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We know we keep saying this time and time again, but one of our favorite things about the Sims 4 is the creative community it nurtures. With numerous talented CC creators who release new packs constantly… The game is becoming more and more vibrant, something we love! In this post, we will specifically highlight some of the best Sims 4 CC floors you can download for free!

Sims 4 CC Floors

The Sims 4 Custom Content Floors: Tiles, Carpets Parquets, Marbles, and Concretes!

Though the Sims 4 base game, and its additional expansion packs, game packs, stuff packs, and kits offer a variety of good flooring options…We want more! Builders in the Sims 4, especially, need a good catalog of floors to choose from. Which should include anything from tiles, carpets, parquets, marbles, and concretes.

We believe flooring is the one thing that truly sets the tone of a build. Want an abandoned warehouse vibe? Choose a distressed concrete floor. Dreaming of a cute little cottage? Pick a warm parquet floor.

Whatever vibe you want your Sims 4 builds to have, the flooring will set the tone. This is why it is our pleasure to introduce you to some of our favorite floor CC downloads on the internet!

1. Vintage New Floor CC – NOVAS

Sims 4 CC Floors

Tired of using the same old tiles in your Sims bathrooms, hallways, and kitchens? If that is the case, we might just have the solution to your problem! These wonderful, almost Greece-inspired tiles can be used for bathrooms, kitchens, or hallways!

NOVAS stunning CC pack comes with 12 different tiles. Our favorite is the one with yellow hints in it. We are in love with it! So, if you adore these tiles as much as we do, head on over here and download them for free!

2. Noodled Carpet 43 Flavors – Sims 4 CC Floors

Sims 4 CC Floors

We do not know about you, but we have grown tired of the carpets in the Sims 4… Yes, they are okay, and they get the job done… But, we desire a little more than that. So, you can imagine how excited we got when we discovered this vibrant carpet CC by SIMPIXUS. This pack comes in 43 unique and colorful swatches. Our favorite is the dark green as seen in the photo above.

Anyway, if you want some more solid color carpets in your game, this is the CC floor for you. So go install it from this Tumblr page!

3. Herringbone Parquet Flooring – PEACEMAKER-IC

Sims 4 CC Floors

Calling all parquet/wood flooring lovers! This incredible Herringbone parquet flooring is created by PEACEMAKER-IC and adds a warm feeling to any room. Whether your sims live in a traditional or modern build, this CC floor will transform their house into a home!

These CC floors are truly incredibly versatile, so we really cannot wait to use them in our game. If you were wondering, this CC is of course base game compatible. Furthermore, the Herringbone parquet comes in 8 style variants. All of which we love. So what are you waiting for? Click here to download this wonderful wood flooring into your mods folder!

4. Masonry Tiles – SIMSI45

Sims 4 CC Floors

The Masonry Tiles CC pack is created by SIMSI45 and works wonders for outdoor spaces such as patios, walkways, and driveways. This CC pack comes with 9 unique tiles. For an overview of the tiles, see the list below:

1) 40 Squares, Outdoor Flooring, 9$
2) Couples, Outdoor Flooring, 9$
3) Moulin, Outdoor Flooring, 9$
4) Assymetric Tesselations, Pavement, 11$
5) Diagonal Illusions, Pavement, 11$
6) Square Off, Pavement, 11$
7) Symmetrical Blocks, Pavement, 11$
8) Red Brick Road, Walkway, 10$
9) Maroon Monastic Mosaic, Flooring, 12$

To get these versatile tiles, head on over here!

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5. Pile In Carpet Plusher – PICTURE AMOEBAE

Sims 4 CC Floors

Have your sim houses been needing a little renovation? Maybe you have been wondering if a nice “pile in carpet” could do the job… Well, why not test it out with this beautiful CC floor pack! Created by PICTURE AMOEBAE, this floor CC comes in two pile depths, “plush”, and “plusher”. Furthermore, they come in 50+ different swatches!

Well, if you want some more colors in your builds this is the floor CC pack for you! Now, treat your trendy sims to a vibrant floor carpet, please… They deserve it! You can download the “pile in carpet” CC pack by clicking on this button.

