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Is purple your fave color and you find yourself unsatisfied with some of the purple hair options in TS4? If this sounds like you, then this list of purple hair CC is for you.

sims 4 purple hair cc

The Color Purple is now Here for all your sims!

Unnatural hair colors are on the rise and one popular hair color people like to dye their hair is the color purple! This can also flow into the sims where it’s much easier to dye hair rather than in real life. Hey, no bleach!

In this list, we’ll give you our top choices of purple hair CC available for TS4. Shades of violet and lavender also count on our list!

15. Non-Default Purple Hair

purple hair cc

At our number 15 spot is the Non-Default Purple hair created by CarolB89. This recolor is of the original purple that comes with the sims game. Not only do you get hair with this pack, but you also get facial hair and brows. It’s available for young adults, adults, and elders. Doesn’t even matter if they are a man or a woman. All can wear this!

Click here to download it today!

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14. Purple Hair by Starssugarypixels

tumblr nb8b3bO24f1tde38zo4 250

The Purple Hair Set by Starsugarypixels features a deep, purple hue that looks good on any sim. Any hairstyle will work with this color so keep that in mind, it’s not exactly a hairstyle, but more of an added hair color that will appear next to all the other colors available for sims hair in the create-a-sim.

Click here to download.

13. Mermaid Hair Recolors

tumblr nai6k0BLtQ1rt95mro2 1280

The Sims Island Living pack introduced a lot of things and one of them was mermaids. With the Mermaid Hair Recolor pack by Simmiane, you can give your mermaid sim (or not mermaid sim if that fits your fancy) some bright, lovely colored hair. The ones we want to focus on are obviously the vibrant purple and lavender options.

Click here to download.

12. Purple Long Hair with Bangs

SC4 120730 MAIN

The Purple Long Hair with Bangs by IzzyMcFire is a perfect mix of all shades of purple in one. Plus, you get some awesome no-forehead bangs. If this purple hair appeals to you then you really need to go ahead and download it for your sims today!

Click here to download.

11. Get to Work Hair Pastel Recolors

tumblr o95e4jk8pX1v8dac1o3 500

The Get to Work Hair Pastel recolors take some of the hairstyles from the Get to Work expansion pack and give them a pastel recoloring. Obviously, you need the Get to Work DLC in order for this to work so consider downloading it!

If you want to download the CC click here.

10. Purple Hair by Bobskellington3

SC4 114369 MAIN

The Purple Hair CC by BobSkellington3 gives you a chance to have your sim have a purple bob in purple! There are a total of 5 different colors available for you to put on your sim and only need the base game in order to work.

Click here to download.

9. Unnatural Hair Colors for Kids & Tots

tumblr pe1436RFQQ1wdsugao1 500

The Genetic Unnatural Hair Colors for Kids and Tots by SnarkSimsWitch tackles a problem you may not have known even existed. In the Sims games, you can’t give children or toddlers unnatural hair color, which isn’t fair! Thanks to this pack, you can give your young sims unnatural hair color. This includes a lovely pastel lavender color.

Click here to download.

8. Purple Messy Hair

SC4 128927 MAIN

The Purple Messy Hair by Mort is pretty self-explanatory. It’s a messy hairstyle that is colored with a faint purple rather than a bright color like we have seen so many times on this list. Don’t count this out though! It’s perfect for those who prefer to just wake up and go.

Click here to download.

7. Pastel Purple

SC4 109925 MAIN

The Pastel Purple by BobSkellington3 is a recolor but don’t count this out. All you need is the base game for this to work and once it does, your sim will be able to sport this beautiful hair color sure to turn heads.

Click here to download.

6. Lavender Hair by Newsea Sims

j188 lavender hair p at newsea sims 4 5e239edf10b91

The Newsea Sims Hairstyles pack features one hairstyle and two hair colors in its pack. However, the one we want to focus on is the pastel lavender color. This is a unique hairstyle and color that your sim is bound to look great in.

Click here to download.

5. Children’s Purple Hair

MTS bloodrayne8589 1688375 04 19 17 2 39 07PM

This Children’s Purple Hair CC by Bloodrayne8589 is a dark, somewhat muted shade of purple but it still is lovely in its own right. One of the best things about this is that it is available for children! Remember, there isn’t unnatural hair color available for children. This purple hair CC takes care of that problem.

Click here to download.

4. Black Short Wedge with Colored Streaks

SC4 110874 MAIN

The Black Short Wedge with Colored Streaks for The Sims 4 by SimplyMorgan77 features the wedge hairstyle with a total of 11 different colored streaks. Obviously, all of them are great, but in particular, want to focus on the purple one.

Click here to download.

3. Lavender Hair by Pink xo Punk

MTS pink xo punk 1510235 ingame1

Our number 3 choice belongs to The Pastel Purple Pack which was created by Pink_xo_Punk. this takes one of the original colors from the game and gives it a recoloring! With the recoloring, it will be clear to anyone that your hair is a shade of purple.

If you want to download it then click here!

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2. Violet Hair + Streaks Accessory


Our Number 2 choice is the Violet Hair and Streaks Accessory which comes in several different hair colors, but the ones we want to focus on are the three above. They feature some lovely shades of purple streaks or purple hair with our last option.

Imagine your sim rocking such a hairstyle! Here’s your download page.

1. Lavender Witching Hour Recolor

tumblr ppev3lIWw61y80r4zo2 250

And our number one choice belongs to Navey-Sims Lavender Witching Hour Recolor. The lavender color is the one we want to focus on here even if it does come with other colors in the palette. The shade is a bright, lovely purple that will make your sim noticeable throughout the neighborhood.

Here‘s your download link.

Final Thoughts

And there you have it, folks! This is our list of the top purple hair cc for The Sims 4. There are others out there to download, but we believe that these 15 are the ones that stand out the most.

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