBTQ+ Bedroom by Catsims

LGBTQ+ Bedroom

Whether you are a member of the LGBTQ+ or not, you’d love this one we have next! It is the awesome LGBTQ+ Bedroom room CC! CC creator Catsims came up with this bedroom build to celebrate Pride Month, skillfully using the colors of the LGBTQ+ flag to design the entire room. The said room, sized at 6×8, is base game compatible and available for residential lot types. If you are interested, the speed build of the room is linked in the Patreon post.

Make the LGBTQ+ Bedroom a part of your sim’s house by downloading this gorgeous bedroom CC here.

sims 4 bedroom cc
You can’t deny the cuteness!

2. Pattern Pop Bedding by PlutoSims

bedroom cc
Sims 4 Bedroom CC by PlutoSims

This bedroom CC pack comes with bright and multicolored prints that are perfect for double beds, single beds, and toddler beds in The Sims 4. CC creator PlutoSims was inspired by the 80s feel of the Pastel Pop Kit, thereby recreating these patterns and adding more personal touches and hues. There’s a total of 32 swatches, all in all, to choose from. Download this into your mods folder already! Here’s your link.

The green color scheme is fascinating!

3. Luna Bedroom by Myshunosun

The Luna Bed pack includes a mattress, a desk chair, a faux fur rug, a dresser, a mirror, a wall art, and many others. These items are available in plenty of swatches, are all base game compatible, and have custom catalog thumbnails! Give your sims the Luna Bed bedroom cc by downloading it here.

Check out more of Myshunosun‘s creations by visiting our main furniture CC post!

4. Pink Gamer Girl’s Bedroom

If your sim is an e-gamer, a technology enthusiast, or simply someone who works from home, then this cool bedroom is a perfect fit for them! This is the Pink Gamer Girl Bedroom, a CC set from CC creator Courtneyymoon.

The said bedroom looks extremely posh. It features a Zebra bed, a Sailor Moon wall art, an eccentric-looking mirror, and lots of cute clutter and potted plants strewn around. The entire aesthetic is visually pleasing, something your sim would really like. Download!

5. Bedroom Minh Bed Double by Ung999


For number 1, we have this elegant bed from Ung999. This bedroom CC, as we’ve discovered, fits extremely well in contemporary houses and city apartments. It’s just gorgeous inside the game and we recommend it 100%! Download this bedroom CC through this link.

6. Japanese Bedroom by Sims41ife

Launched on Patreon by CC creator Sims41ife, the set includes two versions—a plain, rustic design, and a colorful, kawaii one. Let your sims sleep on a Japanese bed by getting the Japanese bedroom CC set here.

7. Bedroom Anel Wallpaper by Ung999


The Sims 4 doesn’t offer us many unique choices when it comes to wallpapers. Luckily, Ung999 has taken care of that as well, bringing us 6 adorable new ones. All of them are high quality in appearance and can go exceptionally well with the rest of her items. Don’t hesitate to try them out! You can download the set from here.

8. Bertilo Bedroom Set by Madlen

If you want to have a straightforward, contemporary design for the bedroom of your sims, then you should definitely get this Bertilo Bedroom Set from CC creator Madlen. The set features an office chair, a bed, an end table, a large and small dresser, and a desk.

The said items have a wooden, rustic design which brings a homey and cozy atmosphere to the bedroom. Simply search for “Bertilo” in Build Mode to locate the items. Download the Bertilo bedroom CC here.

9. Bedroom Set by Mechtasims

This is one of our favorite bedroom sets here on this list! Meet Mechtasims’ bedroom set, a fabulous-looking bedroom that is comprised of posh, little items and peculiar-but-beautiful clutter.

This set includes everything you can ever wish to have in your real-life bedroom—a lava lamp, a crystal incense tray, a chill pill pillow, a pearl light, a jewelry dish, a cat planter, and much other stuff that you and your sims will definitely love. Visit this Patreon post here to download this bedroom CC set!

10. Francium Double Bed by Wondymoon


We love what Wondymoon has done here for number 2! This is a simple, full-sized bed that looks so gentle and graceful, we can’t help but use it all the time! The texture of the bed is highly realistic and the colors go extremely well with it.

Here is the download link for this bedroom CC.