6. Picea Floor NO 2 – WONDYMOON Sims 4 CC Floors

Screenshot 2022 05 28 at 15.50.41

The “Picea Floor NO 2” comes in 6 wonderful swatches, suitable for bathrooms, kitchens, and hallways. Our favorite out of the 6 swatches is the weirdly colorful one. Not because it is the prettiest…

Just because, we have not seen anything like it, meaning it adds something new to our game. Though we cannot imagine what sort of build we want to use it in… But we certainly cannot wait to play around with it and find out. So, if you are as excited about this unique flooring as we are, go give it a free download here!

7. Golden Marble Stone Flooring – NEINAHPETS

Screenshot 2022 05 28 at 15.52.45
Sims 4 CC Floors

This beautiful “Golden Marble Tile” is base game compatible and created by the talented NEINAHPETS. If you already have the Sims 4 expansion pack “Get Famous” installed, this golden floor would be the perfect addition.

We can certainly imagine revamping Judith Ward’s entire house in Del Sol Valley with this flooring. So, whether you want to build a glamorous mansion in Del Sol Valley, or you just want to add a nice floor to your base game catalog, no questions asked – this CC floor is free and available for you! Now, head on over and download it.

8. Noodles Sorbets Remix – NOODLES SORBETS

Screenshot 2022 05 28 at 15.54.30

Listen up base game simmers, this is the CC flooring for you! These four different floors as shown in the photo above are actually remixed base game floors! We have got to say, we love the idea of this pack. Having base game floors recolored is such a good idea. Especially since not every simmer can afford a bunch of expansion packs, stuff packs, and such!

Your vibrant artist Sims, and kid Sims will love these floor colors. Just imagine playing “Dream Home Decorator” with this floor, that would be really fun… Anyway, you can install this playful CC floor here!

9. Striped Carpet Flooring – SALFINDRAGON & DRAGON BLACK SIMS

Screenshot 2022 05 28 at 15.58.02

This fun carpet is created by SALFINDRAGON & DRAGON BLACK SIMS and features a subtle ribbed texture. We find that this type of flooring would be perfect for community builds such as libraries, pet clinics, and restaurants. Though they would also fit perfectly into certain styles of houses.

Anyway, this carpet CC comes in 50 swatches, as you can see in the photo above. Meaning you will have no trouble finding the right swatch for whatever you are building or renovating in your game! What in the world are you waiting for? This carpet is iconic. Go download it now!

10. Concrete Floor – TATSCHU

Screenshot 2022 05 28 at 16.02.38

Have you been searching for the perfect concrete flooring to put in your Sim’s Brooklyn, New York warehouse? Well, search no more, because we got you covered with this CC floor by TATSCHU. This beautiful, rustic magic comes in 4 swatches. Whether you need new bathroom flooring, kitchen flooring, or driveway flooring, this is it!

We love this CC so much that… After writing this article, we might go ahead and create an entire house with this concrete flooring. And so should you! So, let us all just jump to the chase, and install it now!

11. Terrazzo Murano #1 Floor – DINHA

Sims 4 CC Floors

If you have been wanting some more bathroom tiles in your game, this CC flooring is certainly a good pick for you. The Terrazzo Murano CC flooring is created by DIHNA, and comes in 3 unique swatches, as seen in the photo above. Our favorite out of the three is the white flooring. Something about it just looks so different from anything else we have in our game. And, we love different!

We are really looking forward to building some bathrooms in the Sims 4 with this CC flooring. So, if you are too, we suggest you give this wonderful CC floor a download!

12. Wood Floors 13 – KTASIMS – Sims 4 CC Floors

Screenshot 2022 05 30 at 12.07.01

This beautiful wooden CC floor is created by KTASIMS, and comes in 25 swatches! With this many swatches, it is the perfect CC flooring to download, seeing as though it is very versatile. Whatever Sims 4 build you are creating, we are certain you will make use of this stunning wooden floor. We for one, cannot wait to create a cute country home with the lightest swatch of this floor!

So, if you are new to floor CC, we suggest that this be the first CC flooring you try out. This is because you get a lot in one download! Anyway, to get this wonder into your game, install it here.

13. Carpet Powerful – ANNETT’S SIMS 4 WELT

Screenshot 2022 05 30 at 15.08.08

This carpet cc, consisting of EA mesh, has been recolored by creator ANETT’S SIMS 4 WELT. We love its unique texture and vibrant colors! Though, the dark brown swatch might be our favorite… As we are sure you do as well. This floor cc would be perfect in a modern, chic apartment, or a kid’s bedroom. With these 10 different swatches, you can create whatever room you want! We are certainly looking forward to trying it out.

