The Best Sims 4 Lipstick CC & Mods


There’s no doubt that a nice lipstick can not only make a look complete but also make it pop! Here’s a collection of our top favorite Sims 4 lipstick CC packs!

Get your Sim’s Lips Sorted with Lipsticks

Lipsticks are the second skin for girls. No matter what the age is, girls develop a love for lipsticks or lip gloss. Whether you are a lipstick person or a lip gloss person, you will find a match for you here with an impressive variety. Some of these Sims 4 lipstick CCs come in 120 different shades. From being dainty and feminine to bold and gothic, everyone will get what they like in these mods. These lipstick mods were created keeping a diverse audience in mind.

1. Brooke Lipstick

This lipstick is very famous and gives a very matte finish. Most females are in love with matte-finished lipsticks. This shade will suit tanned skin the most. It gives a gothic look and if you have matching hair with it, you will turn more heads.

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2. Kasia Lipstick

This is a signature lipstick in the Sims and has been there for the longest time. It still works because of its dark and bold look. The finish is again matte, which is a personal favorite for most females. It gives a gothic and bold look. So if you are someone who is going for a bold look then this is the perfect lipstick for you.

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3. Lexi Lipstick

This Lexi lipstick is the black cherry color but it comes with a glossy finish. It will suit any adult Sim. It looks stunning during the evening time. If you like to carry a bold and sexy look on your lips then this is the perfect lipstick for you.

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4. Cold shine lipstick

This set of lipsticks comes in seven different colors. They are called cold shine and they give out a slightly desert kind of look. All the colors are very bright and pigmented. You can change your lipsticks with every outfit; that is a plus point!

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5. Matte lipstick on dry lips

This is an interesting look for your female Sim. It makes them wear matte lipsticks on dry lips. Honestly, it looks unique and you can see the cracks on the lips as well. You will have eight different colors available. The colors vary between nude, pastel and red, and orange.

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6. Cheeky kiss lipstick

This set of lipsticks gives a rustic look to your female Sim. You will have 20 different color options. This means no one will find a hard time finding their favorite lip color here. The colors vary between nude shades, purple shades, pastel shades, and red shades.

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7. Sims 4 Lipstick N08

Sims 4 Lipstick

This set of lipsticks is for those who love pastel and girly colors. There are six color options. The colors are pink, orange, peach, purple, hot pink, and light red. They are suitable for teens to adults. Most teens enjoy girly and pastel vibes, so teens will prefer them more.

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8. Lipstick N10

This is a lipstick that will give your Sim a smooth finish. They come in eight different colors. The colors are mostly bold and beautiful. You will find colors like orange, red, maroon, and pink. It will suit your teen to adult female Sims.

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9. Lipstick N11

This set of lipstick colors is for your bold and sexy Sims. It will go well for Gothic Sims as well. You will have five different shades of dark maroon, dark brown, dark purple, dark black, etc. These colors are very bold so you need to be a bold personality yourself to pull these colors off.

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10. Ombre Lipstick with shine for dark skin tones

Ombre Lipstick with shine for Dark skintones

Not every lipstick color would suit your dark-skinned Sim. You need to pick the right color to bring out the beauty in your Sim. Here are ten sets of lipstick colors that will suit your dark-skinned female sim. The colors would vary between blue, rose, gold, maroon, and nude.

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11. Claudin Lipstick N142

Claudin Lipstick N142

This is a lipstick set with a layover tooth look. It comes in 30 different lipstick colors. Since there are 30 variations so there is something available for everyone. Interestingly the colors are not only for females but also for males.

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12. Dose of Colors Matte Lipstick

Dose of Colors Matte Lipstick

If you are looking for lipstick colors that would suit all skin types then these are the perfect set of lipsticks for your Sim. They come in 20 different colors, so there is variety. You will find a few shades of black here, which is very unique and interesting.

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13. Harley Quinn Lipstick 2016

Harley Quinn Lipstick 2016

This is a very popular lipstick because it is Harley Quinn inspired. Everyone loves this character because it is unique and looks attractive. You will have six different color options. All the colors are very dark but look fantastic.

