A List of the Coolest Island Living CC Packs for the Sims 4!

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Lightly inspired by its predecessors such as The Sims 2: Bon Voyage and The Sims 3: Island Paradise, The Sims 4: Island Living is probably one of the most refreshing additions to the game. To help make your Island Living more fun, we have collected a list of the coolest Island Living CC packs to add to your game! Read below to find out more.

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What Island Living CCs have we got in store?

Aside from welcoming us to the bright and tropical Sulani islands where our Sims could enjoy beach activities under the sun and swim their hearts out to the depths of the sea, this expansion pack reintroduced us to the mermaid life state and unlocked exciting new gameplay such as snorkeling and sunbathing. But, we could have a little more fun with a few Island Living CCs added to our game. Go through the list and check out these CCs!

1. Goldfish Mermaid Tail and Top by Teknikah

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Let your mermaid sims swim in style with this stunning cc! This dazzling golden orange top and the tail combo are what your sim needs to become the most eye-catching fish in the sea. The recolored top could only be used by female sims (teen to elder), while the matching tail could be used by both male and female sims (teen to elder). Download this Island Living CC here, and check out our guide on The Sims 4 mermaid cheats here.

2. Bed Cover Recolor by SIMthing New

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Probably one of the best things in the Island Living expansion pack is the introduction of laid-back wooden furniture with tropical designs and elements. These pieces give off a relaxing and cool ambiance to the beach houses on the island. SIMThing New further recreated this refreshing aura in the Sims 4 by offering awesome recolors to the Island Living bed. This CC gives us 16 new Island Living bed swatches to choose from. Not only that but there is also beauty in the details of this CC. You will simply love how SIMThing turned the bed headboard into an exquisite wood carving. Download this Island Living CC from this Tumblr page.

3. Retro One-Piece Swimsuit by SimmingBee

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Elevate your style on the beach with these retro one-piece swimsuits cc. Filled with floral and tropical prints, your sunbathing and island-lounging activities will be much more exciting when wearing these hip swimsuits. Wear a different style each day, as SimmingBee has designed these pieces in 15 various prints to choose from and enjoy. You can find and download this Island Living CC here.

4. Sims Shower Bottle by Mammut

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What better way to feel like you’re really living the Island Life than by using an improvised Shower Bottle available right at the beach? With this cool creation by Mammut, your Sims can instantly wash off all the sweat, sand, and salt from a whole day on the beach by taking a refreshing shower from this Shower Bottle. You can also install this inside their beach houses. Go and download the Sims Island Living CC Shower Bottle here.

5. Puanani Hair by Feral Poodles

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Your beach outfit would not be complete without an equally awesome beach hairstyle to pair it with. If you are unsure which of the hairstyles available in CAS would suit your style, just go, and download this Puanani Hair created by Feral Poodles. It comes in a high beach bun with cute front twirls. It comes in different colors and also has a bonus flower crown accessory. Surely, this hairstyle would make your beach outfit stunning, if it isn’t already. 😉 Get this beautiful Island Living CC here.

6. Float Loungers by DK

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One of my most favorite additions in the Island Living Expansion Pack is the floaties, which help Sims achieve pure recreation on the beach or on their own pools. Through these inflatable items, it makes it easier for Sims to lay around, drink refreshments, and sunbathe all at the same time. These float loungers created by DK allow Sims to do these same things—but in much greater style. Available in bright summer colors and Scandinavian prints, these float loungers are gorgeous add-ons to your backyard pool or the public beach. Come and get these Island Living CC float loungers here.

7. Palm Swing by The Kalino

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Who doesn’t love swings? Even the oldest Sims will become a kid-at-heart when they get to experience the peaceful undulations of the Palm Swing, a cc created by The Kalino. This wooden swing set, attached sturdily to a large and bent Palm tree, provides a comforting retreat for Sims after enjoying a full and exhausting day at the beach. Your Sims will instantly feel relaxed after using this charming ride. You can download the Island Living Palm Swing here.

8. Bamboo Build by Syboulette

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This is a special set of CC for Island Living which consists of several Build Mode items that can make your tropical house in the Sims 4 more realistic. Fences, windows, stairs, and doors are just some of the items that are available in this cc collection by Syboulette. There are also intricate elements included such as thatch roof trimmings, bamboo railings, and coconut palm and banana trees that could aid your design. By using these items, you can definitely achieve the beach house architecture that you are aiming for. Get this CC here.

9. Rash guard by Eansims

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This is another one of my favorite CCs for Island Living! Make your Sims’ beach trip more appealing by letting them sport these rockin’ rash guards by Eansims. Available in 15 different swatches and styles, your Sim will feel more comfortable basking under the sun and doing their athletic activities when they are protected by these rash guards. Download this CC here.

10. Island Living Outfits by Annett

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The Sims 4 Island Living is definitely a dream come true for those of us who love summertime! The Sulani neighborhood, with its three islands of Mua Pel’am, Ohan’ali Town, and Lani St. Taz, is the perfect place to let our Sims enjoy their paradise life. But of course, to fit in these awesome tropical islands, our Sims must also dress in the right style! These chic outfits created by Annett, will help our sims live their best fashion in Sulani. Get the outfits here.

11. Island Paradise Surfboard Set by Severinka

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The Island Living experience wouldn’t be complete, of course, without surfing! But don’t get your hopes up, this set does not actually allow your Sims to surfboard in the waters. However, it does provide a full range of decorations to make your beach life more interesting—and more tropically aesthetic. This surfboard set by Severinka includes 10 Build Mode items to enrich your island design, such as surfboards, signboards, beach umbrellas, and chair lounges. Go and visit this site to download the CC.


So that’s it! The Island Living has been one of the most awaited Expansion Packs for the Sims 4 as it features beaches, mermaids, island spirits, and all things tropical fun, and this list of island Living CCs is just an added bonus to make your gameplay all the more interesting! Have fun!

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