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Make the most personalized Sims ever with Sims 4 mask CC! Give your characters a stunning new style by using your imagination! There are masks for any event, ranging from well-known faces to enhancing your Sim’s appearance! Masks work well for any makeover, not just Halloween or special occasions! Check out our list of mask cc & mods for The Sims 4!

SnootySims Mask CC Finds

Moriel’s Mystique: The Overseer Outfit & Mask Ensemble (AlphaCC Clothing Sets)

240049 overseer outfit mask by moriel sims4 featured image

AlphaCover Chronicles: Unveiling the Masked Marvels (#AlphaCC)

289780 mask sims4 featured image

AlphaCC’s Enigma: Unveiling the Hunting Grounds Mask

209988 hunting grounds mask sims4 featured image

AlphaChronicles: Unveiling the Historian’s Palette (Facemask Edition)

256345 facemask in historian pallette sims4 featured image

TinyTots Shield: Kid-Friendly Face Masks (ChildCC, AlphaCC)

268621 face masks for children sims4 featured image

Horresco’s Vision: Revolutionizing Underwater Adventures (Diving Mask Innovation)

248767 ea diving mask override no more diving logo by horresco sims4 featured image

Saw’s Menace Unleashed: Amanda Young (The Pig) in Dead by Daylight – Billie Mask by Mimoto-Sims #AlphaCC

301104 dead by daylight the pig amanda young billie mask by mimoto sims sims4 featured image

DarkKnightSims Unveils (AlphaCC): The Enigmatic Dark Side Face Mask

215628 dark side face mask by darknighttsims sims4 featured image

Cuupidon’s Canine Couture: Puppy Hair, Masks & Collars (#AlphaHair)

342216 cuupidon puppy hair mask collar sims4 featured image

Ashwwa’s Enigma: Unveiling the Hannya Mask Mystique (#AlphaCC)

296650 ashwwa hannya mask sims4 featured image

Mystique’s Ensemble: Arsene Headdress, Mask, and Scarf (Ultimate Accessory Guide)

309549 arsene headdress mask and scarf sims4 featured image

AlphaCC’s Ariana Emporium: Sweetener Tour Gear & ‘Thank U, Next’ Masks (#Worlds Exclusive)

205391 ariana grande official store sweetener world tour merchandise thank u next face mask sims4 featured image

Algu Daily Elegance: Transformative Mask Necklace (#Accessories #Jewelries #FemaleNecklaces)

252522 algu daily mask necklace sims4 featured image

AlphaStrap Elegance: Revolutionizing Comfort with Chaeban Mask Straps #AlphaCC

271651 chaeban mask strap sims4 featured image

AlphaStreet Gear: Urban Techwear Set (Hoodie, Pants, Mask, Hat) by Give Me A Nickname

290100 cas urban techwear hoodie pants face mask bucket hat by give me a nickname sims4 featured image

Cascarano’s Ensemble Trove (Pt. 3: Male Footwear, Pet Gear, Makeup, Headwear & Jewelry)

317106 accessory collection pt three by cascarano sims4 featured image

AlphaMasker Max14 (Downloadable Emotion Masking Tool with Alpha Channel Compatibility)

315483 em mask sims4 featured image

BunnyBun Mask (AlphaCC, Hair Accessories, Female Buns)

334575 bunny mask sims4 featured image

Party Look Accessories Pack (Neck Chokers/ Earrings/ Eyemask/ Headband) [ALPHA]

Party Look Accessories Pack

Enchantment Mask: Uni Expansion, 16 Swatches, Teen-Elder, Unisex, CAS Bug Notice


Halloween Skull Mask Makeup for Female [ALPHA]

Halloween Skull Mask Makeup for Female

Scary Movie Face Mask Accessory and Wall Decors [ALPHA]

Scary Movie Ghost Face Mask Accessory [ALPHA]

Halloween Pumpkin Head Accessory for Male and Female [MM]

Halloween Themed Pumpkin Head Accessory for Male and Female [MM]

ใ€333ใ€‘Love bow eye mask

333 love bow eye mask san33

Spring Mask

333 spring mask san33

This Spring Mask is a cute additional accessory that you can let your Sims wear during the spring season. In real life, these masks are an essential protection from pollen, which are everywhere!

Hat and Mask with Chain Detail [Alpha]

hala hala hat mask addons pralinesims

Sims 4 Mask CC

image 2022 01 23 031031

Bet you didn’t see this one coming! Add a new twist to your game with this unique and detailed mask that will make your Sims look like they stepped out of a tv show. It will surely give your characters a dash of artistry. It’s a mask for all ages and genders. Install here.

Face mask set

image 2022 01 23 031351

Wear it like an earmuff, on one ear only! The A Sims 4 mask on one ear custom content is the perfect accessory to any outfit.โฃ โฃAnd truth be told, we’ve all seen us wear them on our real faces before. Now, we can wear them on your Simโ€™s face! Get it here.

Mask top

image 2022 01 23 030632

It’s available in a total of 6 colors for your female sims. Here’s your download-link.

The Fool Mask

image 2022 01 23 020703

This Sims 4 mask comes in 8 different colors and it is unisex. Oh and it works with glasses! Check it out by visiting this page.

Witness Mask

image 2022 01 23 023705

There is a total of 19 Swatches from the mask and it works with male and female teens to elderly Sims. To install this one, follow this page.

Duchess Sims 4 Mask cC

image 2022 01 23 024202

You can find up to 43 different swatches for this mask. And it works on all genders, from teen to elder, by the way! Install it from this page.

KETA Face Masks

image 2022 01 23 025414

These masks come in two styles: one with a glitter coating and one that’s more plain. Both come in a range of colors and are unisex too. For easy download, follow this page.

Plasma mask (unisex) Dansimsfantasy

Plasma mask unisex. Dansimsfantasy

If your characters suffer from allergies, this mask will offer them great protection. Feel free to download it here, don’t worry it’s all free.

Mother War full Gas Mask

sims 4 gas mask 1

The mask consists of a tube that carries oxygen and fresh air to the gas mouth, as well as an opening at the mouth that allows exhalation. It is fixed around the head with several ties. The mask is only suitable for females between the ages of teenage and middle-aged, as it has a somewhat scary appearance that would be suitable for war. It has eye openings to facilitate visibility. To download this mask, click here.

Toskasims sims 4 mask

Gas Mask

We will start with this black mask, suitable for adult Sims characters. This Black mask with mouth vents has a double filtration system. It keeps air entering the mouth and nose clean, preventing poisoning and protecting against the effects of toxic gases. It is designed for lovers of black, and you can check out the download link from here.

MahuyuFull Gas Mask Half

MahuyuFull Gas Mask Half Gas Mask

The mask comes in completely black color, covering the eye area with transparent lenses. It can be completely black or red depending on the design. We highly recommend you download it for your characters to use in the game, you can get it from here.

BLM Face Masks by Wistful Castle

image 187 edited

8 swatches of face scarf in solid colors and BLM patterns. See the other colors and download them here.

Sleep Eye Mask

img 11

Beauty sleep is essential, and so is this sleeping mask by Marigold! This is a chance to spoil your girls and give them a well-deserved rest. It’s so nicely textured and soft, it will make you want to get a similar one for yourself. For more info, go here!

It is our hope that you had a great time with this list of the best Sims 4 mask custom content out there. The best Sims 4 custom content will make your Sims 4 experience a lot more satisfying, and we’ve created a list of some of the best mods below.

If this article helped you in any way or inspired you to try out some other Mods, please let us know what you think by commenting below!

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