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Would you like your Sims to have twins, triplets, quadruplets, or even more babies? Twins Chats are the way to go! Keep reading to discover how to use these cheats to have as many babies in Sims as you like.

sims 4 twins cheats
Learn How to Have Twins and Tripplets With These Twins Cheats for the Sims 4!

Learn the Cheat to Get Twins in The Sims 4!

One of the easiest cheats to use in The Sims 4 is the one to make your Sim pregnant with twins. This is a relatively very easy problem to solve, despite being a headache for many simmers. The pregnancy process in The Sims 4 runs on a pure chance, so if you’re desperately trying to get your Sim to have twins, then you might need a cheat!

Otherwise, you can end up spending numerous hours of your time poking at odds to make this happen. And while not impossible, twin pregnancy without a cheat is definitely a tricky thing in The Sims 4! First, you have to work on your relationship. Then there are the actual attempts. And in the end you end up just not receiving twins, right?

But don’t worry! Here we will teach how to use the twins cheat for The Sims 4, so you always get twins or triples whenever you want. It’s a slight modification that you have to do on your part, but it’s fairly quick and easy. Let’s begin!

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How to Activate Cheats in The Sims 4?

The first thing that you need to do if you want to use the twins cheat in The Sims 4 is to enable cheats in your game. We highly recommend you to watch this video if you’ve never done it before, or just follow our simple steps below and you’ll be absolutely fine!

  1. Step 1: Open the console command box by holding down the SHIFT + CTRL + C keys on your keyboard. Note that for Mac users, the shift button becomes CMD. And for console users, pressing the four triggers on the back of the controller will get your job done.
  1. Step 2: Type the testingcheats true in the command console box. This is the default cheat code in The Sims 4 that activates the usage of all other cheats, including the twins cheat. Without inserting it first, your cheats simply won’t work!
  1. Step 3: Press ENTER. Shortly after completing this step, you’ll receive a message that cheats are now activated in your game. And when that happens, you can proceed with adding the twins cheat for The Sims 4!
enabling cheats
Enabling cheats!

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How to Use the Twins Cheat in The Sims 4?

To use this cheat, you’ll have to know your Sim’s ID.

Every Sim character inside The Sims 4 has a “factory” number, issued by the game itself. This number is ultimately hidden from the players, since we distinguish the Sims by their names, looks, etc. However, this ID number can be revealed by a cheat and it’s a necessary part for using the twins cheat as well!

To do this, simply type sims.get_sim_id_by_name First Name Last Name after enabling your cheats with testingcheats true. In the space of “First Name” and “Last Name”, you should put the correct name of the Sim you’re trying to get pregnant with twins. For example, if your Sim is called Martha Smith, the cheat line would be sims.get_sim_id_by_name Martha Smith. And the ID number should be something like this: 164359347556807236.

sims twin cheat

Next, you want to use the actual twins cheat: pregnancy.force_offspring_count Sim ID here Number of babies. This might be confusing, so we’ll break it down.

The first part, pregnancy.force_offspring_count, is the core of the cheat and it should never change. But the Sim ID and the number of babies you want that Sim to have will depend on you. In our example, the correct cheat line would be pregnancy.force_offspring_count 164359347556807236 2. In this case, our Sim called Martha Smith, with an ID number of 164359347556807236, will become pregnant with two twin babies of random genders!

sims 4 twins cheats
Sims 4 Twins Cheat

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How to Get Pregnant With Triplets, Quadruplets, or more babies with Cheats?

Sims allows you to have up to 8 family members and you can use the same cheat to get your Sims to have more babies. This means that you can’t have more than 7 babies, as you’ll need at least one adult Sim to give birth to and care for babies. Pregnancy.force_offspring_count Sim ID number of babies, so in the case of Martha Smith, if you want to have quadruplets, for instance, type pregnancy.force_offspring_count 16435934755687236 4, and she will become pregnant with 4 babies.

How to Give Birth to Multiple Babies Using Cheats?

If you are impatient to expand your family, to get them to go into labor just type sims.add_buff buff pregnancy_inlabor and boom, Martha is now a mom of 4! If you like, you can then choose a gender for each baby. To do that, click and press SHIFT on a baby to open a CAS menu, and there you can change the gender of the baby.

Why are my twins cheats not working?

Some cheats were disabled when Sims 4: Seasons was released. If your twins cheats are not working, you’ll need the help of a mod to activate them. Your best bet is to get AllCheats Mod installed. If you are having trouble using cheats even after the mod is installed, check out this guide.

How to Have Twins in Sims 4? (without cheats or mods)

If you didn’t know, it’s totally possible to have twins in Sims 4 even without using cheats or mods. There are actually a couple of ways you can do this, but you’ll need one or two Sims 4 DLCs. Here’s my recommended way of having twins in Sims 4:

  1. Have the City Living expansion pack.
  2. Enter the Build Mode and click on the Lot Info Panel.
  3. Choose the On Ley Line trait.
  4. Go and Try for Baby.

Once the WooHoo animation is done, you can have your Sim take a pregnancy test. The On Ley Line trait massively increases the chances of becoming pregnant with twins, so you’ll likely get twins on the first or second try. 

Another method of having twins in Sims 4 is to buy Fertile Reward from the store for 3000 points. This item will increase your fertility and increase your chances of having twins.

In the end, you can also try the Fertility Massage on Spa Day. It might not be the most effective way, but it can get the job done.

And that’s how to have twins in Sims 4 without any cheats or mods.


The twins cheat for The Sims 4 isn’t a hard tool to use at all. However, most people are unaware of it, since twin pregnancy can also happen in a natural way in the game, and it’s a type of thing you only want in particular households. But once you use the twins cheat a couple of times, you’ll get familiar with the notion of getting the ID first, then typing the number of babies you want. And after that, it’s on you to care for them!

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