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Are you a fan of Korean culture or have at least a passing interest in the subject? If this sounds like you then you’ll want to check out the top 15 Korean hair CC for TS4.

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Korean Style in the Sims 4?…Welcome Aboard!

You’d have to live under a rock if you haven’t heard of K-pop or K-dramas. The Hallyu wave is very real and in 2022 is more well-known than it has ever been before. Naturally, it would spill over into sims and with our list featuring a mix of traditional and modern Korean hairstyles, your sim will stand out.

15. Tender Love Hair


Our number 15 spot on this list is the Tender Love Hair which is clearly inspired by all those male idols out there. It comes with 26 swatches and is compatible with a hat so if you want to put one on your sim, it won’t end up looking odd.

Click here for your direct download link.

14. Topknot Hair


This Top Knot hairstyle by Atelier Lena is perfect for those who want their sims to wear some traditional Korean styles. The Sangtu as is also known as a knot of hair worn by married men during the Joseon Dynasty in Korea. You get a total of 30 swatches with this hairstyle, which gives something to everyone.

Click here to download.

13. Eoyeo Hair


The Eoyeo Meori hairstyles are a type of traditional hairstyle that is worn during ceremonial events in Korea. Atelier Lena’s Eoyeo CC set is a play on this traditional hairstyle. It comes with a total of 12 swatches and will make your sim feel like they have gone back in time.

Click here to download.

12. Kick It Hair


Kick it hair by Obsidian Sims is the type of hairstyle you would see all the famous male idols wearing. Yes, this includes BTS. It comes with a total of 35 swatches and is hat compatible. Sadly, this is only available for male sims, ages teen and older.

Click here to download.

11. Koreans Traditional Wig


The Korean Traditional Wig set by the lovely Kotehok features two different hairstyles. Once again, they are inspired by the past and the end result is a lovely set of wigs for your sims. They are in the hat category so don’t go looking for this in hairstyles. You won’t find it.

Click here to download.

10. Korean Braid Bun


The amazing Atelier Lena has once again created an old-fashioned inspired Korean hairstyle. This Korean Braid Hair and Hairband Color overlay texture sex some with 28 swatches. It can be found in the updo hair length category while the hairband can be found in the gloves category.

Click here to download.

9. Jujujam039 Hair


Korean Idols have all sorts of hairstyles and colors. The Jujujam039 Hair CC is one of those hairstyles. While it was inspired by the game Blade Soul, this is something you could see Korean girls sporting. It is cute and very chic, which makes it very appealing.

Click here to download.

8. Luke Hair


The Luke Hair CC by Liliili is a hair pack that is for male and female sims. It comes with a total of 24 swatches and is hat compatible. While you might see some Korean males sporting this, it’s very likely to see it on a Korean female as well. Short hair is for everyone.

Click here to download.

7. Daeng-gi Hair


The Daenggi hairstyle basically is a braid tied up with a ribbon which is called the Daenggi. This was a common hairstyle for commoners, which was the inspiration for Atelier Lena’s Korean Commoner Female Daenggi hair. It comes with a total of 21 swatches and does require a mesh in order for it to work.

Click here to download.

6. Toddler Daenggi Hair


Recall that the Daenggi hairstyle basically is a braid tied up with a ribbon which is called the Daenggi. Atelier Lena’s Toddler Daenggi hair is basically the toddler version of their  Korean Commoner Female Daenggi hair. It comes with 24 swatches and can be found in the hair category.

Click here to download.

5. Bibi Hair


Bibi hair is inspired by the K-pop idol Bibi who came into the spotlight just a few years ago. The Bibi Twintails hairstyle is a collab between two custom content creators and the end result is fantastic. Who doesn’t love the classic pigtail look? This one in particular comes with 25 swatches, is hat compatible, and is available for teens to elders.

Click here to download.

4. Korean Female braid hair


This Korean Female Braid Hair CC was created by the amazing Atelier Lena who has shown up on this list quite a bit admittedly. In this pack, it features this braid hairstyle that comes with a total of 20 swatches.

Click here to download.

3. Mina Hair


The Mina Hair style pack created by Casteru is available for female teens to elders and comes with 20 swatches. This hairstyle in particular was inspired by Japanese singer Mina who is active in Korea. She is a part of Twice, one of the most popular K-pop groups today. If you are a fan of Twice, this hairstyle is for you.

Click here to download.

2. LeahLillith Angel Hair

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The LeahLilith Angel Hair by LeahLillith comes in a total of 18 colors. We decided to add this to our list because member Jennie Kim of the popular k-pop group BlackPink sported this hairstyle for a while during one of their comebacks. Want your sim to look like a K-pop idol? Then this style is for you!

Click here to download.

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1. Asian Hair Style by S-Club

korean hair cc 1

Finally, we reach our number one spot. This Asian Hair Style custom content pack by S-Club comes with a total of 30 swatches. Its sleek design and the fact that several different female K-pop idols have worn it over the years, is the reason it’s at number one.

Click here to download.

Final Thoughts

And there you have it all your sims lovers out there! This is our top 15 list of Korean hair CC that stand out from among the rest. We can’t but be thankful for all the awesome CC Creators! If you haven’t downloaded them yet, what are you waiting for?

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