11. Sanrio Bedroom Set by Kirikasims

Growing up, have you been a fan of watching beloved Sanrio characters such as Hello Kity, My Melody, and Kero Keroppi, on TV? If the answer is yes, then you’d adore this CC pack from Kirikasims filled with precious items for the bedroom of your sims! The Sanrio set contains cute, quirky pieces such as a Hello Kitty hair blower, alarm clock, and hair straightener, a Kero Keroppi plushie, a Gudatema wall clutter, a Sanrio shower curtain, a My Melody bed blanket, and plenty of others!

Grab this Sanrio Bedroom Set here.

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12. Girly Mattress for Toddlers by Calisimgirl

Bedroom CC for the Sims 4: Girly Mattresses!

If you are looking for a better range of styles and colors to spruce up your toddler’s bed in the game, then try these girly mattress recolors created by Calisimgirl! This CC pack contains 12 pretty patterns which your little sims will definitely love to sleep on. Horses, clouds, snowflakes, and ocean waves are some of the variants available.

Just keep in mind that you need to download the required @spirashun bed and mattress stated in the Tumblr post to be able to use this recolor set. You can download these toddler bed recolors in the link here.

13. That’s What She Bed Bunk Bed Frame by Ravasheen

Bedroom CC: Bunk Bed!

Bunk Beds can be immensely fun! And not just for siblings or close friends! In this pack, you will find 8 recolors, both manly and girly. So if you want to save up some space and pile up your beds, then here you go! Download it here!

14. Galileo Bedroom Set by Syboulette

This custom content set by Syboulette is something that your young scientists-at-heart sims will definitely fall in love with! The Galileo Kid Bedroom is a space-themed room that includes 24 items such as a spaceship bed, a Cubbi chair, a planet rug, a Globe, a Telescope, a Space Shuttle toy, posters, a moon lamp, some homework stuff, and many others.

The items are definitely awesome and kid-friendly—the stickers are glowing in the dark, the globe is spinning, and the bedsheets and blankets are fully animated. All items are also base game compatible. Go and get the Galileo Kid Bedroom CC Set here.

15. Agnes Bedroom Set by Syboulette

Agnes Bedroom CC Set by Syboulette

Syboulette has remastered an old bedroom set and included new meshes and textures for it. Meet the Agnes Bedroom CC Pack—a hefty collection of 29-bedroom items for your sims.

Some of these items consist of a rectangle rug, a clothes rack, a sculpture, a mirror, a pile of clothes, an integrated light wall, and our favorite—a hanging bed. If you’d ask us, the Agnes bedroom stuff pack is a perfect fit for the flat of a young Bachelorette sim. Come and download the Agnes Bedroom CC Pack here.

16. Bedroom Minh Fireplace by Ung999


We all know that fireplaces never go out of style, plus it makes a bedroom ultra snug! For number 14, we once again have CC creator Ung 999 who provided us with a cozy fireplace. It has a modern design, but it looks equally charming as a classic fireplace. If you’ve got a place in your bedroom for it, then we definitely recommend you put it!

Here is the download link for it.

17. Francium Double Bed Blanket by Wondymoon


The creations of Wondymoon speak to us on another level. We especially adore this bed, which features 3 unique covers that can match the vibe of every home. Our favorite is the one with the black and white straight lines. Download this CC and then choose whichever you want as well!

Go and visit this link to download this bedroom CC.

18. Millennial Bedroom CC Set by Syboulette

Syboulette once again surprises us with awesome high-quality content. With this Millenial Bedroom Set, you will have all the items you need to design the bedroom of your young, teen Sims. The Millenial Bedroom set contains 18 items, including throw pillows, heart neon lights, notebooks, coffee cups, a study schedule, and a pile of books, among many others. Like the Galileo Bedroom set, your young sims will really get in the mood for studying with this incredible bedroom pack.

Come and download the Millenial Bedroom Pack here.

19. Messy Bedroom Clutter by SimmerKate

Of course, what bedroom would be complete without all the random clutter bestrewn around, right? No one’s perfect, because we all have those days where our bedrooms are a mess—dirty clothes on the floor, winter jackets and shoes scattered everywhere, and decorative stuff just lying all over the place. With this Messy Bedroom Clutter from SimmerKate, your sim will achieve a bedroom atmosphere that very much mirrors real life’s mess.

The Messy Bedroom Clutter bedroom CC is available for download here.

20. Blanket, Pillows, and Wall Art by Bárbara Sims

Elevate the style of your bedroom walls with this CC pack created by Bárbara Sims. Combining comfort and fashion, this CC pack contains wall art prints, bed blankets, and bed pillows! There are 33 swatches for the wall art prints, 25 colors for the Olivia blanket, 28 colors for the new blanket, and 35 colors for the pillows. Take note that you should first download the mesh indicated in the Patreon post for you to be able to use the blankets and pillows.

