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There is always something new and exciting in the modding community of the Sims 4. The latest trend to hit the scene? 3D eyelashes! These thick, long lashes are taking over, and we could not be more thrilled. If you’re looking to add some extra oomph to your Sim’s look, these 3D eyealshes cc are the way to go! Enjoy!

3d eyelashes cc
3D Eyelashes CC for the Sims 4!

Stunning Collection of 3D Eyelashes for the Sims 4

Forget about regular ol’ lashes, because 3D eyelashes are now where it’s at! If you want to give your Sims a bold and sultry look, then you need to get your hands on a pair of these bad boys. They’re perfect for creating outgoing Sims. So what are you waiting for? Get downloading and give your Sims the best lashes around!

Find even more custom eyelashes and makeup content below!

1. 3D Eyelashes by Sapphire

If you’re looking for a more subtle, natural look when it comes to 3D eyelashes, then these are the lashes to get for your simmies! Sapphire has got 6 options, each in 3 shades. Here’s your download link.

2. 3D snow eyelashes by S-Club

S-Club has outdone themselves yet again with an amazing new set of eyelashes for the Sims 4! These cute lashes, complete with snow particles, are the perfect addition to any Sim’s winter wardrobe. They come in 38 different swatches and 2 colors (black and white). Here’s your download link.

3. 3D Eyelash v3 by MMSIMS

sims 4 3d eyelashes

One of our favorites and it had to be come as number one on this list. These pretty natural lashes are for both male and female sims. And they work on characters from teen to elder. You get plenty of versions to choose from, 30 to be exact. For easy download, visit this page.

4. Eyelash v4 by MMSIMS

MMSIMS have been doing such a fine job because these lashes shine! This set is available in 45 swatches. To grab this package, head over here.

5. 3D eyelashes Part 4 by miiko

This is one of 5 parts that we recommend having! You could check parts 1, 2, and 3 in our main eyelashes post. This CC pack is BGC (great for all of you newcomers!) and has 4 different styles to offer us. You can find it under Glasses and Skin Details in CAS. To install this one, head over to this post.

6. 3D Eyelash Set by MMSIMS

Cool thing about these eyelashes, they’re glasses compatible which isn’t the usual case —we understand that it can be annoying sometimes especially if your sim is a geek. To install, visit this page.

7. 3D eyelashes v1

Here’s another set of 3D eyelashes for the sims 4. You will find two versions, one under glasses and another under rings. But worry not, it works with all eye shapes and comes in a variety of 35 swatches on females from teen to elder. To grab this package, click here.

8. MM 3D eyelashes sets

These eyelashes couldn’t be simpler but they are absolutely stunning. They are available in a set of 15 swatches. You can download by visiting this link.

9. Halloween Eyelashes

We’ve got your some Halloween, fantasy 3D eyelashes. There are 7 fantasy swatches and 5 regular ones that your sims could wear daily. It can be found under glasses. You can download here.

10. Sims 4 3d eyelashes by dreamgirl

As for these custom eyelashes, we couldn’t be more sure you’ll appreciate them. Your sims’ eyes will grow bolder and bigger effortlessly. This set offers 30 swatches and can be found under glasses. To install, follow this link.

11. 3D Mink Lashes by BADDIESIMS

sims 4 3d eyelashes

Baddiesims could only come up with baddie eyelashes. And we’re absolutely here for it. You get 4 completely out of the box eyelashes from this set. You can install from this page.

12. Hollywood Lashes by LeahLillith

sims 4 3d eyelashes

Another wonderful set of 3D eyelashes by LeahLillith. It’s available in 21 swatches. And as you can see, some of which will leave no head unturned. Head over to this post to install.

13. Invisible eyelashes by coffemoon

As for these eyelashes, they work on Sims of all ages! You get 21 styles for your Sim kids all the way to elders. And you also get 17 cute ones for your toddlers. Find these beautiful lashes in the Glasses category. Here’s your download link.

Final words

Huge thanks to all the great CC creators out there who only ever fascinate us with their creations. We hope you’ve come to like these set of 3D eyelashes for the sims 4. Head back to the main post for a larger collection and check out related content below for more awesome custom content!

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