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14. Lavender Rose DIY Lipstick N201

Lavender Rose DIY Lipstick N201
Sims 4 Lipstick

This is the best set of lipstick mods in this entire listing because it comes with 120 different colors. They are all matte which is great. But you also have an ombre option available. The icing on top is you can add gloss to have a glossy finish over your matte lipstick. The options here are unlimited, so explore!

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15. Matte Liquid Lipstick 01

Matte Liquid Lipstick 01

There is a wide range of females out there who want a matte finish look but do not like stick lipsticks in general. They prefer liquid lipsticks more as it is easier to apply. So here are 12 matte-finished liquid lipstick collections. They are all very bold colors like black, rose, red, maroon, orange, etc.

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16. Natural Kiss Lipstick N203

Natural Kiss Lipstick N203

These natural kiss lipsticks are suitable for all types of skin. From teens to elderly, everyone would be able to carry them off. There are 30 different shades and most of them are nude. As the name suggests they look kiss-ready!

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17. Runette Liquid Lipstick N127

Runette Liquid Lipstick N127
Sims 4 Lipstick

For those who love liquid lipsticks, here is another set of Runette liquid lipsticks that are very beautiful. They come in 50 different colors which means you can be picky and still find a color that will suit you.

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18. S-Club LL thesims4 Lipstick 29

S-Club LL thesims4 Lipstick 29

If you are a teenager who enjoys beautiful and shiny lips then these lip glosses are for you. You will have 29 different color options. Because it is directed toward teens, the colors are very girly and pastel. They look really adorable.

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19. S-Club LL thesims4 Lipstick Glossy 02

S-Club LL thesims4 Lipstick Glossy 02

This is another set of lip glosses for little girls and teens. They come in right different color options. The colors are very dainty like light pink, light orange, light red, light rose, light purple, light violet, etc. They are shiny and very appropriate for teens.

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20. Vision Lipstick N199

Vision Lipstick N199

These are called vision lips because they are created for teens and adults with glasses. They come in 50 different colors, so no worries about picking your favorite color. The popular colors here are the dark ones. The lipsticks are applied on slightly dry lips, but they still look stunning.

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21. Zoe Lipstick N145

Zoe Lipstick N145

These lipsticks give a matte look. It is suitable for both men and women. Men who like wearing lipsticks can try these matte-finished lipsticks. You will find 55 different color options here. These lipsticks look good on all types of skin.

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22. Bathroom Industry Cosmetics Lipstick close

Bathroom Industry Cosmetics Lipstick close

This is a close view of the Bathroom Industry Lipsticks. The packaging is black and looks very sleek. They can be displayed on your dresser as a décor. These lipsticks come in eight different colors. They will enhance the look of your dresser for sure and let your guests know that you like lipsticks.

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23. Bathroom Industry Cosmetics Lipstick open

Bathroom Industry Cosmetics Lipstick open

If you love lipsticks then odds are that you would like to show them off too on your dresser or vanity. So here is another set of Bathroom industry Cosmetics Lipsticks that are opened. An opened lipstick is a great décor item for your dresser. It also shows the colors you like on your lips.

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24. Elizabeth Lipstick Closed

Elizabeth Lipstick Closed

This is another option for you to use lipsticks as a décor for your dresser. This is an Elizabeth-inspired lipstick with a navy blue casing and white flowery prints on top. The color is well suited for the royals.

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25. Elizabeth Lipstick Opened

Elizabeth Lipstick Opened

This is the same Elizabeth Inspired Lipstick but this time it is in open mode. I always love the look of lipstick while it is opened. I love how aesthetically pleasing it looks.

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26. Jules Lipstick

Jules Lipstick

These Jules lipsticks look rather artistic. Even if you are not a lipstick person, you would love to display these as a décor on your dresser because they look this elegant. You will get a set of four lipsticks here, with one cover and the other three opened. They come in two designs and four different colors.

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27. Sonic Lipstick

Sonic Lipstick

Here is another set of lipsticks that are great as a display. It comes in a set of two lipsticks, one open and one covered. You will get two color options. One is a contract of coral and black. The other one is a contract of white and yellow.

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