Download this bedroom CC set here.

Don’t miss out on those swatches!

21. Cozy Pillows, Art, and Bed by Hydrangea

Bedrooms should definitely be the most comfortable place in the house, as these dwellings are responsible for wiping off the stress that has accumulated after a long, tiring day. Of course, to make bedrooms extremely comfy, you can add lots of cozy stuff around! With this Cozy Set from Hydrangea, you have the tools at your disposal—cottage art, ruffle bed, heart pillows, rugs, tassel pouf chair, and many others—to make the bedroom of your sims the snuggest place ever.

Bedroom CC!

You can head over here to acquire the Cozy Set from Hydrangea.

22. Standing Pillow by Pihe89

Why settle for plain-looking and uninteresting pillows for your sim’s bedroom, when you can get your hands on ones with cute patterns and modern prints? CC creator pihe89 from Tumblr came up with comfy, yet stylish-looking pillows for The Sims 4. These pillows are plopped up in a standing fashion and could be placed on the bed, or on the couch. You can have fun choosing from over 24 various designs which include basic patterns, animal prints, as well as graphic designs.

Visit this site here to have your hands on these Standing Pillows bedroom CC.

23. Lavish Stuff Pack by Charly Pancakes

Do you want to create a lush atmosphere in the bedroom of your sims? Make them feel super posh by installing this Lavish Stuff Pack from CC creator Charly Pancakes! The Lavish Stuff Pack contains an abundance of CC, such as designer robes, shoes and clothes, luxury care bags, and other majestic-looking stuff. Your sim will definitely feel like a king or queen in their bedroom with these items around!

Get your Lavish Stuff Pack through this link here.

24. Tacky Beanbag by PlutoSims

What bedroom would be complete without the added fun of beanbags? These plushie sofas definitely add extra coziness to any sleeping space. And with these beanbags from CC creator PlutoSims, your sims will definitely enjoy lounging around their bedroom longer. 16 ultra-cute prints and colors are available for these beanbags. Make sure that you have The Sims 4: High School Years installed to be able to have these chic chairs in your game.

You may download this Bedroom CC through this Patreon post.

25. Sleek Slumber CC Stuff Pack by Littledica

If you are tired of seeing the bedroom items available in the game and would really want to spice up how your sim’s bedroom, then you must certainly download this Sleek Slumber Stuff Pack! CC creator Littledica released 50 items for this pack to make sure you can provide the best makeover for your sim’s room. The Sleek Slumber Pack is 100% base game compatible, except for the candle item which uses the Holiday Celebration Free Pack as its base.

Download the Sleek Slumber bedroom CC through this link.

26. Alwine Bedroom by Severinka


If you’re just too busy to build an entire room, then take a look at some designs by Severinka_. Her rooms are fantastic to live in and she has a great talent for matching colors and styles. Tell us whether you like the bright and brown one, or the black and darker one more. Here’s your download link.

27. Bedroom pillows by ung999

sims 4 bedroom cc

And why don’t we add some pillows to make everything look richer! These stunning designs have taken the internet over and they’re currently counting a 315,000 downloads at The Sims Resource. Yellow, black, blue, grey – pick your favorite version or get them all and go wild! Here’s your download link.

28. Bedroom Minh – Throw Blanket by ung999

bedroom cc

But the bed doesn’t always have to look perfectly. So why don’t you relax and some of these messy thrown blankets by Ung999? They belong in the clutter category and they come in three different designs. More clutter CC is listed here! Here’s your download link.

29. Bed Blanket Angel by Severinka

bedroom cc

If you’ve really liked the previous messy blankets, Severinka_ has made some more! Although the color options here are bright, they’re also very gentle shades and don’t break the feel of the room once you try them out. Head over to The Sims Resource or download them quickly from our link! Here’s your download link.

30. Bedroom Minh – End Table by Ung999


Bed end tables aren’t a necessary piece, but they can enhance the looks of your rooms if you set them right. Ung999 has done these with a great care to not steal all the attention in the room but to certainly not be invisible too. So if you like them, then definitely give them a try! Here’s your download link.

In Conclusion

We do hope that you liked this list! With the best bedroom cc and mods we collected for you, you’ll surely be able to revitalize your tired sims and provide them the ultimate snooze time at night. All these bedroom CC and mods will definitely boost the comfort and upgrade the design of your sims’ sleeping spaces. 😴 Happy simming simmers!

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