Sims 4 Voodoo Doll – How To Use It For Mischief

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Thanks to The Sims 4 Voodoo doll, Sims’ can now play, do tricks, and pranks with others. They can now sneakily show their devilish side and gain control over others’ behavior. Just like in movies, the Voodoo doll is an excellent manipulation tool. Sims can use it to seduce the victim, but also cause trouble and complicate their lives. Do you want to learn how to use the doll?

sims 4 voodoo doll

Keep on reading to discover more about all the tricks Madam Zoe’s Voodoo Doll can do. let’s dive in!

How to Get a sims 4 voodoo doll?

There are a few ways your character can get their very own Voodo doll. Here is what you can do to get it:

  • Reaching Level 3 of Mischief Skill will create an option to order a Voodoo Doll online using a home computer. Although it will take some time to improve your mischief skills, this is the surest, most reliable, and easiest way to get to your Voodoo doll. It is a bit pricey and costs 950 simoleons, so be prepared to invest some money in it. To reach Level 3 of the Mischief skill level, you can ”Troll the Forums”, or read a book about mischief skills. You can also level up in mischief when socializing using options such as ”Invite to a Fake Party” or ”Start Preposterous Rumor”. Even if you had the luck of finding your doll without improving your mischief skills, you won’t be able to unlock a lot of fun options without improving the skill. This is why this option is your best bet.
  • Digging for treasure in rocks gives a chance to randomly get your hands on one, too. However, this will require some digging, and there is no guarantee you will find one.
  • Fishing is another option. To increase chances of finding it, you can try fishing in Sylvan Glades, or Forgotten Grotto.
  • The Sims 4 Voodoo Doll flea market hunt is also possible. The Flea Market in the Spice Market in San Myshuno has a lot to offer, and if you are lucky enough, you can get a good deal – and find your Voodo doll.

Collecting wicked stuff such as Voodoo dolls and globes can be an awesome hobby. You can learn more about San Myshuno and collecting Snow Globes in The Sims 4 here.

How to Bind a sims Using a voodoo doll?

The Sims 4 Voodoo doll is a fun tool for pranksters and troublemakers of Sims. The great news is that you can bind any Sims you’d like to manipulate, including your neighbors, friends, and enemies.

However, Voodoo magic is a serious deal and requires some level of maturity, which is why it is restricted for youngsters. No matter how notoriously strong your sim’s evil trait is, they will never be able to be mean to babies, toddlers and children or use Voodo magic on them.

To use the doll, you reach for it in your sim’s inventory. To perform voodoo, you will first need to ”Bind” a Sims to your doll. For Sims 4 Voodoo doll Bind to work, they will have to be present on your active lot. This also means that they will be found in your Sims friends list. One doll can bind only one Sims, so if you plan on pranking and controlling more than one character, you will need to purchase more dolls. Additionally, because the binding isn’t always a successful voodoo, the better they become at sim’s mischief skill, the more successful binding will be.

Once they are bound, you’ll be able to perform your trickery even when they are not on your lot.

are voodoo doll tricks permanent?

If you are getting bored of toying with a certain Sims, worry not. Luckily, if you are experienced enough, you will be able to choose a new target without buying a new doll.

If you are at least Level 5 in mischief, you can always choose an ”Unbind” option. This will free the targeted sim. It will also give you an option to bind the doll to another Sims you want to play with.

Sims 4 Voodoo doll not working? Well, just like for binding, for unbinding to work, the Sims will have to be present on your current lot. If they don’t live with you, you can simply use the ”Summon” option to summon them. They will have to be available to come, as this does not apply to those at work.

If you would like to make your Sims a super interesting character, feel free to check out Best Sim 4 Custom Traits Mods!

What can the sims 4 voodoo doll do?

Using it for Voodoo magic depends a lot on how good at mischief your Sims is. The higher the level of mischief skill your Sims has, the more fun you’ll be able to have with the doll. All performed voodoo doll actions will last for 4 hours. Here is all the fun stuff you can do:

  • Level 1 Mischief Skill will allow you to use the ”Poke” option that will put the binded character in an angry moodlet. You will also be able to use ”Frolic” to make them playful.
  • Level 3 Mischief Skill will unlock the option to “buy Voodoo doll”. It will also make the binded sim have a weird and uneasy feeling, with the ”Tickle” option.
  • Level 5 Mischief Skill unlocks the ‘‘Soak” option and dazed moodlet. This will make them so uncomfortable, that they’ll be rushing to the bathroom – a lot. The best part is, you will also be able to ”Toy With Death” and stop the grim Reaper from taking Sims’ life!

In addition, mastering the Level 2 of Charisma skill will unlock a very special option – to make Sims in a flirty moodlet with the ”Cuddle” Sims 4 Voodoo doll option.

Final thoughts

Be mindful that, if the Sims doing the Voodoo is inexperienced, the magic done can easily backfire or even fail. While succeeding at toying with their target will put them in a confident mood, a backfired Voodoo will make them uncomfortable. A failed Voodoo will make them feel sad. Failures and backfired incidents can also happen if you manipulate the doll too often.

Are you curious to learn more about how to be mischievous? You can read more about The Sims 4 Mischief here!

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