So, if you want to give this Sims 4 floor cc a try, give it a download here!

14. Old Floor Set – NUTTER-BUTTER-1

Screenshot 2022 05 30 at 15.09.38

These old-fashioned cc floors have seen better days, but that is the style we have been looking for! We desire that worn-out look sometimes, and these Sims 4 cc floors are perfect for that. Whether you want to create a haunted house, a castle, or an abandoned mansion, this is the ideal cc floor for it! This cc flooring comes in 3 different tile designs, and each has between 2-5 swatches. Furthermore, the price of this worn-out flooring ranges between §3 – §4.

So, if you want to get your hands on this distressed cc floor, install it here!

15. Narma Garden Collection – DINHA

Screenshot 2022 05 30 at 15.10.48

This cc pack is created by DINHA and consists of a picnic table, a bench, and most importantly some beautiful outdoor flooring. As seen in the photo above, there is only one swatch for this outdoor patio flooring, but it looks great! Honestly, we do not need any other swatches… The existing one is versatile and perfect enough! We are very excited to get to build some cozy outdoor spaces in the Sims 4 with the help of this cc floor.

So, if you are excited about outdoor spaces in the Sims 4, give this cc floor a download here!


Screenshot 2022 05 30 at 15.38.48

If you have been looking for some basic, yet colorful tiles, this might be the cc flooring for you! Created by SAILFINDRAGON & DRAGON BLACK SIMS, this Large Tile Flooring is available in 50 swatches.

So, you will have more than enough to choose from when you are building your Sim’s kitchen, bathroom, hallway, and outdoor spaces! The swatches shown in the photo above are some of our favorites because they are so bright and lovely! However, these tiles are also available in plain black and white! So, if you desire this floor cc, give it a download!

17. Mosaic Floor Tile – Sims 4 CC Floors

Sims 4 CC Floors

This fun mosaic floor tile is created by MARCORSE, and is perfect for your Sims 4 bathrooms! The vibrant floor CC comes in 4 different swatches, including gray, so you have a few options here. Though the photo above showcases this tile in a Sims 4 bathroom, we can also imagine it will look great in hallways, kitchens, and perhaps even outdoor spaces. We for one, are excited to try it out everywhere! And, yes we mean everywhere…

Now, if you also wish to give this stunning CC flooring a try, install it here!

18. Floor Collection #29 – SIMS4LUXURY

Sims 4 CC Floors

We know we have loved every single floor cc we have mentioned so far… But this CC pack might just be our favorite. Created by SIMS4LUXURY, these Sims 4 floorings present a stunning finish! Perfect for any type of Sims 4 home. Whether you are building a cottage in the woods, an apartment in the city, or a duplex in Newcrest… these 3 flooring options will go a long way! To be honest, we find all 3 so great we are unable to choose a favorite.

If you adore this CC flooring pack as much as us, download it here!

19. Shabby Wood Floor – TATSCHU

Sims 4 CC Floors

If you have been looking for some shabby-chic wood floor CC, you have got to check out this flooring by TATSCHU! This CC floor is made for the rustic cottage vibe, as well as the old photography studio. We are in love with the color and texture of this flooring! We might just put it in every single build we have… And no, we are not joking. Now, this CC pack also comes with 13 other wood floors, which are equally as distressed and pretty!

So, if you desire that cottage-core wooden floor in your builds, install this now!

20. Ornate Sohpistication Tiles – Sims 4 CC Floors

Screenshot 2022 05 30 at 15.17.09

Get ready to hear something awesome, because what we are about to tell you about this stunning CC floor is crazy! Now, this masterpiece of a floor is created by SIMMILLER, and comes in a total of 57 swatches! Including 2 light, and 1 dark tile background. We are absolutely in awe of this ornate tile design, and the vibrant colors… It almost takes our breath away…

So, if you are as in awe of this masterpiece of a CC floor as we are… Do not waste any more of your precious time! Download this intricate tile design now!


So, to sum it up, there are plenty of good CC flooring options available for free download on the internet. Anything from carpets, concretes, and parquets, our beloved CC creators got us covered. The ones we covered in this post were just a few of our favorites. Now, please tell us which of the 10 CC floor packs you downloaded. We would love to know!

Anyway, thanks for stopping by to read our post. Happy simming!

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