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Although people often tune in to the Halloween vibe in October, Sims 4 Haunted House CC means that Sims can be spooky all year round! Now, you can bring the scary vibes into your Sims lives, with this amazing creative content.

Sims 4 Haunted House

What you can get with Sims 4 Haunted House CC

Haunted houses are something that has excited and fascinated humans for many a year. It’s not just about “believing” either. Even non “believers” are said to sense certain things when in a suspected haunted location. They are likely sensing a spirit that hasn’t moved on or a memory that replays itself over and over. Potentially something bad happened at the location in the past and the “vibe” is still there. However, it could even be, that the house was built on an old Native American graveyard! The Best Sims 4 Haunted House CC, that follows, brings these amazing creations into your Sims 4 world.

Sims 4 Haunted House

Is it time to call in the exorcist? or seek the help of a medium? Could it be just spooky vibes and nothing else? Never mind the whispers, squeaks, and rattles, it’s still possible to have fun. In Sims 4, there are so many ways to get interactive. Now with the Sims 4 Haunted House CC, this can be done, while feeling safe in the security of your own home, behind the computer screen. However, it can be more fun than real life, with no worries, just the cool spooky images, and experiences!

Here you will find a list of the best Sims 4 Haunted House CC out there.

Willow Weep Haunted House Residential Lot Type

Screenshot 2022 05 29 at 22.52.32

Firstly, this Haunted House lot type CC is based on a real-life location in Indiana. It gives it a real touch of realism. This place is supposed “North America’s most terrible haunted home”. The designer Wykkyd was truly inspired to bring this into the Sims 4 experience.

This new lot type is a perfect re-creation and contains a very unique floor plan which results in the aerial view looking like a cross. The entities of the house and the strange artifacts make the lot truly mesmerizing and well worth adding to your spooky Sims collection. Download here.

Groves Manor

Screenshot 2022 05 29 at 23.31.27

Groves Manor is a super creepy Victorian retreat. Having been built during the age of post-civil-war America, Groves Mansion has provided a haven for wealthy land owners. It appears far too perfect, what can it be hiding? Imagine how many ghosts a house like this has collected? And how many of them will you have to keep on your good side? and wait for it… It has a crypt! In addition, the house stands on top of gravestones and coffins. The level of detail here is really out of this world. Furthermore, it’s functioning and updated, yet it still has enough Victorian charm and spookiness to be a great haunted home.

It contains: 5 beds, 3 baths, 4 fireplaces, multiple hallways, a large office, fully stocked bar, basement lounge, family crypt, secure vault, and off-street parking and is fully furnished and decorated. This is a perfect addition to your Haunted House CC collection. Download here.

Spooky additions for your Sims 4 Haunted House

Screenshot 2022 05 30 at 00.05.02

Creator Simularity has got the perfect lot right here. This lot trait turns any residential lot into a house possessed by ghosts. This also includes other nocturnal surprises! It brings a touch of rundown graveyard scenery and much more to your environment. In addition, it includes tonnes of features, including special buffs that will affect both visitors and Sims on the lot.

At the very moment a sim sets foot on the grounds, they will get an eerie feeling. A feeling that something isn’t quite normal, a “shiver down your spine”, kind of feeling. This induces a fine moodlet. As the day continues the unexplained noises will produce more fandom moodlets throughout the day. Did they hear whispers? Or was it just the wind? However, everything changes as the sun goes down. After 10 pm the ghosts will come out!

The amazing thing about this mod is that you only need the base game for it to run. However, many of the Haunted Houses, etc require expansion packs, etc. This should be explained when you download. Download here.

Divinity Gravestones

Sims 4 Haunted House

How about adding a few extra gravestones to your garden? A buried, long-forgotten family cemetery on an ancient property is about to be discovered! Imagine that you have just bought a kick-ass turn-of-the-century house. After a few days, strange things start to happen. However, one fine sunny day you decide to do some gardening. After a while, you start to discover stones…old gravestones, one after another. You can’t quite believe it, and you realize there is a lot more going on than you thought when you bought the place!

There is a difference between these gravestones and the ones you receive when your Sims die. Furthermore, these have a different much older appearance. They serve well for creating an old-fashioned cemetery on your land. Leave some weeds on them for extra effect and stick a few bushes around them and you will have created a truly spooky spectacle, that can become an attraction. Download here.

A Ghost in the mirror

Screenshot 2022 05 30 at 00.45.10

For the Sims 4 Haunted House true feeling, this mirror is one of the most unique CC pieces I’ve ever seen. It makes you feel like ghosts are interested in you. These ghosts aren’t wishing to scare. They simply exist and can’t help themselves. With this in mind, it can make you feel they are genuinely interested in you.

However, in practical terms, this brings a little change to the basic game mirror. It adds a partly translucent apparition of a ghost. This ghost is special and she is a Sim called Mollie Grimworth. As you move closer to the mirror it has a great effect on her image fading. It is cool and such a great addition to your Haunted House CC. She brings a sense of unease and eeriness to any space. Finally, it’s best not to use this mirror in the bathroom, far too scary! Download here.

Ouija Board

Screenshot 2022 05 30 at 01.00.50

No haunted house would be complete without an Ouija Board! Bring this amazing item into your Sim world for some supernatural fun. They may be used to contact ghosts that are already there or to call spirits where none previously existed, so can cause havoc on a Saturday night! However, this board is extra special, as the words are written in Simlish. It couldn’t be any better. Download here.

Learn more about Sims 4 Haunted Houses and apparitions, ghostly assistance, and the help of Guidry with this helping hand of a post.

Final Words

In conclusion, these Haunted House CC spooky items bring a really fun and creative world to Sims 4. There is no need to wait until Halloween to be spooky. Honestly, houses don’t wait to get haunted, nor do ghosts wait until Halloween to come your way! Through downloading this content, you can safely experience the supernatural, by bringing these CC and mods into your Sims World, in the safety of your own home.

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