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The Most Awesome Fan-made Sims 4 Makeup CC & Mods for The Sims

In this list, you will find the greatest sims 4 makeup creations for your sims. The list includes creations from ModTheSims and TheSimsResource as well as mods from a number of fansites. We hope you like the list. Let us please know if we have missed any makeup mod for The Sims 4. You want to check further cool makeup creations? Then have a look at these posts:

The Best custom Sims 4 Makeup Mods in 2020

Mouth Corners N03

In need of the perfect makeup for your Sims? Don’t worry – we got you covered! With a gentle touch on the mouth corners, this mod has risen to tremendous popularity. Over 800,000 downloads on The Sims Resource! Don’t wait and download it from our direct link here.

sims 4 makeup

Ginevra Skin

Tired of the boring and predictable skin options in The Sims 4? This CC is an absolute revolution when it comes to personalizing your Sims. Here are 20+ different shades and we promise that there is one for every taste! We have to thank the wonderful Sayasims who created the mod which you can download directly from this link.

sims 4 makeup

Vivia Eyeliner N67

And here we have something by the famous Pralinesims! He has given a glorious eyeliner and perfectly matching eye lashes to the base model – and has made something special! You can also enjoy this makeup if you hurry up and download it from here!

Sims 4 Makeup Mod

Skin Sims 4 Makeup Set for Asian

You’re playing with Asian Sims? We’ve found a treasure among the Sims 4 CC and we know that you’ll love it! This skin mod comes with 23 different shades and you can tone it up and down to find your perfect one! The creator is Remussirion who has published this mod at The Sims Resource. And for a super quick download, follow this link.

Sims 4 Makeup CC for Asians

Dimples N04

If you absolutely love dimples – this sims 4 makeup mod will be a real gem for you! This mod comes with 5 different variations which you can choose from. You can also customize the makeup on either side of the mouth individually, so it really is something special! Visit The Sims Resource for a download or click on our direct link here.

makeup mod

Sims 4 Makeup Harmony Eyelashes N79

Finally – fabulous eyelashes that match the beauty of your Sim! Magnify your stunning appearance and shine with your new killer-look! This mod is a big yes-yes for every Simmer out there, no matter which type of female Sim you play! It is created by Pralinesims and you can download it directly from here. Wanna check further awesome eyelashes? Just follow this link!

makeup mod

Nosemask N01

And another quality-of-life change by Pralinesims is this super cool custom sims 4 makeup mod. It gently touches the base nose and smooths it into perfection. The popularity really speaks for the CC here as well – over 340,000 downloads on The Sims Resource. And you can get it for yourself from this link.

makeup mod

Mia Eyelashes N93

Long and lavish eyelashes for a dazzling look – that is what this mod offers! The amazing set of eyelashes comes with 2 shading versions and 5 colors, so you can easily make it suit every Sim you create! The creator is once again Pralinesims and you can download his mod from here.

makeup mod

Night Dream Face Make-up

Here is an interesting idea if you are stuck or bored with the ordinary looks. Mask your Sim with this terrific makeup mod and give them an air of mystery! In white or black, we’re sure that you’ll enjoy this CC as we did! The creator is Altea127 and you can find her mods at For a quick download click on this link.

makeup mod

Full Exposure Eyelashes

And if you are all for the killer-look type – check out these striking eyelashes! Fully exposed, they can charm anyone at any time – and you only need to download them for yourself! We found this awesome mod at The Sims Resource where it was published by Queen beexxx21. But for a super quick download you can use this link.

makeup mod

Naturally Thick Eyelashes

Now we have something magical! This pair of eyelashes is simply enchanting to look at, and they make for a wonderful addition to your makeup collection. The mod is highly popular and sought after among the Sims 4 community, so you need to hurry up and get it for yourself from here!

makeup mod

Crybabies // Doe Eyes

Eyes as gentle as does! This mod is an invaluable treasure for us Simmers because it gives us these adorable and dreamy eyes which we can’t resist! The quality is unparalleled and the community loves it – over 300,000 downloads! All the credits go to Crybabies for this CC which you can download from here.

makeup mod

Even more awesome Sims 4 Makeup Creations!

S-Club WM ts4 Eyelashes 201711 (Sims 4 Makeup Pack)

One more highly popular eyelashes mod is this gorgeous one! The beauty here really speaks for itself and as plus it comes with 10 different colors which you can maneuver for different occasions. The creator of this CC is S-club and you can download it from hee.

makeup mod

S-Club WM ts4 Eyelashes 201716

S-club certainly knows how to design beautiful eyelashes and he has broken downloads records with these ones as well! They really lie brilliantly on the face and put the eyes in focus. Plus, they are usable for male Sims too, so do not wait too much and download them directly from this link.

makeup mod


Pretty up those cheeks with this great blush by Nightcrawler sims! Give your Sims a glowing face and let them enjoy the elegance of the good looks. This makeup mod is one of the most shared ones within the public so it’s no wonder that you find it in our list too. The direct download link is here.

makeup mod

Harley Quinn Make-up 2016

Fans of Harley Quinn watch out – here is her ultimate weapon! This wonderful makeup CC will transform your regular Sims into something truly extraordinary and unleash their inner chaos! We found this mod at but you can download it directly from our link here.

makeup mod

Runette Liquid Lipstick N127

And if lipstick is what you’re missing to make your looks complete – here is little pack of amazing looking ones! The mod comes in 50 different colors so the only problem you’ll have is picking the right one for your Sim! Don’t hesitate too much for this CC and download it from this link.

makeup mod

S-Club WM ts4 Eyelashes 201709

We admit that we can’t get enough of great eyelashes! That’s why we seek and find mods like this one from S-club. This CC is also wildly famous and it is downloaded more than 300,000 times on The Sims Resource. Why not try it for yourself? Go to this link to download it for yourself.

makeup mod

Crystal Clear Lipgloss Pack N01

But your lips won’t be complete without this lip gloss mod! This awesome addition has 60 different variations and ways to make the lips of your Sims glow like never before. You can play with them and find the one that shines the most! You can download this CC from here.

makeup mod

Puppet Lashes N34

The Sims Resource is our Go-To place for finding new and amazing things for our Sims. There we found this lovely eyelashes mod by Pralinesims as well. It comes in 3 version and 5 different colors so you can really match it to your Sims. The direct download link is here.

makeup mod

Sims 4 Makeup Box To Be Filled Set

Here we have an exclusive mod for your exclusive Sims – a beautiful set of makeup looks! Everything here can be changed into a different color or shade, so making it personal is not a problem. You can place it wherever you want in the game and enjoy your proper makeup station! Check out for more info and updates, or quickly download the CC from here.

makeup mod

November Jewel Sims 4 Makeup Set

And for the end of this list we have something truly special! An entire makeup kit that we promise you won’t get bored of! Eyes and eyelashes, blushes and lipsticks – this mod has nearly endless ways to pretty up your Sims. The combinations and customizations are really invaluable and we think that you must have this mod! The source of this CC is buy you can download it directly from here. Enjoy!

makeup mod

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