The Best Sims 4 Eyes CC Mods in 2022


Welcome to our post on the best free sims 4 eyes cc and mods in 2021! You really can’t create a singular Sim without a set of unique eyes! They are one of the things that’s really hard to hit perfectly inside The Sims 4, so we decided to help you. We compiled our favorite eye mods into one menu, so you can check them and pick what you like.

Our posts on eyes cc and mods for The Sims 4

Custom content enjoys great popularity. Fortunately, the modding community is active and the selection of eye mods is almost endless. We’ve scoured the major modding portals, the most popular Tumblr and Pinterest accounts, and the most important Sims 4 discussion boards for you and gathered the best Eyes mods for The Sims 4. We have summarized the best mods for you in the following posts!

The Best Eye Mods and CC for The Sims 4

Sims 4 Glowing Arcane Eyes CC mod

We open the doors to our eye CC collection with an excellent addition by Pralinesims. His arcane eyes seem to glow when you put them on in The Sims 4 and they’re also available in 32 different shades. If you want to give them a try, visit The Sims Resource or follow our direct link.

eyes mod

Sims 4 Shining Aurora Eyes CC

And if you still haven’t decided – take a look at Pralinesims’s shining aurora eyes. Capture the attention of every Sim around you with this mod which is extremely popular among the Simmers through the world. You have these weapons in 10 custom colors, so hurry up and get them from this link.

eyes mod

Adorable And Authentic Blue Eyes

For all of you who absolutely adore blue eyes, we have this fantastic mod which makes them more authentic and realistic. And if you get tired of creating blue eyed Sims, the CC contains green and brown variants to break the monotony. For a quick and easy download, click here.

eyes mod

Authentic and Vivid Green Eyes

Here we have the green version of the lifelike eyes by Ms Blue. The vivid color is truly stunning and it’s mysterious and captivating! All of these eye CC are ultra-popular, with over 200,000 downloads. Why not be a part of us and download this mod from this direct link?

eyes mod

Firm And Fearless Authentic Grey Eyes

And to complete the little set, here you will find the grey alternative to these beautiful eye mods. In grey, these eyes look firm and fearless – so if you have such a Sim then you’ll need to them! The quick download link is here.

eyes mod

Sims 4 Secretive Avery Eyes

If you want to play charming games with the world – we suggest these secretive eyes! The mod thrives on loners or ambitious Sims, but we’re sure you can make them work on anybody. The official source of the CC is and you download it from here.

eyes mod

Mesmerizing BabyDoll Eyes – N153

Okay, stop! Forget everything about any Sims 4 mod and take a moment to look at these mesmerizing eyes by Pralinesims! They gleam with life and reality and they are our absolute favorite eye mod for the game. We urge you to download them from this link and enjoy them at home as well.

eyes mod

Brilliant And Vibrant Eyes

Sightlysims has a lot to offer as well. His take is more vibrant and introverted – but even with that these eyes are really fascinating. They come in 15 unique custom made colors and you’ll find them absolutely enthralling. Already downloaded over 330,000 times – get them from this link.

eyes mod

Hypnotizing Cosmic Eyes – N158

And why not be the center of all the attractiveness with these cosmic eyes? All of the 30 different shades hold some distant truth and one can get hypnotized simply by looking at them. Head over to The Sims Resource to find out more or download the CC quickly from here.

eyes mod

Sims 4 Alluring And Darling Angel Eyes CC

To become alluring have never been easier than now! Take a look the awesome mod and decide for yourself! We hold this CC dear to our heart and we provide direct download link. The official source is The Sims Resource.

eyes mod

Endless Eye Colors for All Ages

If you’re bored with the limiting options for eye color in The Sims 4 – this mod is here for you! It adds a ridiculous amount of custom and one-of-a-kind colors to your eye collection so that you can finally make the Sims of your dreams! We found this CC at and you can download it directly from here.

eyes mod

Different Eye Color – Heterochromia

Finally – something that we all need! The ability to have different colors in The Sims 4 is something that the players have wanted since forever and not it is possible at last! Leave your thanks at or use our quick download link.

eyes mod

Different Eye Color – Heterochromia for Kids

Your little Sims won’t have to be left out of this fun CC if you get the version appropriated for them too! With this CC, you can apply heterochromia to both genders and all ages of Sims. Get it directly from here and enjoy!

eyes mod

Different Eye Color – Heterochromia – Version 2

And here is one more version of the different eye color CC for The Sims 4. Left and right eyes are both changeable and you’ll find the mod in the Ring category. For more info you can visit and to download the CC you can use this link.

eyes mod

Melancholic Jennie Eyes

If your Sim is the melancholic type then these eyes are the perfect match! They shine in a low and appealing light which makes can pretty up the whole face! This CC was finding from and to directly download it click here.

eyes mod

Happy And Full Of Joy Eyes

A brighter addition from the same place, at, is this set of joyful eyes. You can put them on male or females and all Sims in all ages. They are also available in 18 different colors so there is no reason for you not to get them. To quickly download them use this link.

eyes mod

Sims 4 Sparkly Nice Eyes CC

No matter what type of play you run in The Sims 4, we believe that you can’t go wrong with this eyes CC. At least one of your Sims will suit the vibe of this mod, so we advise you to give them a try as well! Here is the direct download link.

eyes mod

Teary Kalista Eyes

And to end this long praise of Sims 4 mods, we have this pair of teary eyes. They can be switched between 12 different colors, each with its own specialness. Big thanks to the blog for allowing us to play with this CC which you can download from here. Happy Simming!

eyes mod

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