Sims 4 Lip Gloss CC Your Need to Have


Lip gloss custom content can definitely take your sims straight back to the Nineties — from slick, sticky, glittery to berry-flavored. And now we’re bringing it back into our game. We’ve compiled a list of the best Sims 4 lip gloss cc that we’re sure your female sims are going to absolutely adore. Let’s have a look together!

Best Lip Gloss Custom Content for the Sims 4

Mirror Lipgloss

sims 4 lip gloss

We’re starting off with a 100 swatch lip gloss that all occults can try. There’s definitely a color for every taste in this collection. So, make sure you have a look at it! Here’s your download link.

Lip gloss-Fruit Flavored Crystal

This cute fruit flavored lip gloss is brought to you by ANGISSI. It comes in a variety of 16 colors. And rest assured because your female from child to elder can put these on. Plus, it works on all skins. Grab this one from this link.


sims 4 lip gloss

Opaque and vibrant for all skin tones! This gorgeous honey urban gloss comes in a pack of 15 nude glosses. It definitely works like magic on all skins. It is base game compatible and your characters regardless of age can try it out. Here’s your download-link.

Lip Colour

SCREAMING MUSTARD is coming at us with one of the coolest lip glosses for the Sims 4. A super shiny lip color with high gloss for your female sims. To grab this one, follow this link.

nude gloss bundle – the sims 4

This nude gloss bundle is available to you in 8 unique swatches. As you can see in the showcased picture, they shine brighter than your sim’s future heh. Head over to this page for easy download.


Another set of custom lip gloss for your female sims. What makes this one stand out is the little glittery effect it comes in. The colors are stunning and work on all skin tones. Here’s your download-link.

Lip Gloss Sims 4

A frosting lip gloss is available in a set of 65 colors. Your sims will find the perfect color in this collection, hands down. To install, follow this link.


sims 4 lip gloss

This one has to be one of our favorites as it includes over 100 shades. And not only can your female sims wear it but also your male characters. To install, click here.


The Jodie collection is brought to you by Slephora. You’re getting 27 shades. Oh and it’s gender natural. Head over to this page to install.

Lipstick 120 by Bobur

sims 4 lip gloss

Last but not least on this list, another set of sims 4 lip gloss for females in 14 colors. It’s cute and elegant and has its own charm. To install this one, click on this page.

We hope you enjoyed this list of Sims 4 lip gloss custom content. Head back to the main post for a pack of the greatest makeup custom content for the Sims 4. And do check related content to better enhance your gaming experience. See ya there, simmers!

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