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We all spend tons of time designing our sims’ formal dress and outfits compared to any other outfit. Most people prefer to choose a unique hairstyle for the formal outfit and some even a unique makeup look! So today we decided to make this process even more difficult for you, by giving you a list of our favorite formal dresses for the sims 4! These have been hand-picked by blog pages and big websites like Mod The Sims and The Sims Resource! Enjoy!

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Sims 4 Formal Dress CC Female

Short Female Formal Dress in White Variations

Formal Dress - White Variations

This is Bronwynn’s white variation for the dress we saw below. This variation features more red and less white. Specifically, the white is only in a line underneath the breasts, flattering your sim’s figure whatever that may be! Click here to add it to your collection!

Fancy Sims 4 Formal Dress

ChloeM-Formal Dress2

This dreamy dress by Chloemmm is ideal for your more alternative sims. It’s a maxi dress, meaning that it is very long and made in an A-line, which means that it widens the further down you go. It also has unique looking sleeves that sit on your sims elbows.

Elegant Sims 4 Formal Dress

Formal Dress N1

This beautiful long dress is ideal for your sims’ nightly outings. It comes in 3 ombre variations, red, green, and purple. We love how it fades from black to each color! It is also strapless making it a bit more formal. Click here to download it.

Female Formal Dress for Official Events

212 - Formal dress

We love this designer-like dress from Sims2fanbg! It comes in 12 unique solid color variations. This lengthy dress is ideal for your sims that just love feeling like they’re a celebrity! We love its little details like the straps that are in a V shape over the breasts. Click here to grab it from The Sims Resource.

Floral Formal Dress

S4 Floral Formal Dress

This dress by Margeh-75 is a great pick for your elegant sims. It’s essentially a 2-piece dress, with a nice, semi-tight black blouse and a midi skirt that reaches just over the knees on a rose pattern. It’s also backless and pretty tight-fitting overall so that it flatters your sim’s figure. Click here to add it to your collection!

Sims 4 Formal Dress – Black Variations

Formal Dress - Black Variations

This beautiful formal dress by Bronwynn is really something else! We love its black variation and how they have paired it with bright, fire-red. It has a deep V cut and is sleeveless, making it ideal for the summer days. Click here to download it from ModTheSims.

Queen Formal Dress – Bruxel

Queen Formal Dress - Bruxel

Sometimes you just feel like creating a sim that feels like royalty. This beautiful formal dress is going to bring the queen out of your sim! With nice details that include little gemstones, gold, and dark red, this dress will definitely make your sim feel like a new-age queen!

Hot Sims 4 Formal Dress

ChloeM-Formal Dress

This beautiful maxi dress is going to be your sim’s go-to for their elegant, formal outings. With a wide neckline and long sleeves, this dress is perfect for any occasion where your sims just need to be a little more serious. Click here to download this amazing dress by Chloemmm.

Gold Brocade Formal Dress

Gold Brocade formal dress-Mesh Needed

This mesmerizing dress is perfect for your sims’ balls. It has kind of a medieval look with a modern twist on the top half. It’s sleeveless with a U neckline and a bare back. A sexy yet elegant choice for your female sims. Click here to download this dress from the Sims Resource!

Oliva Formal Dress

Oliva Formal Dress - Mesh needed

This beautiful dress by Neinahpets is one of our favorites. Long and elegant, it will make your sims stand out from the crowd when they attend formal events. It comes in a dark green color while the top fades to a nice indigo. A truly great pick!

The Party Queen Formal Dresses

The Party Queen Formal Dresses

Make your sim feel like the queen of the party with this dress by Saliwa. A mini dress with long sleeves, it will really make your sims stand out. It comes in two variations, blue and red and the texture of the dress has a shiny feel to it. Get it for your sim here.

Come True- Formal Dress

Come True- Formal Dress

This amazing dress by Javasims is both flattering and elegant, making it a must-have to your formal dress collection! It’s a maxi dress and doesn’t have any sleeves, giving it a finer look. It has a geometric floral pattern and comes in a total of 6 recolors! Click here to download this dress by Javasims.

Female One Shoulder Formal Dresses

Female One Shoulder Formal Dresses

We love this really modern take on this dress by Saliwa. Half of the dress is black and long-sleeved while the other half features a different color and is sleeve-less. A truly unique dress that will make your sim stand out from the crowd!

Female Button Formal Dresses

Female Button Formal Dresses

And last but not least, another creation by Saliwa, this time a classy and elegant mini dress. It is long-sleeved and has an A-line fit, meaning that it doesn’t latch on to your sim’s skin. We love its deep V neck and the little button details on the side! A great addition to your collection!

Formal Dresses Mods for Toddlers, Childs and Kids

Little Lady Formal Dress

Little Lady Formal Dress

Another great pick for your little lady sims! This beautiful black and white dress has a few red details that you’re going to love. It’s perfect for the formal occasions that you want your little girls to attend! Click here to grab this beautiful dress on The Sims Resource.

Long Toddler Formal Dress

Long toddler formal dress

Who said that toddlers can’t be a part of your formal social events? Now they can be the star of the day with this dress by Trudieopp. A long dress in an A-line and with puffy sleeves, it will offer your toddler comfort while still keeping them stylish. Click here to add it to your toddler’s closet.

Ivory Children Sims 4 Formal Dress

Ivory formal dress

This beautiful dress by Trudieopp is perfect for any kind of formal occasion. It comes in a white color with some gold hues. Its layering makes it even more flattering when it comes to your sim’s figure and its string details make it a unique pick. Grab it here from The Sims Resource.

Long Toddler Formal Dress Recolor

Long Toddler Formal Dress Recolor - Mesh needed

This ombre recolor by Ladyseiko is one of our favorites. Toddlers don’t get much love when it comes to formal attire so it’s nice seeing creators taking the time to recolor dresses or make new ones. They have added a total of 20 solid recolors and given the dress an ombre style!

Sims 4 Toddler Formal Dress

Formal dress

These formal dresses for your younger sims are just adorable and stylish at the same time! It comes in 6 color variations and five of them feature a lovable leopard print somewhere, whether it will be on the main fabric or the bow belt. We especially love the lace one though!

Winter Sims 4 Formal Dress

Winter formal dress

This winter dress is going to be loved by your younger sims! Its A-line fit makes it stylish and comfortable so your little ones can still around and be kids while wearing it. It comes in a total of 4 recolors, purple, red, blue, and black.

Queen Bee Formal Dress

Queen Bee Formal Dress

This beautiful little dress is part of a bigger clothing set that revolves around a “queen bee” thematic. It is black and white with a silver ribbon and has a nice floral pattern with a few bees here and there! Because sometimes our little sims don’t have to wear dresses that look “grown-up”.

More clothes for your Sims

You are still hungry for more CC? Then have a look at our post on the best clothes mods and CC for The Sims 4! Find more female outfits in our list on the best clothes and outfits for female sims.

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