The Best 15 Brainy Lab Coat CC for TS4

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There’s something special about seeing your sims dress up in professional attire. It gives them a sense of maturity and responsibility. If you’re looking for some new lab coats for your sims, check out this article. You’ll find a great selection of lab coat CC packs that will make your sims look their best.

sims 4 Lab coat cc
Lab Coat CC Packs for the Sims 4

Be that mad scientist or Doctor You know you can be!

Lab coats are worn in the scientist and medical careers. Other outfits can also take inspiration from lab coats. They end up looking quite similar to these interesting pieces of clothing. In The Sims 4, this is no different! We have gone through and found the top 15 pieces of lab coat cc that we believe stand out amongst the rest.

Read on to see what they are!

15. The Scientist Palette

lab coat cc

The Scientist Palette is a recoloring for a comfortable coat by Melonsloth. You can see that the coat itself resembles a labcoat in a way, but is much fancier. With the Scientist palette added to the coat, it really makes the outfit pop! Go here to download.

14. NHS Nurse Uniform

Untitled 40

The NHS Nurse Uniforms by Teknikah add to the scrubs you get in the Get to Work DLC. While these aren’t exactly lab coats, you can tell they have a similar style and are inspired by them.

This mod is for both male and female sims, young adults all the way to the elder so almost everyone has a chance to sport it. Click here to download and have your nurse be walking around in style.

13. WW1 Nurse Uniform

lab coat cc

The WW1 VAD Nurse Uniform by Dancemachinetrait gives your sims the to wear a lab coat-inspired outfit that will make them feel like they are a part of the history books. When it comes to this mod, there are a total of 3 swatches and even occult sims are able to wear it! Do you want your sim to be a piece of history? Well, click here to download.

12. Plague Doctor Outfit

Untitled 42

The Medieval/Plague Doctor Outfit by Kennetha_v goes even further back in history than the previous entry does! This lab-inspired outfit comes with a robe and a mask. Once your sim puts this on they will feel like they have stepped all the way back to the times when you have to worry about the plague. Hope your sim isn’t afraid of rats!

Click here to download. Doesn’t matter if you are using it as a doctor uniform or to have your sim scare the crap out of their neighbors.

11. Nurse Scrubs for Men

Untitled 43

The Nurse Scrubs for Men not only gives your sims in the medical career something else to wear but also has an override. With this override, all the nurses at sims hospitals will be wearing these lab-inspired scrubs. It even comes with a stethoscope which is pretty convenient when you think about it.

Want your male nurse sims to be walking around in style? Well, click here.

10. Hospital Staff Outfit

Untitled 44

The Hospital Staff Outfits by ZitaRossouw is a set that comes with two creations. There is a lab coat outfit for doctors and other outfits for the rest of the hospital staff.

In order to use either of these, you need the Pets pack and Get together Pack so make sure you have those. If you don’t, your sim won’t be able to sport these stylish work outfits. Click here to download.

9. Nurse and Doctor Outfits

Untitled 45

The Nurse and Doctor Set pictured here by ZitaRossouw is basically a recolor of the hospital staff outfits for female sims by Maxis Match. In order for this to work, you do need the Dine Out and Get 2 Work packs. Once you have that, your sim will be looking sharp at work! Go here to download.

8. Dr. Mika With Stethoscope

lab coat cc

The Dr. Mika with Stethoscope by Mizza12 is a piece of custom content for men only. It looks like the classic doctor’s lab coat but it is very classy. Any sim in the medical profession will be looking more than professional with this piece of custom content. You can go here to download.

7. Male Lab Coat

lab coat cc

The Male Lab Coat by Nell-le is another take on the classic doctor’s lab coat. It’s base game compatible and comes with a total of 15 swatches. It is only for male sims so unfortunately, your female sims will have to wear something else to work. To download go here.

6. Sandwich Lab Coats

lab coat cc

The Sandwich Lab Coats are a new take on the classic lab coat. Instead of that typical, white color that can sometimes get boring, you get to choose from a bunch of different colors. There are shades of green, yellow, blue, red, purple, and more! To go crazy with pastels, click here to download.

5. Lab Coat Recolors

Untitled 49

These Lab Coat recolors by the Deeliteful Simmer give the base laboratory coats in the sim games a new look. Once your doctor sims put these on, they will be looking sharp and ready to get to work. However, if you do plan to use these you do need the Get to Work DLC.

What are you waiting for? Go ahead and start creating your cool Sim doctor! Download.

4. Institutionalized Lab Coats

Untitled 50

All right so the Institutionalized Lab Coats by Simshenko perhaps have an odd name, but once you get past that and look at the lab coats, you’ll understand how amazing it is.

It comes with a bunch of Institute-inspired outfits. With your sim wearing these instead of the regular uniforms, they are going to be the boss… perhaps even their own boss! Here’s your download link.

3. Dead by Daylight Doctor

Untitled 51

Is the Dead by Daylight Doctor Outfit by Mimoto-sims creepy? Yes, of course, it is. However, it is very cool and doesn’t even have to work for Halloween. It comes with the original outfit you see above and a weapon. If you show up for work wearing this, everyone will make sure to listen to you. Or run away depending on their level of fear. Do you wanna be a mad scientist? Then click here to download.

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2. Doctor Outfit Set

Untitled 52

The Doctor Set by Beto features a full-body style doctor lab coat. It comes with a total of 13 swatches and is for males only. Besides that requirement, teens all the way to elders are able to wear this. Click here to download this uniform that is sure to keep all the germs off your sims.

1. Women’s Doctor Uniform

Untitled 53

Finally, we reach our number one spot which belongs to the Doctor Uniform for Women Project override. It comes with a total of 15 swatches for your sim to wear, but not only that it has an override! This means that all the female doctors in the sims hospitals will be wearing these outfits. Click here to download this lab coat CC.

Final Thoughts

And there we have it all your sims, lovers, out there! This is the best lab coat cc we have found and while there are others out there, these ones are unique and stand out in our minds. So what are you waiting for? Go download it!

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